1. Hello!
    Here you can find every /play command, useful tools, mods & more!
    Hope you enjoy!

    Mega Walls:


    /play mw_standard

    /play mw_face_off

    Blitz Survival Games:


    /play blitz_solo_normal

    /play blitz_teams_normal

    /play blitz_solo_chaos



    /play ranked_normal

    Solo Normal:
    /play solo_normal

    Solo Insane:
    /play solo_insane

    Doubles Normal:
    /play teams_normal

    Doubles Insane:
    /play teams_insane

    Mega Normal:
    /play mega_normal

    Mega Doubles:
    /play mega_doubles

    Solo TNT Madness:
    /play solo_insane_tnt_madness

    Doubles TNT Madness:
    /play teams_insane_tnt_madness

    Solo Rush:
    /play solo_insane_rush

    Doubles Rush:
    /play teams_insane_rush

    Solo Slime:
    /play solo_insane_slime

    Doubles Slime
    /play teams_insane_slime

    Solo Lucky Blocks:
    /play solo_insane_lucky

    Doubles Lucky Blocks:
    /play teams_insane_lucky

    Hunter vs. Beasts:
    /play solo_insane_hunters_vs_beasts

    TNT Games:

    TNT Run:
    /play tnt_tntrun

    PVP Run:
    /play tnt_pvprun

    /play tnt_bowspleef

    TNT Tag:
    /play tnt_tntag

    TNT Wizards:
    /play tnt_capture

    Bed Wars:

    Bed Wars Solo:

    /play bedwars_eight_one

    Bed Wars Doubles:
    /play bedwars_eight_two

    Bed Wars 3v3v3v3:
    /play bedwars_four_three

    Bed Wars 4v4v4v4:
    /play bedwars_four_four

    Bed Wars Capture:
    /play bedwars_capture

    Bed Wars Rush Doubles:
    /play bedwars_eight_two_rush

    Bed Wars Rush 4v4:
    /play bedwars_four_four_rush

    Bed Wars Ultimate Doubles:
    /play bedwars_eight_two_ultimate

    Bed Wars Ultimate 4v4:
    /play bedwars_four_four_ultimate

    Bed Wars Castles:
    /play bedwars_castle


    Hole in the Wall:
    /play arcade_hole_in_the_wall

    /play arcade_soccer

    Bounty Hunters:
    /play arcade_bounty_hunters

    Pixel Painters:
    /play arcade_pixel_painters

    Dragon Wars:
    /play arcade_dragon_wars

    Ender Spleef:
    /play arcade_ender_spleef

    Galaxy Wars:
    /play arcade_starwars

    Throw Out:
    /play arcade_throw_out

    Creeper Attack:
    /play arcade_creeper_attack

    Party Games 1:
    /play arcade_party_games_1

    Party Games 2:
    /play arcade_party_games_2

    Party Games 3:
    /play arcade_party_games_3

    Farm Hunt:
    /play arcade_farm_hunt

    Zombies Dead End:
    /play arcade_zombies_dead_end

    Zombies Bad Blood:
    /play arcade_zombies_bad_blood

    Zombies Alien Arcadium:
    /play arcade_zombies_alien_arcadium

    Hide and Seek Prot Hunt:
    /play arcade_hide_and_seek_prop_hunt

    Hide and Seek Party Pooper:
    /play arcade_hide_and_seek_party_pooper

    Hypixel Says:
    /play arcade_simon_says

    Mini Walls:
    /play arcade_mini_walls

    Blocking Dead:
    /play arcade_day_one

    Hypixel Sports:
    /play arcade_hypixel_sports

    Cops and Crims:

    /play mcgo_normal

    /play mcgo_deathmatch

    Defusal Party:
    /play mcgo_normal_party

    Deathmatch Party:
    /play mcgo_deathmatch_party

    Build Battle:


    /play build_battle_solo_normal

    /play build_battle_teams_normal

    Pro Mode:
    /play build_battle_solo_pro

    Guess The Build:
    /play build_battle_guess_the_build

    Crazy Walls:

    Solo Normal:

    /play crazy_walls_solo

    Teams Normal:
    /play crazy_walls_team

    Solo Insane:
    /play crazy_walls_solo_chaos

    Teams Insane:
    /play crazy_walls_team_chaos



    /play uhc_solo

    /play uhc_teams

    Events Mode:
    /play uhc_events

    Classic Games:


