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  1. Hey guys! I'm xSinclare and it's been awhile since i made a good thread, so I decided to introduce you on how to post a crash report! A crash report is a file that is generated when an issue goes on with Minecraft. This report contains everything you would need to know about what happened, your system, etc. It's very important you take a look at this or post it online when troubleshooting or getting some help from others. So I'm going to start out this guide with how the crash report looks in the launcher then go into where to find the crash log and then how to get it online using a site called Pastebin.com, So let's get started!

    PART 1: What Does a Crash Report Look Like?

    When you get that initial crash you find the crash report in your launcher looking like this:

    Now this crash I did on purpose by holding F3+C for 10 seconds, I only did it for demonstration purposes to create this crash report. Now you know how the crash log looks in the launcher; then it's time to find the file in your .minecraft folder.

    PART 2: Where is the Crash Report?

    The place where to find your crash reports isn't to difficult to find. All things related to your minecraft is located in your .minecraft folder.

    On PC, your crash reports folder is located in the .minecraft folder off AppData. The AppData folder is hidden by default on PC, but you can also search up the folder and access it directly and access it directly by pressing Ctrl+R to open Run and then type in %appdata%. It'll open up the File Explorer and taking you directly to /AppData/Roaming folder where the .minecraft folder is located.
    Open up the .minecraft folder and go to crash-reports.
    Then select your most recent crash report or the one you want to send in:
    In this case I only have one and that's the crash report I purposely made for this thread. In some cases you may have more, so just choose the most recent one. Now open the crash report using a text editor like NotePad (I'm using NotePad++):
    When in the file press CTRL+A to select everything and then copy so you can then get it ready to post it online.

    *TIP: To easily get to your .minecraft folder, simply favorite the folder in your File Explorer by right clicking Favorites and add current folder in Windows 8 or in Windows 10 right click Quick Access and click "Pin current folder to Quick access"

    PART 3: Where Can I Post the Crash Report?

    This is the last part and I'm going to show you where to post the crash report. For this guide I will be using Pastebin.com to post the report. You don't need an account and you can even change things such as the title of the past and even edit privacy settings so it can be unlisted or public!

    First go to http://pastebin.com. On the task bar you're going to click the first tab which is to create a new paste:
    Then make sure to go back to the file and press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C. Come back over to the new paste in your web browser and click inside the text box. Press CTRL+V to paste all the contents of the crash report and then edit any of the settings below. Once you're ready click "Create New Paste":
    Once you click the button it will create a link where you can access the paste. Simply copy the link from the address bar (should look like pastebin.com/9dQvTti2) and paste that link into the post you are creating when someone asks for your crash report. I highly recommend you use Pastebin when make large pastes such as a crash report.

    I hope this thread helped those who may be wondering about crash reports and may need them when having issues with your Minecraft. If you think this was helpful please vote above. If you have any further questions, comments or anything I should add leave them below! As always have a great day!​
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  2. Great guide! *Bookmarked* Btw Windows users can paste "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\crash-reports" to access the crash folder too.
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