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    The Game
    Getting started

    Like in The Walls 2 there are 4 teams of players. Each team has its own area and the 4 areas are separated by a middle field.
    The game has 2 phases, a pregame ( 10 minutes ), during that phase 4 huge Walls are in front of each team's area. The teams have to get prepared before the 2nd phase : The game. ( 50 minutes )
    Each team has a Wither, and the goal of your team is to protect your wither and outlive the others team's withers.
    When your wither is still alive, you can respawn indefinitely, but if it dies, your life is the last one.
    A team wins when all the others players are dead.
    After 1 hour, if players are still alive in more than 1 team, it's a draw and nobody wins.

    How to join the lobby :
    -You can enter the MegaWalls portal in the main lobby.
    -You can enter /lobby w3
    -You can click on the compass in your hotbar and click on the soulsand ( slowsand for the true minecrafters ).

    General game mecanics

    Health :
    Each player has 20 hearts ( 40 HP ) and the game difficulty is on hard. So you regenerate 1 HP every 4 seconds. when the pregame starts you will have regen X until you reach 40 HP, but when you die, you only respawn with 10 hearts, that means you will have to wait 80 seconds until your health bar is full.
    The amount of HP of the players are above their heads, you can see it if you are in a few blocks perimeter from them.

    Teams :
    Each team has up to 25 players.
    You can choose your team in the waiting room, the teams are blue, green, red and yellow.
    You just have to right click on the wool to join a team. If a chat message informs you that the team is already full, it might not means that the team in entirely full, a team is only full if it has 25 players already on it. Check the leaderboard at the right of your screen.
    If it says that the team is already full while less that 25 players are on the team, it's only because the max number of players accepted in the teams has not reached is max amount yet.
    The number of players accepted is based on the number of players in the waiting room.
    The equation is : Players accepted in a team = 1 + ( (players in the waiting room - 1 ) / 4 )
    So if there is 23 players in the waiting room, the number of players accepted in the teams will be : 1 + (( 23 - 1 ) /4) = 6,5
    So 6 players
    The choice of the team is very important in The Walls, you can try to be with the better players. In The Walls 2, most of the great players usually go in the yellow team, because the new players don't usually chose to enter /team yellow. So they can all be together easier.
    This is why the team yellow was the best team in the early beta of MegaWalls. Also if you are in team yellow, you will spawn facing your base on Foresaken, it's not much but it's cool. ( In minecraft, when you are teleported, you'll always face south )
    In Dragonkeep the green players are spawning in front of their base.
    So try to locate where are going to be the good players during the game. If the team is full, you don't need to spam click the wool with your mouse, just press the right click continuously. If your are playing on a mac, you can change the control Use Item/Place Block to the MAJ button, and then click on it, it'll auto-click for you.

    Experience and Energy System :
    In MegaWalls you can't earn experience.
    Your xp bar is an Energy Bar, you can fill up your Energy bar by hitting players with your melee weapons ( even fist ) or bows, depending on your kit.
    When your Energy bar is full ( 100% ) you will be able to unleash your special ability.
    More informations in the Classes section.

    Coins :
    You can earn coins by killing players and winning the game.
    The first 15 kills you make will give you 2 coins.
    After 15 kills you won't earn coins.
    If you kill a player while his team's wither is dead, you will earn 5 coins because it's a Final Kill.
    The Final kills are not registered in your normal kills, so if you killed 12 players, and did 3 final kills, you can still kill 3 normal players and earn coins.
    A win gives you 30 coins.
    You also earn coins for damages inflicted to the withers.
    It is exponential, so each hit will give you more coins than the last ( if the damages inflicted are the same )
    You'll see how many coins you've earned when the wither will be dead.

