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    What is this guide for and what is it about?

    This guide is for new starters in UHC Champions. About what to unlock first and what they should go for. What strategies are best for what and how to use the new crafting system. What kits are considered viable and what kits are best for specific situations. How to find out recipes and what most common crafts do and how they work. I made this guide because the current one is outdated and has not been updated in a while.

    Lets start with a quick introduction to what is UHC Champions: UHC Champion is a modified version of the poplular gamemode Ultra Hard Core. Everything that applies in normal UHC still applies in Hypixel UHC with some exception. These exceptions being a shorter time, special unlockable crafting recipes, perks and kits and a advancements system to show your progress in the game.

    Here's a quick FAQ from our newbie community:

    What are stars and how to I get more? Stars are the UHC Champions advancement system. The higher the more likely the player is good at UHC Champions. For example an 8 stars is more likely to be good at the game compared to a 5 star. Though it's still possible for the 5 stars to win a 1v1 fight. You get more stars by getting more score. You get scores by kills and wins. 1 kill = 1 score, 1 win = 10 score.

    1 Star [Recruit] = 0 score
    2 Stars [Initiate] = 10 score
    3 Stars [Soldier] = 60 score
    4 Stars [Sergeant] = 210 score
    5 Stars [Knight] = 460 score
    6 Stars [Captain] = 960 score
    7 Stars [Centurion] = 1710 score
    8 Stars [Gladiator] = 2710 score
    9 Stars [Warlord] = 5210 score
    10 Stars [Champion] = 10210 score
    After 10 stars you get a star every 3000 score. Max at 15 stars.
    How do I regenerate health? In UHC you can only regenerate health using golden apples and potions. However as I said UHC champions is a modified version of normal UHC there for you can also heal using player heads and certain craft that we'll get into later.

    How do I unlock special crafting recipes? Using the emerald shop in the main UHC Champions lobby. We'll get into how to use the shop later in this Guide.

    Why can't I play UHC Champions? Your network level must be 10 at least to be able to play UHC champions.

    How can I find a good team? There's a very good thread about finding teams, HERE is the link to it.

    Lets start with thing you'll start by using:

    The Shop:

    In the shop you will upgrade kits, unlock recipes and perks. Right click the Emerald in the UHC Champions lobby and this will open.


    First you will need to unlock new recipes. So here are the recipes you are recommended to unlock first, Start by clicking on the crafting table (Professions). Though please keep in mind this guide wont go through each recipe and what it is. In this guide we will go over the most commonly used and seen in game.


    Once you click on the crafting table this will open:


    These are the professions of UHC Champions. Each one of them gives you a special perk and unlocks special crafting recipes using coins. When you first click any of these professions this will open:


    This is the Profession. For you this will be mostly red glass and red clay because you have yet to unlock anything. Each glass block is a new recipe and glass pain is the perk. Each glass pane = an upgrade for the perk. The clay is the Prestige I and II. You can craft each recipe 3 times per game. However if you prestige I the profession it will give you access to a 4th craft. (With the exception of Apprentice profession). Prestige II will yet again upgrade the perk.

    Recipes to unlock first: (Not in a specific order)

    It's mostly recommended to start first by unlocking Iron pack recipe and unlocking the perk. This will give you access to be able to smelt iron using a special crafting recipe. The recipe is 1 coal in the middle surrounded by 8 iron ore. This will give you 10 iron. You can craft it 3 times per game, which is enough to make armor, a sword and a bucket but also consider smelting a bit more iron for shears. (You can shear trees to get apples faster). The perk will give you haste when you mine ores. (3 Crafts per game + 1 if prestiged engineering)

    Gold pack is a very good crafting recipe. Similar in use to Iron pack but for gold instead. This will help you smelt gold without the need for a furnace. (3 crafts per game + 1 if prestiged invention)

    Forge is a furnace that instantly smelts 10 of whatever you put inside it. (as long as it can be smelted). (3 crafts per game + 1 if prestiged toolsmithing)

    It's very recommended to unlock Quick pick. It's an iron pickaxe with efficiency I. It's craft-able with iron ore, so you wont need to smelt iron. Will help you get resources much faster.

    Then it's recommended to unlock Apprentice Helmet, Sword and bow. Apprentice helmet is very good as it takes 1 red stone torch and 5 iron to craft and this enchants the helmet with Protection 1, Fire protection 1, Blast protection 1 and Projectile protection 1. (Once per game)

    Apprentice sword is a very good starter sword as it gets sharpness 1 after grace period, Sharpness 2 after 15 mins of the game, Sharpness 3 after 25 mins and becomes sharpness 4 in death-match. You can craft it using 2 red-stone blocks and 1 iron sword. (Once per game)
    Apprentice bow is one of the best bows in the game right now, it is very simple, it works similarly to Apprentice sword, as it will gain power over time. Power 1 after grace period, power 2 after 15 minutes of the game, power 3 after 25 minutes and power 4 during death-match. (Craftable once per game)
    Eve's Temptation This craft is recommended as it will help you duplicate apples instead of the need to get all the apples by shearing

    Golden heads are very good in both teams and solo as they give a lot of healing compared to golden apples and normal heads. You will use this very often as it will be a very good source of healing.

