1. Wanna be the one to create that thread?
  2. Oh no the author disappeared, hope he's ok. Too bad no one wants to finish the thread.
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  3. #83
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  4. Mikpol

    Mikpol Well-Known Member

    Awesome guide, but you forgot about one thing:
  5. may I ask why this incomplete thread as it clearly states is sticky?
  6. I hope this tutorial will help some new Mod-Makers :D
  7. Lol, I can't do anyone of those steps, because my eclipse installation always fails with an error :(
  8. Cristofer888_

    Cristofer888_ Active Member

    Error Message while trying to run Eclipse:
    Version 1.60_65 of the JVM is not suitable for this product.
    Version: 1.7 or greater is required.
  9. I would love to finish the thread as I am expereinced with modding just not with the hypixel forum lol
  10. Yay modders! love it, I have never done plugin development though! just other mods lol
  11. MinecraftGeek2004

    MinecraftGeek2004 Active Member

    Mr crayfish helped me with it(Not personally of course)
  12. Hey sir, wiremc. I know this post is old and inactive, but I really WANT to code xd. Do you have discord or something and can you teach me personally? We could do like a SUPER cool mod. Hit me up on forum pm`s or this post, reply to me xd. I could tell you my discord or maybe you add me, so yeh.
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  13. He hasn't been on the forums since February of 2016.
  14. woops, my bad.
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