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  1. Hookle

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    Skyblock Full Enchantment Guide
    This is a list of all the Skyblock Enchantments you can receive. This guide includes sections for both the newly added Skyblock enchants, and vanilla enchants. It also includes some other helpful sections related to enchanting and experience grinding strategies.​

    The first number in brackets is the highest tier you can receive of each particular enchantment. For example [V] would mean 5 is the highest tier you could get, [IV] would mean 4 is the highest tier you could get, etc.

    The second number in brackets is the lowest level you can receive each maximum tier enchantment at. For example [32] would mean that the lowest level you can get that enchantment at is 32. These are the lowest levels I could find, but it's possible there could be lower levels that you can get these enchantments at. If you are able to find any lower levels that you can get each maximum tier enchantment at, feel free to send a screenshot of it.
    Note: I recommend you enchant 4 levels higher than each of the lowest level enchantments because that's generally where the enchantments are more common.​

    New Skyblock Enchantments
    Cleave [V][44]: Deals a part of your damage to other monsters within 4.5 blocks of the original target.
    Critical [V][44]: Increases your damage when you land a critical hit.
    Cubism [V][44]: Increases damage dealt to Magma Cubes, Slimes, and Creepers.
    Dragon Hunter [V]: Increases damage dealt to Ender Dragons. (Only attainable through the end shop)
    Ender Slayer [V][52]
    : Increases damage done to Endermen and Ender dragons.
    Execute [V][38]: Increases damage dealt by a certain percent for each percent of health missing on your target.
    Experience [III][24]: Grants a chance for mobs to drop double experience.
    First Strike [IV][24]: Increases the damage done to mobs on your first hit.
    Giant Killer [V][40]: Increases damage dealt by 0.1-0.5% for each percent of extra health that your target has above you up to 25.
    Impaling [III][32]: Increases damage dealt to Squids and Guardians.
    Lethality [V][44]: Reduces the armor of your target by a percent for 8 seconds, each time you hit them. Stacks up to 5 times.
    Life Steal [III][36]: Heals you for a percentage of the damage you do to mobs.
    Luck [V][40]: Increases the chance for monsters to drop their Armor.
    Scavenger [III][18]: Increases the amount of coins you get per kill.
    Thunderlord [V][17]: Strikes a monster with thunder every 3 consecutive hits.
    Telekinesis [1]: Loot directly goes into your inventory. (Doesn't work on bosses)
    Vampirism [V][40]: Heals a small percentage of your missing health on kill.
    Venomous [V][44]: Reduces the enemy's walk speed by a certain amount, and deals the same amount of damage as that amount.

    Growth [V][56]: Provides you with extra health.
    Sugar Rush [III]: Grants additional speed. (Boots) (Can only be attained during the Halloween event through the Fear Mongerer's shop for 250k and 64 green candy)
    True Protection: Grants 5 true defense. (Chestplate) (Can be purchased from Old Shahman Nyko in the Howling Cave for 900k)

    Aiming [V][48]: Arrows home towards enemies when they are within a certain amount of blocks.
    Cubism [V][48]: Increases damage dealt to Magma Cubes, Slimes, and Creepers.
    Dragon Hunter [V]: Increases damage dealt to Ender Dragons. (Only attainable through the end shop)
    Impaling [III][32]
    : Increases damage dealt to Squids and Guardians.
    Infinite Quiver [V][44]: Gives you your arrow back after you shoot it a percentage of the time.
    Piercing [24]: Arrows travel through enemies. Extra targets take a certain percent of the damage.
    Snipe [III][24]: Arrows do a certain percent more damage for every certain amount of blocks traveled.
    Telekinesis [1]: Loot directly goes into your inventory. (Doesn't work on bosses)
    Note: You are unable to attain the Infinity enchantment in Skyblock.

    Experience [III][24]: Grants a chance for ores to drop double experience.
    Harvesting [V][40]: Grants you a chance to gain double crops. (Hoe)
    Rainbow [1]
    : Makes sheep drop random wool colors when sheared. (Shears)
    Smelting Touch [8]
    : Automatically smelts ores into ingots when broken.
    Telekinesis [1]: Loot directly goes into your inventory.