    The Withers :
    So each team has a Wither in the base. When the pregame starts each wither has 1000 HP.
    After the pregame the withers will start losing HP, in order to make the game faster.
    They lose 3 HP every 5 seconds. When it will reach 1 HP it will stop losing health, that means if 1 enemy player hits him only 1 time he will die.
    So even if nobody attacked your wither, after 27 minutes and 45 seconds in game ( add 10 with the pregame ) all the withers will have maximum 1 HP left.
    ((999/3) x 5 )/60 = 27,75
    The withers are in easy mode and.
    So they attack the enemy players, dealing 5 HP of damage ( armor is reducing the damages of the explosions ) and you won't get withered.
    That also means that the withers are not regening health.
    He is immune to arrows in phase 1 and 2 and of course players of your own team can't damage your wither.
    When the game starts, the withers are enraged during 10 minutes. So when the timer will reach the 40 minutes left, the withers won't be enraged anymore.
    So teammates will have a regen effect ( between lvl I and II ) when close to the wither.
    Also they will defend themselves with great attacks.
    They have a few different attacks and use them randomly.
    You can see the name of the attack in the chat, it takes a few seconds between the chat message and the actual strike.
    Inferno : I love this one, it only puts you on fire for a few seconds.
    Vacuum : deals damages, about 5 hearts.
    Lightning strikes : this attack deals about 8 heaths of damages.
    Knockback : this is the most powerful one. You will be thrown in the air, losing about 4 hearts, and then you'll hit the ground and take ground damages.
    There is of course no way of avoiding the attacks, and they strike all the enemies surrounding the wither at the same time. Blocking seems to reduce the damages inflicted by some attacks.
    The area is almost the whole wither room, so sometimes if you enter an enemy's wither room while it is already under attack, you'll take damages as soon as you enter the room.
    You can be lucky and only have inferno and vacuum attacks. But sometimes huge group of players are rushing a wither and are 2 shoted by knockback attacks.

    Chests :
    When you mine you have a ?% chance to find a chest ( I'll find out that probability later )
    With the Herobrine kit you can increase this probability by up to 100% of its original value ( that does not mean you'll find a chest 100% of the blocks you mine )
    In the chests you'll always find the block you mined at the top left corner of the chest ( if there is already an item at this location then the block will be just right next to it )
    In those chests you can find redstone dusts, bows, arrows, redstone torches, flint and steels, TNTs, wheat, food ( some of them are not cooked, I suggest you to cook them if you are getting close to the deathmatch ) and some random tools.
    The flint and steel only have 5 utilizations. ( currently unavailable )
    During the deathmatch the items in the chests change.
    You can only find spider eyes and poisonous potatoes.

    Privileges :
    VIPs have protected chests and furnaces during the pregame. After that everyone can open your furnaces and chests.
    VIPs can do /surface
    Golem Donators start the game with an Iron Golem spawn egg ( he will attack everyone who attacks him and his master ).
    VIPs can unlock the 8th upgrade of each kits.
    VIP+s can unlock the 9th upgrade of each kit.
    VIP+s can unlock 4 private achievements.
    VIPs can spectate after the final death.
    VIPs can use the Enderman Kit.
    VIP+ can use the Herobrine Kit.
    VIPs spawn with an iron pickaxe.
    VIP+ spawn with an iron pickaxe efficiency I.
    MVPs spawn with a diamond pickaxe efficiency I.
    MVP+ spawn with a diamond pickaxe efficiency II.

    Random facts :
    The ground is at y = 38
    The maximum height to place a block is at y = 71
    You can't craft minecart during the pregame, I think it's because they can't prevent minecart TNT to explode.
    Buckets and flint and steel are currently unavailable.
    The game is in eternal daylight.
    Breaking tall grass won't give you seeds.
    You can craft anvils but you can't use them.

    Deathmatch :
    When all the withers are dead, a chat message informs you that the deathmatch is going to start in 10 seconds. After that you'll have the effect Hunger III if you are still in a team's area or underground.
    Hunger III adds 1,5 exhaustion points every seconds. So when your food saturation level will reach 0 you'll start losing haft drumsticks every 2,67 seconds maximum.
    So if you are moving, sprinting, jumping, breaking blocks or so you'll lose drumsticks even faster. ( Most people don't know, but regenerating 1 HP for beeing wel-fed adds 3 exhaustion points )
    The health system is on normal difficulty, so when your hunger bar is at 0, you start losing HP every 4 seconds, and you can't die of hunger. So the health will stop draining at 1 HP.
    Remember that you can't sprint if you have less that 7 food level points.
    Try to learn a few things about food saturation, it'll help you in many games.

    The Compass :
    Each player spawns with a compass, this is the most useful item of the game.
    It indicates the distance of the nearest enemies in each team in 3 dimensions.
    You just need to right click on it in your hotbar and it'll show you a different team each time.
    The distance is in meters and 1 meter = 1 block.
    It updates the informations in real time, but the informations disappear after a few seconds. Then right click on it until it indicates this team again.
    Don't try to break a block with a compass, it takes forever.
    Strangely the order of the team selected by the compass in complitely random, but it won't change during the game.
    After your final death you will be able to spectate the game if you are VIP.
    Right clicking on the compass will teleport you to a random player.
    While spectating you are invisible to the players still alive.
    If you try to intercept arrows you will be teleported to the lobby.

    Nether portal :
    If you manage to create a Nether portal, Ghasts will spawn.
    Of course you can't enter the portal.
    This will cause major FPS drops, don't do it in your own base.