    Arrow Economy is a faster way to craft arrows and more efficient way as it will give you much more arrows for less resources.

    Light anvil, acts as a normal anvil but you can craft it with less iron. 15 to be exact.

    Book of sharpness Gives you a sharpness book without the need for an enchantment table.

    Book of power Gives you a power book without the need for an enchantment.

    Book of protection gives you access to a protection book with out the need for and enchantment table.

    Artemis' book Gives you a projectile protection book without the need for an enchantment table.

    Crafting recipes can all be found in the recipes book at the shop and/or using ./recipes. Can also be done in game. More information on how to use it are later in this guide.
    Recommended professions to max/prestige:

    It's highly advised to max Cooking first as this will give you 4 extra absorption hearts for the duration of the grace period and this will give you access to the ultimate craft light apples. (normal golden apples but only require 4 gold instead of 8)

    Second thing to max and probably prestige first is Engineering as this will give you access to the ultimate craft philosophers pickaxe. (a diamond pickaxe with 3 durability and fortune 2). Prestiging it first is recommended if you are good at mining because it will give you access to be able to craft 2 philosophers pickaxe. Plus it's cheap.

    It's also recommended to Prestige/max Weaponsmithing this will enable you to craft 4 sharpness books instead of 3 enabling you to make a sharpness 3 sword. It also will also enable you to craft Dragon Sword which is arguably the strongest sword in the game. It will also allow you to craft 4 power books with which you can make a power 3 bow that can be very powerful early to mid game, even late game depending on the opponents armor.

    If we go back the the main page of the shop:


    This time instead of clicking on the crafting table we're going to click on the sword and this will show us the kits:


    There are 10 different kits in UHC Champions. Each kit gives you different items at the start of the game to help you win the game. Some kits are more commonly used than others, but each kit has its own use and its own benefits.

    Lets start by explaining all the kits and what they give. I will not rate the kits because each kit has its owns use and they cannot be compared. However what I will do is recommend you a couple kits to start by using then later you can change the kit based on your own play style.

    You can select kits in game and each kit has 3 tiers and 1 prestige. You can upgrades kits in the shop using coins.
    Tier 0 is always free.
    Tier 1 is 2,500 coins.
    Tier 2 is 7,500 coins
    Tier 3 is 15,000 coins
    Prestige is 250,000 - 200,000 - 150,000 coins depending on the kit.
    This kit is the default kit. You will hear many people call you a leather noob when you use it and they will try to stalk you during the grace period therefore this is the only kit I will not recommend to use at lower levels.

    This kit is good to use if you are looking to get an enchantment table in the game. However I wouldn't recommend using it at lower levels.

    This kit is one of the most common if not the most common kit in UHC champions. It's very good as it allows you get a bow and have a ranged advantage over your opponents. It's very recommended at all levels and in most situations.

    This kit is recommended to use if you are looking to rush a specific thing as it will help you loot and get resources much faster. However this kit can work in all situations as it's a set of tools. You can use it to get a better head start on your opponents.

    This kit is not recommended to use at lower levels. At higher levels you should only use it if you are rushing a specific craft and/or the items it gives help you. Not recommended for new starters.

    This kit is not recommended at lower levels as it does not give you much items that you can't already get easily. However at higher levels it can be very good for rushing specific items like dragon armour, anduril, dragon sword and many more items. This kit is not recommended for new starters.

    This kit is very very situational and is not recommended for new starters.

    This kit is yet again very situational and is not recommended for new starters.

    This kit is a good kit and is recommended if you like using horses. However not recommended at lower levels.

    This kit is only recommended if you are looking to trap. Other than that you are better off using any other kit.


    Now, the 2 kits I would recommend new starters to use are Archer kit and Stone tools. These 2 kits are very good and can be used in most if not all situations. They are simple to use. There for they are my recommended picks.

    Now that kits are out of the way lets go back to the main shop page:


    And this time lets click on the recipe book this page will open:


    Here you can check the recipes for everything. Simply click on an items and it will show how it can be crafted. Lets use Dragon armour as an example. If we click the chest plate this page will show us the recipe:


    Use this book to check for any new recipes you unlock or for the ones you forget! (Note that you can use /recipes in game to access this book if you forget a recipe)

    Crafting System

    Now lets move on to the new crafting system! it's very simple and self explanatory. You are able to craft the special recipes without the need for a crafting table. Simple click the MSG in chat where it says CLICK HERE to craft... and that will open a crafting table with the items ready to craft. You will only have to confirm.

