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  1. [Author's Note]
    Since there has been newly sparked interest in how to make sure that your AFK pools and farms work properly, I have decided to take the liberty of creating my guide on how to get 12hr + AFK times. Usually, 12 hours is the most that you'll be online, and as such, this AFK pool design will make it possible, barring any server resets or any connection issues on your end.
    TL;DR at the bottom!

    Though a lot of this is speculation, through personal testing and other confirmations from co-op members and guild members, the methods I will soon list are working. This is all completely legal and breaks 0 rules. Also, MY AFK POOL DESIGN WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY TYPE OF DEPTH STRIDER. DO NOT WEAR IT. It also can harm your own designs, but this is crucial in its success.

    [How to build an AFK Pool]
    Though there is a plethora of AFK pool design, my design utilizes, most uniquely, half slabs and a wall. This design makes your character automatically jump (will show examples later) and is similar to how a fencepost will also make your character jump whenever pushed over it by a pool of water. The difference being that the fencepost does not seem to count as a player moment.
    Skyblock AFK Pool 1.png
    The two arrows, Red and Blue, show the two most basic and most crucial part of this AFK pool. The Blue Arrow points at the wooden pressure plate which will help down the line. For now, it serves to make the AFK pool actually push in a circular manner.
    The Red arrow is THE most important part of the AFK pool, and in fact, you could make do with just this part. The slabs paired with the wall create the aforementioned motion which makes you jump! This point is unmeasurably important.

    [How to improve an AFK Pool]

    There is a lot of discussion and speculation about what other methods can help you make your AFK pool foolproof. I have chosen three of these "bits and bobs."
    • The first of which is the pressure plate. It is believed that it makes the game recognize that you have adjusted a block on your island.
    • The second one of these is very similar to the pressure plate, it is the tripwire hook. Its purpose is the same as the pressure plate, and thus, I will not discuss it very much.
    • The final one that I choose to use is the teleport pads. I place them right next to each other with only one teleporting to the other and this is also speculated to remind the game that I've taken an action.
    Skyblock AFK Pool 2.png
    As you can see in this screenshot, the green arrow points toward the tripwire hooks which have a string connecting them. The orange arrow points toward the teleport pads (of which one is slightly obstructed from view behind the slab). Lastly, the black arrow points towards my lack of boots, to remind that Depth Strider makes this pool not work!

    [Other Pro Tips]
    If you are not aware of these non-Minecraft related ways to AFK more efficiently, I might as well include it here.
    • Lower your frame rate to 10-30 FPS to let your PC run for longer.
    • Change your power plan on your PC (if possible) and make it so that it never sleeps and it only turns off the monitor.

    [End Note]
    I hope this guide will help you guys out a lot! I've done over 12 hours on this pool with 0 issues. I relog in the morning and when I return home, and so far, I have had no issues. If you enjoyed this guide, feel free to give me your AOTD and/or AOTJ :). Or if you see me online just shoot me a friend request <3.

    If you are a big rush big boy, here's your TL;DR. Build an AFK pool like this one AND DO NOT WEAR DEPTH STRIDER:
    Skyblock AFK Pool 2.png
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  2. Wow thanks!
    I’m always getting kicked lol.
  3. what mod do you use to make the screenshots like that
    the delete or save buttons
  4. Very nice guide, now I can AFK without getting kicked in the first 10 minutes xD
  5. I actually forgot which one of my mods it is, but I'm sure a quick Google search can find you similar ones.
  6. I use the basic AFK pool design you can find online, with depth strider III, and I have had no issues. Gone AFK ~10 hours without being kicked.
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  7. I'm pretty sure it's Vanilla Enhancements by Orange Marshall. It's one of my favorite mods, along side Chat Triggers, and of course OptiFine.
  8. Me too, but I also have a teleport pad from my spawn point to the pool. I'm actually not sure why I did it at first, but it works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. ChrOmE rEmOrT DeSkt OP

    (with /setspawn)

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