    Leaderboards :
    In MegaWalls there is a weekly leaderboard for each kit, that way new players will have a chance to shine.
    The top 3 players of each kit will have prices each week.
    Of course some classes are more popular than others, so if you are aiming a leaderboard you have to choose your class wisely.
    The leaderboards count the final kills.

    Informations about the map(s)

    There is currently 1 MegaWalls map and another one should be out in a few days/weeks.
    The middle field is a 128x128 blocks area, same for the team's bases.
    You can interact with the map, but some places are protected during the whole game.
    When your wither die, you can break/place blocks in some others areas.

    Siege :
    This is a screenshot of a team's area, some of the elements in the picture are not in the map when the game starts, like the wood walls and the water on it.

    The wither is located in the entrance of the castle, on the right.
    Capture d’écran 2013-11-28 à 16.44.42.png In this picture you can see a wither in his protection cage.And also two very rare specimens of good players,who are actually teamworking,rushing the other teams and protecting their beloved wither during the whole game.
    All the castle and the area around it are protected during the game.
    In the entrance of the castle there is a staircase leading to the underground nexus, so you can access all the castles by the subway.
    You can find a huge cave under the team's areas, those caves are connected, but you can't go out of the base until the Wall falls.
    The main entrance of the cave is just on the left of your spawning platform.
    The caves are filled with iron and coal.
    You can find wheat and pumpkins on the ground of the map and beacons in the subway.
    In one of the big trees there is a chest with the head of Groopo.
    In the center of the middle area you can find about between 14 and 16 diamonds ores in the center of the map ( not sure yet )

    The Classes
    General informations

    There are currently 5 classes available.
    You can choose your class by right clicking the signs in the MegaWalls lobby, a chat message will inform you which class you selected.

    Shop :
    Capture d’écran 2013-11-28 à 15.30.31.png
    All the classes have 5 skills and each kit has 9 upgrades.
    The first upgrades are already unlocked.
    The prices of the upgrades are in order : 100, 250, 600, 1200, 3500, 6500, 8500 and 14000 coins.
    The NON-VIPs can't buy more than the 7th upgrades.
    The VIPs can't buy more than the 8th upgrades.
    A fully upgraded skill cost 34 650 coins in total.
    A fully upgraded class cost 173 250 coins in total.
    You need 866 250 coins to buy all the upgrades of the shop.
    Capture d’écran 2013-11-28 à 15.31.31.png
    This is what looks like a class's shop. The upgrades in green are those you already unlocked, in dark green are those you can unlock and in red those you can't unlock.
    To unlock an upgrade you need to buy all the previous ones and of course you need the right amount of coins.
    The first row is the skill upgrade, each level will increase the power of your energy attack.
    The 4th row is the kit upgrade.
    When you spawn you will always have those items and you can't place them in a chest or drop them. If you die those items won't drop.
    The basic stuff of each upgrade is a stone pickaxe, a steak and a compass.
    With VIP and VIP+ you spawn with a better pickaxe.
    At level max you will always have 3 steaks.
    All the kits give speed potions and health potions.
    The health potions regenerate all your life, so they are extremely useful.
    The speed potions are Speed II and last 15 seconds.
    The 5th row is the Gathering Talent ( GT ) upgrade, very useful when you mine.

    Energy System :
    Each kit has its own power.
    The skeleton kit earns 20% of its max energy by hiting an enemy player with an arrow.
    You also earn 1 energy point each second with this kit.
    You can unleash your power by left clicking while holding a bow.
    All the other kit except zombie earns 10% of their max energy by hitting an enemy by every way possible, fist, weapons and even bows !
    With zombie you only earn 4 energy points pet hit.
    You can unleash your power by right clicking while holding a sword.

    Choosing a Class :
    Each class has it's own abilities and each class is good in some situations.
    I can't tell you what class is the best for you because only you know your capacities.
    But hopefully, with the next sections of this guide you will be able to know what to do in each situation, that way you will be able to understand if you can or can't do something, concidering your class.
    The first upgrades of each class are cheap, but before buying all of them, remember that it's a good idea to focus on a class. But try to change sometimes or you might get bored.

    Of course if you just start playing MegaWalls the kits are almost the same at a low level, in this section I'll try to explain how the kits can be if you upgrade them, this will help you to know what class you will want to upgrade.