    Here's a quick video showing it in action, using arrow economy as an example:

    However this does not always work, sometimes you can drop one of the items and pick it up again for the msg to pop up. This only works for Hypixel special craft that you have unlocked via the shop. It does not work for vanilla crafts and crafts that you have not unlocked!


    Strategies are a very important part of Hypixel UHC Champions. Normal UHC strategies can work but they will never work as good as these strategies work. Now I will divide strategies into 3 sections, the ones that are good for gaining fast score, The ones that are good for winning and the ones good for having fun with friends.

    Lets start with the ones you'll use most commonly.

    Strategies for fast score gains: (not in any specific order, I recommend trying them out and choosing the one that works the best for you!)

    1. For new players this is probably the strategy you'll use most. Apprentice rush. This means you rush 3 items, Apprentice helmet, Sword and bow. This will help you get kills in game which are the fastest and most secure way to gain score at a steady rate. You rush these items during grace period and at PVP start you head to 0.0 to find enemies and try to best them in a fight (Note you will need to unlock the recipes for these items)

    2. Iron rush, this is a very simple strategy that you will use if you don't have Apprentice gear unlocked yet. This is basically the same strategy as Apprentice rush but instead of rushing any items you get full iron and whatever healing you can in 10 mins and then make your way towards 0.0.

    3. Anvil Rush, very similar to the strategies mentioned above although here instead of rushing Apprentice gear you will most likely be rushing a power 2, 3 or a Sharp 2, 3. Depending on what you have unlocked and what resources you find during the game. This is typically done during grace period although for newer players it may take you a little longer than that. For this you will need 3 different special crafts, Light anvil, Power books, Sharpness books.

    Strategies that are good for winning games (Keep in mind this is very risky as some players may have better gear than you. There for I personally don't consider these strategies the best for gaining score if that is what you're looking for.)

    1. Mining the whole game, you'll see many people doing this however it's very risky for new starters because you may not have all the crafts needed, and the crafts which make it easier to mine. As the name suggest it's you mining the whole game until deathmatch where you will try to fight your way to win.

    2. Potion rush, this is a very simply strategy that can get you a free win just because your enemy doesn't realize the potions that you have. This is a strategy from vanilla UHC although with some special craft can be made very powerful. You will need to get potions from the nether such as Strength 2 and Speed 2 and more if you can find the resources needed. Plus a sharpness 3 diamond sword and whatever gear you can mine in the time before deathmatch.

    (The strategies above are not suggested for new players because they are very risky as deathmatch can start earlier than you think and you might not have enough time to mine and/or make your potions!)

    Fun strategies. (This doesn't mean other strategies are not fun but these strategies are fun and unusual although it wont guarantee you wins and/or kills.)

    1. Skybasing, this strategy is very common and very easy to do and have some fun with friends while doing it. And if you're lucky you can knock some people off and get some easy free kills! All you need to do is gather wood and food, then make your way to 0.0 where you will make a stair case that goes way up to the sky and then make a base up there. People will try to get you in there but if you have a bow and/or snowballs you'll be able to knock them off for free kills! Keep in mind if they get to you then you're an easy kills because you have no armor.

    2. Trapping, this is as the name suggests trapping someone using a trap. This can be used to get some easy kills if they enemy falls for your trap although it's not very secure as some people will realize quickly that you are trapping and won't fall for it. For this all you need is to be clever and make a smart trap. There are many videos on Youtube of traps. Try some out!

    I recommend you to try out most of the strategies and see what works best for you and what works for your play style!
    Have fun while doing it!

    Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions on what to add to this guide please leave it down below! (also please point out typos I can't find)
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    After 10 star it's 3000 not 2000 to the next star
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    There is another Newbie guide, but I feel like this is more modern and better. New players (like me) should read both threads, this is a really good thread! I expected it to be really bad and I would be like "there's already a Newbie guide..." but this is actually really good!

    Good work!
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  8. Thanks!
  9. I like your positivity and that you're willing to help out people in this community especially for stuff like this as hypixel uhc is such a hard game to get into for new players.
    Perhaps instead though you could also make this guide into a full youtube video because the forums is more so for experienced players and I doubt that most new players will go straight to the forums to find out how to play. I most certainly didn't.

    Respect though man I like what you're doin :)
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  10. Thanks, though I made this one because the current one is not getting updated and it's now very outdated.
  11. That is probably the most useful thread for the new players. This should be pinned in the top of the threads list
  12. Nice guide, might play some UHC later using this.
  13. great thread but shopguide is kinda not that good and you didnt include s3 rush in strats which is one of the best strats right now.
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  14. Sharp3 rush falls under anvil rush. Plus I didn't want to specifically point sharp 3 out because newer player wont have 4 sharpness books. Thanks for the feed back tho! (And about the shop, if you think I missed out anything please point it out so I can fix the issue!)
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    prestige leather is 150k

    Besides those really minor issues, really nice guide!
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    The guide looks really good! I would just add pres weaponsmithing as an essential because that unlocks s3
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