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  1. Ya but it’s not worth it to get dragon hunter on sword because when would you melee dragons?
  2. During the fireball attack
  3. Ya but you need to actually get to the dragon and then you only get like two hits.
  4. Hookle

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    Thank you for informing me I will update this over the weekend.
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  5. Amazing guide, this can be useful for many new players, and it can make sure they get the experience they need. Good job!
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  6. Please add Lategame strategy where you can farm crypt ghouls in coal mine. They drop A LOT of EXP. Also please add the enchantments that are good and bad for weapons/armor/tools.
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  7. I just want to mention that compared to the Q and A thread created by @Jayavarmen this one is MUCH better. Not only is it more helpful but the thread creator actually takes time to look at it and answer questions.

    Thank you @Hookle!
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  8. Hookle

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    Would you mind going into a bit more detail on that experience grinding strategy? And also I did actually consider doing your second suggestion in the past but a lot of it is situational and would require it’s own separate guide.
    And also you’re welcome! I’m glad the guide has been helpful for you :)
  9. Basically kill Crypt Ghouls (2k health) for exp.
  10. Ya that’s basically it.
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  11. Horusso

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  12. You should add what collection books that are craftable are in how much resources are required to craft it. But anyway this has been very useful. Thanks!
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  13. For swords:
    Bane of arthropods IV: spider eye V,8 spider
    Cleave IV: pufferfish III ,40 pufferfish

    Critical IV: diamond V, 8 enchanted Diamond
    Cubism IV: pumpkin V, 32 pumpkin

    Ender slayer IV: ender pearl III, 8 enchanted ender pearl
    Execute IV: diamond II, 40 diamond, 40 flint
    Experience II: lapis III, 2 lapis

    Fire aspect I: blaze rod III,4 blaze rod

    First strike III: gravel IV, 4 enchanted flint
    Giant killer IV: ghast tear III, 8 ghast tear
    Impaling II: prismarine shard I, 20 prismarine shard
    Knockback I: slimeball III,3 slimeball

    Lethality IV: obsidian II, 24 obsidian

    Lifesteal II: none, 2 enchanted golden apple
    Looting II: gold ingot III, 4 block of gold
    Luck IV: raw rabbit V, 8 rabbit hide

    Scavenger II: Gold ingot IV, 1 golden sword
    Sharpness IV: gravel IV, 1 iron sword, 8 flint
    Smite IV: rotten flesh III, 8 rotten flesh

    Thunderlord IV: gunpowder V, 8 enchanted gunpowder
    Vampirism IV: ghast tear V, 8 enchanted ghast tear
    Venomous IV: spider eye VI, 8 enchanted spider eye
  14. For armor:

    Aqua affinity I: prismarine crystal IV, 1 prismarine crystal
    Blast protection IV: gunpowder III, 8 gunpowder
    Depth strider II: pufferfish IV,2 salmon, 2 lily pad
    Feather falling IV: feather II, 40 feather
    Fire protection IV: magma cream III, 8 magma cream
    Frost walker I: ice II, 1 ice

    Growth IV: dark oak VII: 8 enchanted dark oak
    Projectile protection IV: feather I, 8 arrow
    Protection IV: iron ingot III, 8 iron ingot
    Respiration II: clay III, 1 water bucket,
    2 raw fish
    Thorns II: cactus VII, 2 enchanted cactus green
  15. For bows:

    Aiming IV: feather IV, 1 compas, 8 arrow
    Flame I: blaze rod VI, 1 Bow, 2 blaze rod
    Infinite quiver II: string VI, 1 bow

    Power IV: Bone III, 40 bone

    Punch I: slimeball VI, slimeball, arrow

    Snipe II: feather VIII, 2 arrow, 2 feather
  16. For fishing rods:

    Angler IV: ink sack VII, 32 ink sack

    Blessing IV: prismarine crystal VII, 8 enchanted pufferfish, 64 block of gold
    Caster IV: ink sack V, 8 whale bait, 8 lily pad
    Frail IV: clay IV, 40 lily pad, 64 pufferfish
    Luck of the Sea IV: raw rabbit VII, 16 rabbit foot, water bucket
    Lure IV: raw salmon III, 8 raw fish
    Magnet IV: clownfish III, 8 clownfish, 8 quartz
    Spiked hook IV: pufferfish VI, 40 flint, 64 pufferfish
  17. you can also just buy exp bottles from the librarian and enchant that way
  18. That’s only good for like level 44 enchants on a table. Save money for bigger enchants.
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    What would be the best ways to combine these into "God Books"
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