    Offensive capacity
    Low level : *
    Max level : ***
    Defensive capacity
    Low level : ***
    Max level : *****

    Upgrades :
    -Barrage :
    When your energy bar is full you can unleash your power by left clicking on your bow.
    Then 5 arrows will by fired rapidly in front of you.
    Most players don't know but when a player or mob is red after a hit he has damage immunity.
    I believe the rapid fire isn't rapid enough to waste some arrows, but if you are in close combat, some of your hits won't damage the enemy if you try to attack him with a sword while using this power.
    Concidering that at max level each arrow hit deals 6 hearts of damage ( armor reduces the damages ) then if you have a sword the best thing to do is to block until the end of the rapid fire. That way you will be able to focus on aiming the enemy with it.
    The arrows fired are not taken from your inventory.
    Also, this power is very strong, don't underestimate it. Even in close combat, if your energy bar is almost full, you can shoot the enemy very fast and use this ability quicly.
    In an open area it's not very effective, but if you are chased by a few players you can disuade them to continue.
    Do not try to aim players if they are far, you will fail at least 4 of your shots.
    -Salvaging :
    This ability allows you to get back your arrows on hit up to 90% of the time.
    At first I though it was pretty lame, but in deathmatch this ability is very important. You will be able to shoot a very long time if you are a good archer.
    If someone in your team is using skeleton and you are not, don't be greedy and give him some of your arrows ( of course check before if he is not wasting arrows )
    -Agile :
    On arrow hit you will have speed I during up to 7 seconds.
    Speed I increase your "walking" speed by 20%, so you are about 18% faster than a normal player if you are both sprinting and jumping.
    There are a few uses for this ability, but only one is very useful.
    When you are defending your wither, just in front of the castle up the stairs. If someone is rushing your wither try to land an arrow on him when he is about to cross you. When a player is hit he his knocked a bit, if you chase him, soon you won't be able to catch up on him and he will run on your wither.
    If you hit him just before, you will have speed and then you will be able to hit him with a sword a few times before he hits your wither.
    -Kit Upgrade :
    You start with the basic stuff, a few arrows and a Power I bow.
    At max level you will have a Power III bow, 64 arrows, 2 speed potions and 1 health potion.
    The power enchant on your bow increases the damages dealt by your arrows by 25% x ( 1 + level of the enchant )
    So a power I bow is 50% stronger than a normal bow and a power III bow is twice as powerful as a normal bow.
    If you are a good archer this kit is very good.
    But with only 1 health potion your wither rushes won't be lethal.
    -Gathering talent :
    This is by far the best GT ability.
    When you mine coal, iron, diamonds or cut wood you have up to 100% chance to have an extra ore. Having extra diamonds is awesome, you can have over 10 diamonds if you use a speed potion.
    So with a decent upgrade you can mine an insane amount of iron, if you want to make a strength beacon this is the only kit to use.
    You can gather tons of wood by cutting down a tree, if you want to make barricades in your base it's very helpful.
    2013-12-15_20.39.28.png 2013-12-16_05.14.03_2.png So you can grab way more diamonds that the amount of diamond ores in the map.A very nice game is to run in circles in the middle of the map without stuff and with a diamond block in the hand.Try to see how long you can live.My personal best is about 2:30 minutes.

    Overall comment :
    This is simply the best kit if you want to defend your base.
    You can mine tons of iron for your team ( over 7 stacks of iron during the pregame )
    It is very useful for the barricades.
    If you are protecting the wither in front of the castle entrance you can hit players while they are running up the staircases, so they are knockbacked a bit and most of the time they die even before entering the castle.
    Of course even without armor and swords in your kit you can craft an iron set very easily but in late game it can be annoying to spawn with almost nothing if you don't like to defend.
    With only 1 HP potion this is not a good rusher kit.
    You can do a lot of final kills with this kit, try to hit enemies while they are chased by a bunch of angry teammates ( it's called a kill steal but meh...)
    Also a few players are AFKing the games, and some are hiding on top of the castle so with a bow they are easy kills.
    If you are doing a skybase this kit is awesome, and you also can deal with skybasers.
    Also you can create blocks with this kit, it can be useful if you have iron ores and very few blocks in a skybase.
    If you are new to the game, the Power I bow is nice.