    /play vampirez

    Quake Solo:
    /play quake_solo

    Quake Teams:
    /play quake_teams

    /play paintball

    Arena 1v1:
    /play arena_1v1

    Arena 2v2:
    /play arena_2v2

    Arena 4v4:
    /play arena_4v4

    /play walls

    Turbo Kart Racers:
    /play tkr


    Solo Classic:
    /play duels_classic_duel

    Solo SkyWars:
    /play duels_sw_duel

    Doubles SkyWars:
    /play duels_sw_doubles

    Solo Bow:
    /play duels_bow_duel

    Solo UHC:
    /play duels_uhc_duel

    Doubles UHC:
    /play duels_uhc_doubles

    Teams UHC:
    /play duels_uhc_four

    Solo NoDebuffs:
    /play duels_potion_duel

    Solo Combo:
    /play duels_combo_duel

    Solo Potion:
    /play duels_potion_duel

    Solo OP:
    /play duels_op_duel

    Doubles OP:
    /play duels_op_doubles

    Solo Mega Walls:
    /play duels_mw_duel

    Doubles Mega Walls:
    /play duels_mw_doubles

    Solo Sumo:
    /play duels_sumo_duel

    Solo Blitz:
    /play duels_blitz_duel

    Solo Bow Spleef:
    /play duels_bowspleef_duel

    Bridge 1v1:
    /play duels_bridge_duel

    Bridge 2v2:
    /play duels_bridge_doubles

    Bridge 4v4:
    /play duels_bridge_four

    Bridge 2v2v2v2:
    /play duels_bridge_2v2v2v2

    Bridge 3v3v3v3:
    /play duels_bridge_3v3v3v3

    Bridge Tournament:
    /play duels_bridge_tournament

    UHC Tournament:
    /play duels_uhc_tournament

    SkyWars Tournament:
    /play duels_sw_tournament

    Sumo Tournament:
    /play duels_sumo_tournament

    Speed UHC:

    Solo Normal:

    /play speed_solo_normal

    Solo Insane:
    /play speed_solo_insane

    Team Normal:
    /play speed_team_normal

    Team Insane:
    /play speed_team_insane

    Smash Heroes:

    Solo 1v1v1v1:

    /play super_smash_solo_normal

    Teams 2v2:
    /play super_smash_2v2_normal

    Teams 2v2v2:
    /play super_smash_teams_normal

    1v1 Mode:
    /play super_smash_1v1_normal

    Friends 1v1v1v1:
    /play super_smash_friends_normal

    Murder Mystery:

    /play murder_classic

    /play murder_assassins

    /play murder_showdown

    /play murder_infection

    Capture The Wool (Prototype):

    Capture The Wool:

    /play prototype_pvp_ctw
    King of the Hill (Prototype):

    6v6 Mode:
    /play prototype_koth_two_team

    3v3v3v3 Mode:
    /play prototype_koth_four_team
    TowerWars (Prototype):

    Solo Mode:
    /play prototype_towerwars_solo

    Teams Mode:
    /play prototype_towerwars_team_of_two

    Shows players stats, guild stats & leaderboards

    Shows even more stats and leaderboards in more detail, also has a ranking system

    Shows your quest statistics in great detail, daily, weekly, monthly & all time quests and a monthly quest leaderboard

    Shows various The Pit stats of a player

    Great tool for making hypixel minigame based forum signatures & active boosters overview

    This tool shows you how good your warlords weapon is, it also tells you bad weapon stats

    This website prints out the entire player API in raw format

    Great tool to check how close you are to maxing a hypixel minigame shop

    Shows some cool watchdog stats & accomplishments

    All of these mods are use at your own risk.

    You can find a list of officially allowed mods >HERE<

    made by @Sk1er, @Semx11 & @2Pi
    Automatically tips players with an active booster on, people with the mod are tipping each other aswell for even more experience

    made by @2Pi
    Automatically types "gg" at the end of a game

    made by @prplz
    Fixes memory leaks created with 1.8.9 optifine or resourcepack icons

    Resource Exploit Fix
    made by @Sk1er
    There is an exploit in Minecraft 1.8.x that allows malicious servers to check if files exist on a players' computer, this mod fixes this. Text from @Sk1er

    Sk1er Levelhead
    made by @Sk1er
    Displays various stats above a players head, for example netowork level, karma, kills etc.

