1. The lvl 4 kills too fast to even get hit. So the 3 blocks still letting him hit you means you will die too fast to react
  2. Traw

    Traw Well-Known Member

    oops PEAR
    stop being bad you dork
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  3. I just get 1 shot with strong dragon armor on wolf 4 :c
  4. Very nice guide. I will do this now and see if it works. Thx for guide
  5. Useful Much, many of the fellow gamers did not know that you have to be hit by Sven to prevent it from infinitely regenerating.
  6. how exactly does this work? I just tried it and the spider wouldnt stop flying everywhere and then felt like hitting me from around the corner
  7. Tyy :)
  8. Try finding a good spot, some spots bug out but a ledge is usually best.
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  9. You should add screenshots of the best spots for each.
  10. Good idea - maybe I will ;)
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  11. Binaric

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    The Arising ARISE
    Is it possible to kill the last wolf in the water for the boss to spawn there?
  12. No but they are very close by, you can just bow them or one tap then and run back to the water quickly
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  13. For Revenant
    3 block tall doesn't wrok, believe me ive try 7 times, they always 1 shot you suddenly.
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  14. Ill wait for that spider picture before trying again
  15. Don’t stand on the edge of the block, stand slightly back so you can hit it but it can’t hit you.
  16. yes xD
  17. good news : Skeleton helmet won't work on Sven dude any more

    #after waste around 200k and relize#
  18. Wowo, thanks so much for this guide. It's going to be very helpful to me and my friends!

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