    Offensive capacity
    Low level : **
    Max level : ****
    Defensive capacity
    Low level : **
    Max level : ****

    Upgrades :
    -Teleport :
    You can teleport up to 25 blocks toward the nearest enemy. You will have speed I during 5 seconds.
    This is extremely good against skybases, but be very careful because you might get TP when you really don't want to. If your energy bar is full don't hold swords, because you might forget and try to open a furnace or chest...
    This ability is very useful to rush, because you can enter barricades.
    You can rush underground and use it to avoid the staircases protection.
    This is pretty OP to rush.
    -Enderchest :
    You have up to 25% chance to keep your inventory when you die.
    Not very useful but it's always sweet.
    -Sould destroyer :
    You have up to 25% chance to have knockback resistance during 5 seconds when getting hit.
    This is simply the worst ability you can possibly imagine.
    When you are rushing a wither you are basically praying for someone to knock you up, because the defenders will be confuse and you will be able to hit the wither for a few extra seconds.
    And of course the knockback can save your life if you are chased.
    You can't even try to make a sky bridge because it's only 25% even at max level.
    Do NOT upgrade this.
    -Kit Upgrade :
    At max level you will have the basic stuff, diamond boots Feather Falling IV, an iron sword, 2 health potions and 2 speed potions.
    So in full gear you will be 8% more resistant and each Feather Falling level reduces the falling damages by 15,5%. So you will be 49% resistant to falling damages.
    For some reason you are always taking fall damages in MegaWalls, so it's useful.
    Also the iron sword is pretty sweet.
    Of course with the 2 HP potions you can deal a lot of damage to the enemie's withers.
    -Gathering Talent :
    This is IMO the 2nd best GT ability, but only after a few levels.
    When mining coal, iron or cutting wood you have up to 35% chance to mine another block next to it instantly.
    Try to mine blocks that are next to other ores of course.

    Overall comment :
    It's an amazing kit for rushers, the best in many situations.
    Unfortunately 2 abilities are not useful.
    This is also great to defend your base, if your energy bar is full you can do whatever you want in your base and as soon as you see an enemy rushing you just have to teleport to him and hit him several times during the 5 seconds of speed, you might even refill your energy bar.
    Of course as soon as you hear the sound of your wither taking damages you have to tp to him, so try to stay close to your wither, because sometimes you will be teleported behind the castles walls...
    This is not a good kit for new players.

    Offensive capacity
    Low level : **
    Max level : ****
    Defensive capacity
    Low level : *
    Max level : **

    Upgrades :
    -Explosive Strike :
    You will be able to unleash your power by right clicking while holding a sword.
    You can deal up to 14 hearts of damage to your close enemies, but the attack takes 3 seconds.
    In minecraft the range of an explosion depends on the power of the explosion.
    The range of the explosions are very misterious in general, but I believe that at max level the range is about 3,2 blocks.
    Of course the players won't receive all the damages if they are not exactly at the center of the explosion.
    Also the center of the explosion is exactly the place you were 3 seconds before the explosion. So if you die just after right clicking, the explosion will hapen at the right place.
    I believe the game register the kill as yours.
    Armor reduces the damages.
    Use it in very close combat.
    -Minions :
    On death you have up to 100% chance to spawn a creeper.
    The creeper will have your name.
    I still don't know the difficulty mode of the creeper, so I can't say how much damage they inflict.
    I also can't say if you will have the kill if a creeper kills an enemy.
    I'll find out soon
    -Willpower :
    When you have under 2 hearths you have a speed I effect during up to 8 seconds.
    The cooldown is 30 seconds.
    Don't try to flee if you are under 2 hearts, the enemy will land the final hit. But if you are getting close to the 2 hearts limit, start to run away and the next hit will allow you to run away.
    If you have speed potions or health potions wait until the end of the buff to drink them.
    It can be useful if you are rushing the enemy wither and if it has only 1 HP left.
    But obviously this ability is not very good.
    -Kit Upgrade :
    At max level you will have the basic stuff, an iron sword, diamond leggings Blast Pootection IV, 2 speed potions and 2 health potions.
    A diamond leggings has 1 extra armor point than iron leggings.
    So you will be 8% more resistant, which is important when you have 20 hearts. It's basically like if you had 21,6 hearts.
    Each blast protection level reduces the damages from explosion by 12,5%.
    So you will be 41,4% resistant to explosions. And also more resistant to explosions knockback.
    With 2 HP potions you can do great rushes.
    -Gathering Talent :
    You can have up to 10% chance to find TNT while mining coal.
    Coal is almost rare in Siege, so maybe start mining coal as soon as you enter the cave system.
    TNT are useful in deathmatch, but that's it.
    You can do TNT canons, it's always fun and if you know how to do proper canons you can land a TNT in the opposit castle.
    But the best way to find TNT might be still the Herobrine GT upgrade.
    During the game hide your TNTs, use them against skybases or in skybase.

    Overall comment :
    This is the best kit in very close combat, because of its explosive power.
    It's a nice kit to rush, with 2 Health potions.
    This kit is very bad if you want to defend your castle, but if your energy bar is already full, you can camp your wither and explode the next rusher, you will save a few wither HP.
    If you are doing a skybase the TNTs are very useful.
    You can blow up the enemies below you an even another skybase if you are a canon master.
    It's also efficient against skybases.