    made by @Sk1er
    Displays your key presses onscreen

    made by @Sk1er

    Increases FPS because it forces Minecraft to use your gpu power more

    Nick Hider

    made by @Sk1er
    Hides your nickname while playing on Hypixel, great for content creators

    made by @KerbyBit
    This mod enables the possibility to download modules made for this mod which do various different things

    made by @prplz
    Fixes the mouse delay bug which got introduced in Minecraft 1.8

    made by @2Pi
    With this mod you can automatically complete player names in /wdr /pchat /gchat /msg /friend /tip

    made by @KAD7
    BedWars & SkyWars HUD, detailed stats tracking and much more

    made by @2Pi
    Automatically tipes /who at the start of a ranked SkyWars game

    made by @Biscut
    Makes it possible to see the 1.9+ glow effect from your battle pass in 1.8.9

    made by @Cecer
    With this mod your chat won't close anymore when getting warped into a game while you were typing

    OrangeMarshalls Vanilla Enhancements
    made by @OrangeMarshall
    Enables various different things like disabling certain particles or sounds, showing players ping in tab & custom chat tabs

    OrangeMarshalls 1.7 Animations
    made by @OrangeMarshall
    Enables certain 1.7 animations that you want

    made by @skyerzz
    With this mod you can scroll up 30,000 lines up in chat

    made by @RankTW
    Enables the option to sort your friend list in different categories

    made by @skyerzz
    Displays The Pit events onscreen and how long they will last for

    Hypixel Friend Remover
    made by @skyerzz
    Easy way to remove many friends at once

    made by @skyerzz
    Automatically writes a tweet if you unlocked an achievement

    The Questing Mod
    made bye @Notifly
    Shows variouse different questing statistics

    Tips all players with a booster on

    /stats [Name]
    Shows a players game statistics

    /help or /forum
    Displays various different websites to help you

    Resets your position

    /hub or /lobby or /leave or /l
    Sends you back to the lobby

    /swaplobby [Lobby Number]
    Teleports you to a chosen lobby if not full

    /ac or /achat or /pchat or /gchat
    Write something in all chat, party chat or guild chat

    /chat a or /chat p or /chat g
    Keeps your chat in all chat, party chat or guild chat

    /message or /msg or /whisper or /w or /tell
    Messages a player

    /reply or /r
    Replies a player

    Shows you all party commands

    Shows you all guild commands

    Shows you all friend commands

    /language [english, german, french, dutch, spanish, chinese_simplified, russian, korean, polish]
    Sets your language

    Gives you the link to the Hypixel store store.hypixel.net

    Teleports you to the delivery man and opens the Delivery Man menu

    Lets you vote on the current map you are playing

    /wdr or / wdreport or /watchdogreport
    Reports a player to watchdog for cheating

    /chatreport or /creport or /cr or /msgreport
    Reports a player for his chat actions

    /mmreport [Skin Name]
    Reports a Murder Mystery player

    /myfilter [add word, remove word, list or clear]
    Adds a word, removes a word, lists a word or clears a word from your filter


    Toggles fly on or off

    /rej or /rejoin or /back
    Lets you rejoin a game

    Shoots a firework into the air

    Shows who you are ingame with

    Shows you how to report a player

    Removes a player that is sitting on your head

    /rankcolor or /rangkleur

    Lets you choose your MVP+ plus color

    /myposition or /mypos or /mp
    Displays your leaderboard position in the game you are currently playing

    /wtfmap or /map
    Shows the name of the map you are playing

    /purchasepet [Pet Name]
    Spawns or despawns your mob

    /trackcombat or /trackpvp or /pvpinfo or /combatinfo

    Shows some combat info above hotbar

    /privategame or /privatesettings
    Opens Private Game Settings Menu for players with MVP++ rank

    Resets your nick

    Displays MVP++ Emote in chat

    Opens Privacy Settings menu

    /parkour [start, reset, cancel or checkpoint]
    Starts, resets, cancels or teleports you to your last parkour checkpoint

    Opens the Collectibles Menu

    /particlepack /particles /pp
    Opens the Particle Pack menu

    /pet or /huisdier or /kameraad or /companion
    Shows you pet commands

    /profile [Name] or /viewprofile [name]
    Views a players profile menu

    /particlequality or /pq [off, low, medium, high, extreme]
    Sets your particle quality to off, medium, high or extreme

    Teleports you to lootchest opening station

    /tpa [Name]
    Requests to teleport to a player, requires MVP+

    /tpa accept
    Allows a player to teleport to you

    Toggles chat to on or off

    /resource or /resourcebook or /resourcepackbook or /openresourcepackbook
    Opens the resourcepack book for games that require a resourcepack to play

    /resourcehelp or /resourcepackhelp
    Helps you with the resourcepack if you are having problems

    /ges [Gesture Name] or /gesture [Gesture Name]