    Angler [V][44]: Increased chance to reel in sea creatures.
    Blessing [V][44]: Increased chance to reel in double items.
    Caster [V][46]: Increased chance to not consume bait.
    Frail [V][44]: Reduces health on sea creatures when caught.
    Magnet [V][44]: Grants an extra experience orb on each catch.
    Spiked Hook [V][44]: Increased damage to sea creatures.

    Vanilla Enchantments
    Bane of Anthropods [V][32]: Increases damage done to Spiders, Silverfish, and Cave Spiders.
    Fire Aspect [II][24]: Lights the enemy on fire.
    Looting [III][28]: Increases the chance of mobs dropping items.
    Knockback [II][20]: Increases the knockback dealt by a certain amount of blocks.
    Sharpness [V][40]: Increases general melee damage dealt by sword.
    Smite [V][32]: Increases damage dealt to Withers, Skeletons, Zombies, and Zombie Pigmen.

    Aqua Affinity [1]: Increases your underwater mining rate. (Helmet)
    Blast Protection [V][32]:
    Grants defense against explosions.
    Depth Strider [III][30]: Reduces how much you are slowed by water. (Boots)
    Feather Falling [V][40]
    : Increases how high you can fall before taking fall damage and reduces fall damage. (Boots)
    Fire Protection [V][36]
    : Grants defense against fire and lava.
    Frost Walker [II][16]: Ice blocks will be created under you when you walk on water. (Boots)
    Projectile Protection [V][24]
    : Grants defense against projectiles.
    Protection [V][36]: Increases your Defense in intervals of 2.
    Respiration [III][28]: Extends your underwater breathing time (Helmet)
    Thorns [III][40]
    : Grants a chance to rebound a percent of damage dealt back at the attacker.

    Flame [19]: Arrows ignite enemies for a certain amount of seconds.
    Power [V][35]: Increases bow damage.
    Punch [II][28]: Increases arrow knockback by a certain number of blocks.

    Efficiency [V][32]: Increases how quickly your tool breaks blocks.
    Fortune [III][28]: Increases your chance to gain double drops when mining.
    Silk Touch [10]: Allows you to obtain normally unobtainable block drops.

    Looting [III][28]: Chance at increased drops.
    Lure [V][44]: Shortens the time it takes to catch something by a certain amount of seconds.
    Luck of the Sea [V][44]: Increases chance of finding fishing treasure.

    Level VI/Special Enchantments
    There are multiple ways you can attain level VI enchantments in Skyblock. You are unable to attain them through the regular enchantment table, but you can attain them through other sources. You can also attain Special Enchantments, which are enchants that are a higher level than you can receive in the enchantment table.
    The Dark Auction is an auction house found in the wilderness that can only be accessed every 3 in game days through an npc named Sirius. The dark auction is known to have many items that are either hard or impossible to attain. One of these being level VI enchantment books. This is the current list of all the level VI enchantment books that can be obtained through the Dark Auction.
    Giant Killer [VI]
    Growth [VI]
    Power [VI]
    Protection [VI]
    Sharpness [VI]

    Another way you can receive level VI books is through fishing. When you fish, there is a chance you will catch Sea Creatures. When you kill these Sea Creatures, there is a chance you will get a level VI book. This is a list of all the level VI books you can get from killing Sea Creatures.
    Angler [VI]
    Caster [VI]
    Frail [VI]
    Luck of the Sea [VI]
    Magnet [VI]
    Lure [VI]
    Spiked Hook [VI]

    When you join the end, to the right of spawn, there should be a shop. In this shop you can purchase a variety of items, one of which is a level VI enchantment book.
    Enderslayer [VI]

    Once you unlock the Level 4 rewards for a slayer boss, there is a 1% chance for the tier III boss to drop it's respective level VI book.
    Smite [VI]: Revenant Horror Drop
    Critical [VI]: Sven Packmaster Drop
    Bane of Arthropods [VI]: Tarantula Broodfather Drop

    Lifesteal [IV]: Purchasable from the Fear Mongerer's shop for 1.5 million coins and 32 purple candy.
    Vampirism [VI]: Attained as a reward for being in the top 250 during the Spooky Festival.

