2. So in your mod, Oranges Simple Mods, I've noticed that once I turn off the autosprint mod, it really doesn't turn it off. I turn off every mod that has to deal with it in the config, and nothing happens... What I mean by this is that the button that turns the mod off doesn't work... I don't dislike the mod it's just I feel that is unnecessary for me. I like the mod it's just I don't need it.
  3. So when you hold a trap chest it looks weird like this. Is this just me? Screenshot_587.png
  4. Should be fixed in the latest version
  5. Do you have an estimate of when the latest version will come out? Also will the enchanted items be fixed?
  6. 6.7
  7. Umm June 7th? Idk if thats a date you replied with
  8. That's the latest version :p
  9. Idk if this is something you can fix or not. But when your animations mod is used with the MorePlayerModels2 mod which extrudes the second hat layer, it adds the layer again.
    First pic is without your mod and second is with your mod. Idk if you can tell but if you zoom in you can see that there is an extra layer behind the extruded one 2017-05-05_23.09.23.png 2017-05-05_23.12.01.png
  10. It seems like your animations mod doesnt work well with eggs that colors change in texture packs Screenshot_594.png
  11. RealYurn

    RealYurn New Member

    Can I like, disable the Sprinting Mod and keep the HUDs? Because in your video (Click) it doesn't state anything about that. You only say that the HUD mods can be disabled.

    I'd really love an answer asap.
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  12. The punching while consuming food/potions and drawing bow... feature doesn't work for me even though I've turned it off and on repeatedly.

    Btw this is for your old animations mod. I'm using it with ProjectL and auto tip as well as forge 1.8.9 .
  13. @OrangeMarshall I can't disable the sprint mod (which comes with the potion effect HUD and the armor HUD, but those are working fine).. Is it a glitch?
  14. You can turn it off in the settings and just not use the hotkey
  15. Ah, I guess the problem was not restarting my mc, ty :D
  16. Wondering if this has been addressed
  17. Ah_Roon

    Ah_Roon New Member

    I have a bug on Vanilla Enhancements.
    1. Vanilla Enhancements
    2. Latest Version.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yea. When I join PGM Servers, It happened.
    5. When I join PGM Server and I pressed tab, The Tab List is broken. It only happen when I join PGM Server, etc.
    6. It isn't a log problem.
    7. Yes.

    Can you fix that issues?
  18. I use this mod with Optifine but my enchanted tools have something like this

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  19. that should have been fixed. Make sure you have the latest version
  20. Yo sooo i now im posting on the wrong thread but im dumb and dont know where else to post is but i downloaded the mod and none of the animations will work like i have them on and they still dont work is there an issue?

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