    Offensive capacity
    Low level : ***
    Max level : *****
    Defensive capacity
    Low level : ***
    Max level : ****

    Upgrades :
    -Circle of Healing :
    You can heal your nearby allies ( and yourself ) up to 6 hearts each.
    The range is about 3 blocks.
    This is very good if you rush alone or with an ally.
    Of course in a battle it's awesome.
    You can bring allies back to life ! If you are in Skype or Teamspeak with players in your team, tell them to wait before clicking the respawn button, you can heal them when they are dead. You just need to use the power where they died, the player can see you in his death screen.
    This ability is amazing. But this might be a bug.
    -Toughness :
    You have up to 20% chance to have resistance I on enemy hit.
    Resistance I reduces the damages by 20%, so in general you have 20% x 20% = 4% reduction damage at max level...
    It is pretty lame but if you have a lucky spree it can help.
    -Berserk :
    You can have up to 25% chance to have strength I and speed I during 3 seconds on player hit.
    So basically you can have strength during a whole fight.
    Concidering how much powerful is the strength effect in minecraft this ability is insanely good.
    And you can even escape the defenders when you rush with the speed.
    Upgrade this quickly.
    -Kit Upgrade :
    At max level you will have the basic stuff, a diamond chestplate protection II, a stone sword, 2 health potions and 2 speed potions.
    The diamond chestplate is of course incredibly good.
    With it and an iron set you will be 28,4% more resistant than a normal player in full iron gear. So it's like you had about 5,5 extra hearts ! And the protection enchant also reduces fall and fire damages by 15,6%.
    If you only have your diamond chestplate you have about 10 armor points ( it is like if you had a full set of iron except the leggings )
    You can rush all the game with this, and those 2 health potions will help you a lot.
    With a normal kit you have to start dringing your health potion when you are at about 10 hearts left when you are under multiple attacks and in full gear, but with this kit at max level you can wait until you only have 7,5 hearts left.
    -Gathering Talent :
    You have haste I during up to 9 seconds after mining an ore or cutting wood.
    At level 1 it is the best GT ability, but after it's not very useful.
    Haste I increases your mining speed by 20% ( actually it's a bit less in game strangely )
    But you don't need over 2-3 seconds of haste, so upgrade it at level 2 or 3 and after that it's a waste of coins.

    Overall comment :
    This is the best offensive kit, if you reach an enemy's wither you can deal a crazy amount of damage ( about 500 HP by yourself )
    It's also the best kit if you want to escape the enemy's base alive after hiting the wither.
    In a 1v1 battle it is again the best kit.
    It is a decent kit in defense and the healing power is very useful during the deathmatch.

    Offensive capacity
    Low level : ***
    Max level : *****
    Defensive capacity
    Low level : *
    Max level : ***

    Upgrades :
    -Wrath :
    You can deal up to 7 hearts of damage to your nearby enemies.
    The range is about 3 blocks ( maybe a bit more )
    You can unleash it when you are close to an enemy by right clicking while holding a sword.
    This is very good when you are attacked by multiple enemies.
    During the deathmatch try to wait until your enemy start to flee, because the wrath might finish him.
    It is important to hide this ability to your opponent because if he forgets it he will think he can flee with a few HP left.
    -Power :
    You can have up to 6 seconds of strength when you kill someone.
    It is basically like the berserk perk in the Walls 2. Very useful in many situations, not very long though.
    -Flurry :
    You can have up to 50% chance to have speed II during 1 second when you hit an enemy player.
    So you can be about 40% faster during 1 second.
    This is very useful if an enemy try to escape you or try to rush your wither.
    -Kit upgrade :
    At max level you have the basic stuff, a diamond sword with Unbreaking III, 1 health potion and 2 speed potions.
    The diamond sword in 16,7% more powerful than an iron sword, so it's very good if you want to rush.
    In PvP it's a big advantage. The unbreaking enchant isn't totally useless, because most of the time when you are running around with a normal diamond sword you are getting focused by a lot of players who want to loot your sword. The enchant informs them that than can't loot the sword.
    But then again most players won't know that and will try to kill you even more with the enchant.
    -Gathering Talent :
    You can increase your chance to find a chest up to 100%.
    That does not mean you will actually find chests 100% of the time.
    Very good to find food and TNT, try to keep them in a hidden place until the deathmatch.
    But when you try to find an enemy underground it can be annoying to find a chest while digging under you.
    Sometimes a few players are rushing the final kill at the same time and you won't have it because you found a few chests.

