1. What do you mean by "building it" ?

    EDIT : Nevermind, I find a way to build it ^^
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  2. Anyone know how to make commands? (Example: /autotip from the autotip mod or something)
  3. Nivyox

    Nivyox <p>roast-, meme- and daberator \o> dab</p>


    Then something like forge command, there is a small tutorial
  4. Wow that's just... wow
  5. Name Change H

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    THANK YOU. I was hoping to make some big pixel specific mods :)
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  6. Hey @Nivyox
    Tof dat je dit hebt uitgelegd, ben zeer geïnteresseerd in coding en heb daarom een vraag. Wat voor videos kijk je dan en heb je enkele tips voor beginners.
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  7. Nivyox

    Nivyox <p>roast-, meme- and daberator \o> dab</p>

    Ik zou nu videos van thenewboston aanraden, zijm hele goede tutorials en is goed uitgelegd!
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  8. >:D
  9. Well just started coding and...

    I understood pretty much nothing, lmao.
  10. I know this thread is a bit old but, I wanted to code a mod however when I enter in the folder where I extracted the files it dosen't pop up with all the stuff here's a clip of what it's doing (sorry for bad quality it and short time it was to keep the file size down)
  11. Hey, I finally just got into this. I was at the part where you unpack forge in cmd and it says that the BUILD FAILED.
    I read through the whole thread and found the last sentence saying 'I'm working on fixing the build error'.

    So I wonder if this is the exact error you are talking about and whether you have come across a fix for this?

    Here's a pic of what it looks like:


    Thanks in advance :)
  12. Do that command in a text file in the same folder you want your eclipse
    write the text you wanted to put in cmd
    now save that text file as a .bat file
  13. DabIsNotAllowed

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    Can I use eclipse oxygen to code? Must it use eclipse mars? What's the different?
  14. That's absolutely awesome! Thanks so much for that.

    Any Java IDE can be used, though.
  15. It seems you have typed the wrong command. Make sure you're typing gradlew setupDevWorkspace eclipse

    That's completely unnecessary lol
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  16. Dankjewel <3
  17. Hello! I've recently come up with an idea for a mod. I've learned a majority of python and I'm looking into Java. I'm on a mac, and that command doesnt seem to work, an ideas? I've watched a few tutorials, none helped.
  18. Try running the command with --stacktrace so that you get the error stacktraces. I had a problem when my java path wasn't correct and my JVM wasn't updated
  19. Hey I cant find the Eclipse Java and DSL tool can you help me @Nivyox
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  20. When I go to right click to open Command Prompt it doesn't open at all.

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