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    Hey there,

    So I have been collecting a bit of information about the various aspects of the server, on how to calculate various stats and so forth, and I have decided to turn it into a spreadsheet for everyone to use.

    The spreadsheet can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Hw-SXUecWoQQUuq9f7H-e38Pzy-k1uJAhY2vAzj620Y/edit?usp=sharing

    Here's a quick overview of what you will find:

    In this tab you will find information about all the relevant weapons in the game and how they compare to each other, along with how to unlock them.

    Here you can see all the relevant armours in the game, focusing primarily on defensive stats. You can compare them and see how to obtain them.

    This tab shows every known reforge and the stats they give. The blank fields have yet to be found, so if you find something that has not been added, make sure to comment! Scroll to the right to see reforges for Bows and Talismans.

    Here you can find an overview of all the talismans in the game and how to obtain them, along with what they do. There is also a link to a personal checklist option.

    In this tab you can see all the enchants you can get for every type of item, the minimum level you need to get them, what they do and so on. Remember, it is recommended you enchant at a few levels (2-6) above the minimum level the enchant can be found at.

    Contains information about the various fishing rods, the sea creatures and their drops along with the experience they give, and lastly the different types of bait.

    An overview of the alchemy skill. Here is a list of all potions, their effect, and how much alchemy experience they grant when you brew them.

    You can share and use this spreadsheet as much as you want to in your own threads and on various media, just make sure to either include a link to this thread and/or to the spreadsheet itself.
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  3. Mega Mega Bump
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    do you know how much I wanted this
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  5. Megit

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    Glory of War
    Well, glad to hear you like it so far!
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  6. Bumper car
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  7. Shame on you guys, It's a MEGIT bump
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  8. Great spreadsheet! Was working on something very very similar and was 75% done, big rip :( Will certainly be useful for users :p
  9. Wahoo Mc

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    Maybe you two could collab if you have stuff on your sheet that he doesn’t

    Also are you trying to tell me the golem sword costs more than three times the resources of aspect of the end and does less effective damage? I kinda regret farming for that sword now
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  10. Nice one

    I hope you manage to make a tab about enchantments too, I was looking for one. I think having an "estimated minimum time to craft" column near each item's cost could be nice too (it would probably assume 20 minions at max speed, idk).

    And please tell me if you need help with anything related to google sheets or formulas, I'm pretty good at making game spreadsheets.
  11. Sweet
  12. Thank you, been looking for one of these!
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  13. You forgot that golem sword gives extra defense.

    Good threat!
  14. Megit

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    Glory of War
    Haha, it only does slightly more! And with the extra defense from Golem Sword along with the ability (once it works), then they are pretty much equal.

    Nice catch! Fixed.

    From what I can tell so far, the enchantment costs are calculated the same as in vanilla, but due to the extra enchantments here, it just escalates.

    There will be a tab in regards to how long it takes to grind materials being added, it just requires a lot of data to make.
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  15. Yeah, it is either identical or similar to vanilla.
    I'll probably do some testing with a vanilla enchantment calculator and see if it works
  16. This is amazing!
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  17. Fancy Bump
  18. There are only two tabs now?
  19. Megit back at it again with the guides
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  20. Megit

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    Glory of War
    There should still be four. Which two are you seeing?

    You bet. Someone has to.
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