    Makes you use a specific gesture you have unlocked

    /gift [Friend Name]
    Sends a gift to a friend

    /webprofile [Username]
    Shows a players web profile

    Opens the Settings menu

    /booster queue
    Displays the current booster queue

    /booster or /networkbooster
    Opens your Boosters menu

    /rewards or /beloningen or /nagrody
    Opens the Network Levels rewards menu

    Opens the Achievement Rewards menu

    /gadget or /gadgets
    Opens your Gadgets menu

    /advent or /adventmenu
    Opens the Advent menu

    Displays your minecraft face texture in chat

    /emojis or /emotes or /emojihelp
    Shows usable emoji list for MVP++

    /emoji [Emote] or /emote [Emote] or /emotka [Emote]
    Makes you use a certain emote you have unlocked

    Teleports your achievement totem to you

    /togglenews or /togglenieuws
    Toggles Update Notifications on or off
    Gives you an Easter Egg

    Displays "ok" in chat

    Displays "You are no longer OP." in chat

    Displays "Scooby dooby doo, where are you?" in chat

    /hi or /hello
    Displays "Why hello there." in chat

    Displays "Nothing." in chat

    Displays "Wow, you scared me there!" in chat

    /boop [Name]

    Messages a player "Boop!"

    It really does nothing.

    /iamtryingtobenicebutitshard [Text]
    Randomizes caps for you

    Displays "Gotta catch 'em all!" in chat

    Christmas command

    Displays "I am worried with you doing this ..." in chat

    /fun or /funcommands
    Shows two commands /rawr and /whatsmyface
    Special thanks to my beloved friend @Keiner_da for wasting 3 hours of his life going through all commands that exist on the server and checking them.
    You are a true inspiration to this world and you are showing that we need more acceptance for players like you that spam german stuff in guild chat all day.
    Vote now. Accept Keiner.
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  2. *copies your work* *says that I made it and didn't copy* he...he...he :3

    Nice work though (for your info im not copying it)
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  3. Voll toggo!
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  4. Nice! Really useful :)
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  5. Indestructal

    Indestructal Kiwi Mod | Appeals & Forum Team

    NoNamers SUB2ME
    Thanks for the guide! :)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
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  6. Me too :p but not the new ones like quake and tnt
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  7. /play super_smash_solo_normal ~ Smash 1v1v1v1
    /play super_smash_team_normal ~ Smash 2v2v2
    /play super_smash_friends_normal ~ Smash Friends mode
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  8. thanks
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  9. Hiiva

    Hiiva Well-Known Member

    Amico AMICO
    Add /play prototype_murder_mystery
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  10. Thank you :D
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  11. imgayy

    imgayy Well-Known Member

    there is a bedwars play command i thought
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  12. CvC play command soonTM :O
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  13. Bedwars:
    Bedwars solo: /play prototype_bedwars:eight_one
    Bedwars doubles: /play prototype_bedwars:eight_two
    Bedwars 3x3v3v3: /play prototype_bedwars:four_three
    Bedwars 4v4v4v4: /play prototype_bedwars:four_four
    Classic: /play prototype_duels:classic_duel
    Bow: /play prototype_duels:bow_duel
    Potion: /play prototype_duels:potion_duel
    OP: /play prototype_duels:op_duel
    Megawars 1v1 duel: /play prototype_duels:mw_duel
    Megawars 2v2 duel: /play prototype_duels:mw_doubles
    Megawars 4v4 duel: /play prototype_duels:mw_four
    UHC 1v1 duel: /play prototype_duels:uhc_duel
    UHC 2v2 duel: /play prototype_duels:uhc_doubles
    UHC 4v4 duel: /play prototype_duels:uhc_four
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  14. Very nice! Will be using these for some work with DoggieMod ;)
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  15. How do you find these?
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  16. TNT:
    Tag: /play tnt_tntag
    Wizards: /play tnt_capture
    UHC Arena (Prototype):
    Solo: /play prototype_uhcarena_solo
    Teams: /play prototype_uhcarena_teams
    Invite someone into a party, get (or wait for) them to leave, then try to join a game. You'll get a "Cannot play SkyWars: SOLO_NORMAL whilst X is offline" or something. Then you just have to guess the command from that name.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2017
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  17. ThomasTaiTai

    ThomasTaiTai Well-Known Member

    It is mega walls, not mega walls. this really annoys me because you dont know the correct name for a super popular game
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  18. R3DMoon

    R3DMoon Active Member

    cornbois CORN
    What is it for mega walls
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  19. There are no commands for mega walls, sorry.
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  20. ThomasTaiTai

    ThomasTaiTai Well-Known Member

    you want to use alts on minechat to boost skins
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