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    Server Resource Pack Guide (The Blocking Dead)
    If you are currently experiencing issues regarding “The Blocking Dead” resource pack, please refer to the steps below for further help. The recommended version that you use for this is 1.7.6 or above.
    Versions 1.7.6 or above
    1. Begin by opening this screen of your Minecraft server list. Once you are on this screen, select the Hypixel Network and click the edit button in the bottom left corner.

    2. Once you have pressed the edit button, you will see this screen. Where it says “Server Resource Packs:”, you need to change the preference of this to “Enabled” to allow the custom textures to work. Finally press done to save the settings that you have changed.

    Versions 1.7.5 or below
    1. Be sure to press “Yes” when this message shows.This is telling you that you are agreeing to download and install the resource pack for the gamemode. (If you accidentally clicked "No" read further)

    2. If you have accidentally clicked no, simply delete Hypixel Network from your server lists and re add it. When you go to join another game, remember to select yes to be able to play.
    Possible issues with mods
    Using mods such as optifine can cause client crashes when loading in the custom textures for the gamemode. The cause of the crashes can be due to the connected textures that optifine supports. This can also occur with MCPatcher when applying the connected textures. You can turn this off in the video settings when using optifine or turned off in the client of MCPatcher. After removing these settings and you are still crashing, remove active resource packs that you might be using.
    If you have tried all of the above methods and nothing seems to be working, create a new profile with the correct version of Minecraft.

    Will this overwrite my current resource pack? - No the textures will be removed once you return back to lobby

    Will the file size effect my download speed? - No the file size is incredibly small (50kb)

    Do I have to use the custom textures? - You will need to install these textures or you will be unable to play the minigame.

    What is the best version to use? - The recommended version that we ask you to use is 1.7.6 or above.
    First 2 screenshots by LucasAnderson
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  2. This isn't that bad, but just wanted to point it out (Instead of 'now' is should be 'no'). Again, not a big deal, but it confused me for a time longer than I wish to admit >.<

    Edit: FIRST Mwahahaha
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  3. Thanks for spotting that out :)
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  4. love the game <3
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  5. Jazza0211

    Jazza0211 Well-Known Member

    Great guide, thanks for doing this! :)
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  6. no problem :)
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  7. This is an amazing guide!

    OFF TOPIC: What is the TeamSpeak things in the first couple of screenshots, I want it :D
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  8. overwolf
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    Great Game <3, great eplanation ;D
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  10. Keith

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    Thanks many for this!
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  11. hello all players and admins i just have a little problem that when i go to the game it says would you like to download and install automatically i press yes then it keeps writing (downloading resource pack making request 100%) like that and it keeps doing it and lagging a lot then the game start and i get kicked please help
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  12. TheBurningUndead

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    I'm having the same issue.
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  13. xXWal33dXx

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    <3 thanks
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  14. Rustickk

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    Yeah, 1.7.6+ is better for this. I mainly use 1.7.4, and it lags like crazy when entering the lobby, and during the game (And I have a good computer too so). I tested it with 1.7.6, and most of those issues were gone.
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  15. MickeyMouse

    MickeyMouse Well-Known Member

    I dont have resorcepack i need it any can send me i dont get it in game
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  16. Lightningbones

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    Im having the same issue plz tell me how to fix it
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  17. Lightningbones

    Lightningbones New Member

    I was not using optifine and i was using 1.7.10 but it still kept spamming downloading over and over and even though i had the resource pack i got kicked
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  18. Thanks!
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  19. <3 yes I just can't wait to come back and play this game :D
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