    Overall comment :
    This is the best kit when you are fighting multiple enemies.
    Very good for final kills.
    With only 1 health potion but a diamond sword it's a decent kit to rush.
    With a speed buff on hit you can defend your wither.
    With the GT ability you can find a lot of food, TNTs, bows and arrows.

    The Strategies

    I've played a lot of games now, and I've been through a few phases. There are lots of ways to win and I can't list them all here.

    The Walls basics and pros about teamwork and choices.

    In Walls 2, a good player can win without any teammate. It appears that it's a little bit harder in MegaWalls, but let's say that a good player can equals more than 20 average players.
    Being good in PvP is of course important, but strategy and teamworking are the keys.
    You can play this game alone, but I highly recommend to play it with your friends, you will enjoy this experience a lot.
    If you have a mic, use Skype or TeamSpeak ( actually TS is way better than Skype for online gaming ).
    You have to understand that your actions during the game can be important in each way, or can be useless.
    During the early Beta of the game, I remember playing a game against tons and tons of amazing PvPers in a team. They were so pround of themselves that nobody in their team defended and nobody attacked a Wither. They were just killing everyone in the field and they were the first to lose.
    The perfect team would be balanced, with good defenders and good rushers.
    I'm not expecting you to understand the game in a short amount of time, cause it took me hundreds of games to understand it completely.
    I'll now differenciate the parts of this game and explain them one by one.
    Just remember than you can change your "job" during the game, alternate between rushing, defending and killing people is important. Winning is great, but you are here because you want to have fun, if you just want to kill other players, then do so, even if it's not very useful.

    -Offensive strategies :

    If you want to play offensive at some part of the game, you don't have to do everyting listed here, but if you do, try to do it properly.

    Pregame :
    You can rush the wheat if you want, food can be very useful in late game.
    The first thing to do is to take a bit of wood, enough to make a crafting table and sticks.
    Then go down in the mines and mine, you want to rush or fight and die trying, so you need a lot of iron to make a few sets. If you are not VIP, find 1 coal 3 iron ores and 8 cobble blocks and make an iron pickaxe asap.
    If you want to help a bit on the defenses, stop mining at 5 minutes, if not, just mine until the last 3 minutes.
    At the surface start smelting your iron and make an axe, them cut wood, you'll need blocks.
    Be careful where you places your furnaces, don't put them in the locations of the future barricades.
    Then craft a chest and hide it, and I mean really hide it.
    Community chests are cool, but you'll prefer your chest, trust me.
    You don't need to do something fancy, just find a few nice spots in the map and each game you'll hide the chest at the location where the least players are.
    So if you only want to attack, just kill people and rush, that's it. Make a ton of iron stuff, and put your food and extra blocks in a hidden chest.

    Rushing the withers :
    This is obviously the first step to win the game.
    It's important to rush asap, don't give more time to the teams to build defenses. If they hear the "ding ding ding" of the wither after 20 seconds in games, they will panic.
    Just rush the team on the right or on the left as soon as the game starts.
    On Forsaken :
    You can build a very simple bridge in a corner, few blocks in the air to link the 2 bases, that way you'll enter the enemy team in no time.
    The first rush, you can bring an iron axe and cut a hole in the barricades, most of the time they will panic way to much to find the hole, or to block it.
    You can rush via the subway, it's a little bit slower but the underground defenses are not oftenly done during the pregame.
    On Dragonkeep :
    If you are rushing on the right, there is a tunnel to the ennemy base at ground level, it's not blocked 50% of the time, and when it's blocked it's always poorly done. Then I would recommend to rush from the right gate of the wither's room, the stairs are protected blocks.
    You can climb on top of your base, there are staircases and ladders, then you just have to use the borders of the map and jump into the enemy base, then there are direct staircases to the wither. Be careful, you might end up into the void.
    Hotbar :
    You need a sword ( iron ), a pickaxe ( also iron ), potions if you have some, blocks ( very important ), food and sometimes an axe.
    Try to be in full armor. During the first rushes, the idea is to die while damaging the wither. So don't bring diamond stuff if you have some, you'll lose it.
    How to attack the wither :
    Always jump to make critical hits. If there are defenders, try to jump through the wither, they will be confused and will lose you for a short amount of time. You can do hit and block as much as you want, some wither attacks are reduced by blocking, and you'll stay alive longer. Just remember to stay close to the wither, if the defenders put you in a corner, it'll be hard to hit the wither again.
    If you know that someone else is rushing the same wither, try to synchronise your rush because the defenders will have to hit several players, not only one.
    Don't think that you always have to rush the wither with the more health, do them in order. If you started to attack a team, try to eliminate it as soon as you can, because sometime they will try to take revenge on your own wither. It's also way better to make final kills if you eliminate the withers one at a time. Also the way you earn coins with withers is exponential, so if you inflict 300 damages to 3 withers you'll earn a few coins, but if you inflict 900 damages to only one wither you'll be suffocating under mountains of gold.
    Classes :
    Skelly is the worst to rush, only 1 HP potion, you have to craft yourself your iron armor and you have nothing increasing your melee damages/reducing the damages you take.
    Herobrine is a bit better, you can have swords and if you manage to kill a defender ( some are no stuff ) you can have a strength buff for a few seconds.
    Creeper is fine, you have 2 HP potions, and a piece of armor ( diamond pants at max ) You can also make holes in barricades with your ability.
    Enderman is again better, still 2 HP potions, a piece of armor and feather falling, which is very useful against the knockback ability of the withers.
    Zombert is the best kit to rush, 2 HP potions, Chestpiece ( Diamond prot 2 at max ), probability to have resistance I, strength I and speed I on hits...and the circle of healing !
    Extras :
    If a team is way to pro, you can still rush them by digging under the base, it'll be long, but it works most of the time, just make the way out soon after entering the enemy base, if they use the compass they will find you if you go too far. Use headphones, if they dig to you, you'll hear them.

