1. Hey,
    because I'm confronted alot with reports that could be more useful and contain more information for faster bug-fixing or improvements I decided to make this quick guide. Make sure to improve this post by posting feedback in the comments :)
    This is kind of a step-by-step guide to collect information about the issue you're having.

    1 Figure out which mod is causing the issue
    The most important information is to actually find the origin of the issue. Which mod causes the bug? Maybe it is a combination of two mods at the same time, but that's rather rare.

    2 Update
    As easy as it sounds, check for updates and make sure to use the latest version of the mod you're using and make sure the bug still exists in the newest version, incase you are not up-to-date. Most issues are resolved this way :) Furthermore you can google if anyone else had this issue before and maybe has a workaround for it already.
    Additionally most mods require Java 8, make sure to have a Java 1.8 version installed and that you are using this.

    3 Is the mod running / installed correctly?
    Another important aspect is, if the mod is actually registered. If you're using Forge click "Mods List" in the main menu.

    4 Is it consistent?
    Does this bug only happen in certain situations? Or does it just happen "randomly"?

    5 What happens and what is supposed to happen?
    Most of the time I receive reports like "it's not working". This does not help very much. What is not working? How do you know it's not working? What do you expect to happen?

    6 Grabbing Log Files
    Navigate to your MC profile directory you're using. (Click "Edit Profile" and check "Game Directory".)
    By default this is %appdata%/.minecraft. Open the "logs" folder. If you have not launched Minecraft another time after the bug happened, grab latest.log and if you're using Forge fml-client-latest.log too and upload them to a site like pastebin.com and provide those in the report.

    7 Reporting in the right place
    One last important note: Try to report the bug as close to the download link as possible. What I mean with that is: Report the bug directly on the website where you download the mod from. If that's not possible report it on the website that links to the download link (e.g. a forums post). Or report it on a YouTube video from the publisher that links to it. You get the point! If you include log files you can also use some sort of private message to avoid publishing information that those logs contain.
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  2. TheAluMinion

    TheAluMinion Well-Known Member

    Very useful thread. Especially for people that have no idea about code ;) Keep it up :)
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  3. People like me? :p
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  4. Useful
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  5. a7medoo

    a7medoo Well-Known Member

    This is a very useful and helpful guide for people who have troubles with their mods, Thanks for making this!

    As always great work!
  6. Nocth

    Nocth Well-Known Member

    Ataturk ATATRK
    Useful boi thanks! :)
  7. Totum

    Totum Well-Known Member

    Scarlet SCAR
    Oranges 5.0 Animations doesnt work at all
    Like no blockhit animations or anything, just like vanilla
    always happens
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  8. Even if you're posting on the wrong thread, you could at least read it :(
  9. Totum

    Totum Well-Known Member

    Scarlet SCAR
    Wrong thread?
  10. #10
  11. Totum

    Totum Well-Known Member

    Scarlet SCAR
    Alright fine. I thought you ment report it on this thread.
  12. Nice thread. Just got done reading that thing. Like it a lot.
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  13. Hey can u please add the Download Link for the Simple Sprint Mod please. I think you removed it. I just want to use the Simple Sprint, I don't want to use the armour hud and effect hud <3 Please i would really appreciate it. <3
  14. No, you can disable the others
  15. CrypserMC

    CrypserMC New Member

    Hey Orange, I'm having a problem where when I'm using your 1.7 animations mod (v6.1), enchanted items' enchantment glow fills the whole square (kinda hard to explain, look at pictures below). I know it's not the texture pack as some people suggested it because I tried it with the default pack and I still have the same problem. Don't have the problem when I'm playing without the mod.

    Download link: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/old-animations-mod

    Any ideas??
  16. Don't Necropost.
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  17. It isn't that bad tho. Compared to the 2013 posts I reply to ;)
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. DefinitelyAHuman

    DefinitelyAHuman New Member

    when i use this mod the enchant glint is a square
  20. maddluckie

    maddluckie New Member

    Yup, I'm getting the same enchant bug.

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