    The Melancholic Viking NPC can be found in the Spruce Woods. Once he becomes a Joyful Viking, his shop will become accessible, allowing you to buy the following books.
    Experience [IV]

    During the Season of Jerry event, located on the Jerry's Workshop island, you are able to attain gifts. By opening these gifts, you are able to attain a number of different items, including the following enchantment books.
    Luck [VI]
    Looting [IV]
    Scavenger [IV]

    Maximum Enchantment Table
    In order to attain a maximum enchantment table to enchant items with level 64, surround your entire enchantment table with a layer of bookshelves that are 2 blocks high including the corners. You can receive enchantments higher than level 64 by using enchanted bookshelves instead of regular bookshelves. However, this is not recommended as it is very time consuming to get levels that high and it is more efficient to just use level 64 and under.

    Experience Grinding Strategies
    Beginners: Go to Slimehill in the Deep Caverns and alternate between killing Slimes and mining Emeralds. This strategy works best if you have Experience III on both your sword and pickaxe, and Sharpness V on your sword. It is also beneficial to be wearing Lapis Armor. If you don't have these things yet, that is completely fine, this strategy will still work well without them.

    Intermediate: Go down to the Obsidian Sanctuary in the Deep Caverns. Kill the Skeletons and Zombies, you can also mine diamonds if you please. These mobs are very powerful and can one shot players if they don't have the required gear. This strategy works best when you have a really good sword, tanky armor, and a fishing rod.

    Intermediate: On your island, place down at least 10 diamond minions and make sure the diamonds are all touching each other. You can now mine all the diamonds and get a lot of experience each time you mine out the area. You can also craft Minion Expanders, which changes your minions radius from 5x5 to 7x7, giving you even more ores to mine. This strategy works best while wearing full lapis armor and using a Fortune III Experience III Efficiency V pickaxe.

    I hope this helped you with your enchanting. If you have any feedback feel free to let me know as I am always open to improving this thread.​
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  2. surprisingly useful. thx! the "new" enchantments are confusing but this helped.
    good work

    edit: wow so many likes (and other things!) thx!
    edit2: srsly wow. and i'm also first i didn't notice lol
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  3. Withur

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    Thank you for this. I had to keep asking everywhere about max enchantment levels.
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  4. Thanks Hookle
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    Here is the Aiming 5 info upload_2019-6-15_13-53-5.png
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    Infamy INFAMY
    hoosky you are the goat
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  7. Kweebec

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    I suggest you do add the vanilla enchantments because the "vanilla" enchants do different things than survival. For example, thorns has a 50% chance to rebound 10-30% of damage instead of what vanilla normally does.
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  8. Hookle

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    Infamy INFAMY
    Thank you for informing me of this, I will look into this and add some of them later today :)
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  9. also, despite being added in 1.9, hypixel made a custom frost walker enchant for boots (proof)
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  10. Hey thought I'd add that I find the xp rates a bit faster if you have FULL LAPIS ARMOUR to go to the Emerald Mines and just grind emeralds there, you also get a nice bit of cash from selling them afterwards!!
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  11. LSTS

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    Great guide! Does anyone know what exactly Venomous V and First Strike IV do (Like their exact stat increases, not general)?
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  12. Thank you so much for this thread, this was the only thing I didn't understand yet ;)
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  13. Hookle

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    Infamy INFAMY
    Yes I did include this in the Beginners section for Experience Grinding Strategies if you didn’t catch it.
  14. Hookle

    Hookle Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    I’m not sure about Venomous, but I do know that First Strike increases in intervals of 25%. So First Strike I deals 25% more damage on your first hit and so on.
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  15. Amazing!
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  16. Is there any enchantments that you can't put on at the same time?
    E.g. Sharpness and smite.
    Also, great guide
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  17. Hookle

    Hookle Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    Not that I know of, but I could be wrong, it is definitely possible that some of these new enchantments aren’t compatible with eachother.
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    Infamy INFAMY
    wow cool stuff
  19. StarShadow

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    This actually helped me so much tysm
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  20. Great thread, it helped me a lot in enchantments. :p
    You could still put a piece showing how to get each one.
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