1. Wait, why do you want to become this?
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  2. zKqrr

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    Instructions unclear, ate the shoe
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  3. Don't question my lifestyle choices, I can be whatever kind of footwear I want.
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  4. Moms: So I can beat my child with it if he gets lower than the mark needed for passing
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  5. my mom prefers the conventional boot
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  6. Damn I got baited
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  7. Gonna rate this useful to confuse people
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  8. Damn I am rich now
  9. when your mom uses the belt but you dodge it
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  10. Thank you. That'll be highly useful!
  11. I hate you for this, I became a flipper and some dude with athletes foot thought it was a good idea to change from running to swimming..
    I was the victim
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  12. Wolf

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    Thank you for yhis
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  13. @bumpmythreads
    Hi! I have noticed your slight dissatisfaction regarding my comprehensive guild on becoming a professional flipper.
    I would first like to express my deepest apologies for causing your negative feedback towards my guide.
    Unfortunately, you did not provide any reason behind your "Thumbs down" comment so logically I'll assume it was because the idea of becoming a flipper did not grow on you.

    If you allow me to suggest, I suggest that you can become a slipper, a boot or a sandal. These three types of footwear are highly protective towards your feet as it prevents around 100% of all the hazardous substances your soles may come in contact when walking. Furthermore, these footwear are highly affordable in almost all countries/regions so obtaining them may be accessible for you.

    I sincerely hope that your negative feedback can be lifted and I wholeheartedly wish you the best of luck on your journey of becoming the best possible footwear.

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  14. Dagger2277

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  15. This thread is very serious. It's not a bait :D
  16. @A_Sword could really use these tips.
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  17. help i feel i'm slowly becoming a flipper someone help me ple
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  18. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    instructions unclear my crocs became panzerkampfwagen vi tiger [hopefully i spelt that right[
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  19. guide unclear i became a tshirt with a image of this forum post
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