    Rushing the diamonds :
    Having diamond swords is useful if you want to defend, or to make final kills.
    You can also make armor but it's of course useless, except if you are in full diamond gear with protection 2 on the chestpiece, but obviously it's very rare. But when you have diamond stuff, you don't want to lose it, so you play too concervative.
    I would recomend to rush the diamonds if you have speed potions and if you are using the skelly classe. You can duplicate diamonds if you have the skelly classe.
    On Forsaken, bring blocks, you'll need them to access the diamonds. When you break a diamond ore, stay under it, it might seems stupid, but sometimes you can have a lot of diamonds without breaking any, only because players don't stay long enough under the diamond ores. When you see a diamond dropping, jump, you'll have it.
    On Dragonkeep, just don't rush the diamonds...there are only 8 ores.
    You can have the 4 underground but you will die sometimes, or fall into the pit.
    And the 4 others are in the sky, if you pillar to them, arrows will make you fall. You can be very lucky or very unlucky. Sometimes the game ends and some diamonds ores are still in the sky.

    Killing and looting :

    Spawn killing :
    It is forbidden to my knowledge, even if it is not written in the lobby.

    -Defensive strategies

    Pregame :
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    This looks very promising! Can't wait until its out. :) - Nov25

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  4. Ok, so I started adding a few paraphaphs, about 10% of the guide is done here.
    But I might do some grammar/syntax/typing errors and it would be sweet to PERSONAL MESSAGE me my mistakes :)

    Please don't comment here yet :)

    This message will Self-Destruct in 24 hours :p
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    Also, the Walls 3 is still in beta, which means you shouldn't have posted this.
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  8. When the game will be released, NON-VIP will be able to join, so the games will fill up very quickly.

    I won't add pictures and kit informations until the release. And since there is a thread made by hypixel in the suggestion section...
    Also YouTubers can already make videos out of the Beta game.
    The only reason I don't post pictures is because my computer is broke and I'm currently on the worst laptop ever, so I want screenys with a good render distance. Also the kits might change a bit.
    So yolo

    And sorry ( ? ) You where writing a guide ?


    And since nobody seems to care about what I say I guess you guys are free to comment.
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    Semi-recent "status" of mine reads: Working on my 1000th post and a Walls 3 guide!.

    Also, beta testing means that bugs are being fixed, kits are being added and changed, and that things in general are being changed.
    Guides should only be posted when Games are fully released.
  10. It would probably be useful to put a tad bit of information about each class on there :D
  11. there can be multiple guides, refisio!
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  12. Where do I know you from eh? :3
  13. As you can see I'm adding stuff to the guide few times each day.
    The game is still changing so I have to re-think a few things.
    Refresh the page sometimes and you will see some changes ;)

    I would say that the guide is 20-25% complete as it is now.
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    Question, What are the VIP+ secret achievements?
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    Great guide! It's could be helpful for new members to Mega Walls!
  16. Those achievements are not secret, it's just that you need to buy all the upgrades of each kit and only VIP+ can.
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  18. It was very helpful, I would have never know about the energy bar, and thanks for implementing the class information :D
  19. The kits are almost done, I'm going to start writing the most important part of the guide :)
    If you have questions/correction/improvement don't forget to PM me.
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