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    What is Translation?

    As part of translating Hypixel, we've created a way for any player to help us translate in-game text into any language. With your help, we hope to support even more languages and make Hypixel a better experience for the non-English speaking players in our community.

    If you would like to help us translate new areas of the network or improve an existing translation that you don't think is quite right, please read the guide below on how to sign up.

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    How do I join the translation team?

    We are currently looking for help translating English into the following languages:
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Norwegian
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Turkish
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Swedish
    • Polish
    • Danish
    More Languages will be supported at a later date as we expand the project.

    So if you are bilingual in English and one of the above languages follow the steps below to help translate Hypixel.

    How to get started:
    1. Register (or sign in) at
    2. Fill in your Profile (include your Minecraft username if you like)
    3. Find your language on the Project Page
    4. Click your language you would like to help with.
    5. Then click Join next to the "You must join the translator team to be able to participate in this project." Message.
    6. A team member will review your application and accept you.
    7. Once accepted, Check your language's Discussions tab for hints/issues
    8. Introduce yourself and say hello to the team.
    9. Please see our guide on the Do's and Don'ts when translating
    10. Go back to the Files tab and hit the Translate or Vote button!
    Due to the overwhelming amount of applications we have had for the team we be expanding new translators in small batches and may not be able to accept everyone. You will receive an email once you have been accepted to the team.

    Next Section: Do's and Don'ts when translating
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    Do's and Don'ts when translating?

    • Be Consistent: It's very easy with Crowdin to check how words have been used before. Just have another translation tab open and use the search feature (the magnifying glass at the top of the "Texts to translate" list) to search for the English word you want to check.
    • Context: In case you are lacking information to give an appropriate translation, use these:
      • Singular over Plural
      • Masculine over Feminine
      • General over Specific
      • Most probable outcome
    • Use Comments: The Crowdin translation interface has a Comment section at the side. Often other language teams will have already put useful advice or suggestions there. Read them.
    • No translation can be better than a bad translation: If you're not sure about a translation, either take the time to find the best solution or just leave it to someone else.
    • Avoid accents on capital letters: They do not look good in Minecraft font.
    • Reorder words: Do not forget to arrange the order of the words if it is grammatically correct in your language
    • Localization: If a word or sentence does not translate well feel free to apply a suitable non-direct translation, Another option is if an English word is commonly known/used in your language feel free to keep that word English.
    • Voting: If everything has already been translated in a certain language, vote! There is always the option to vote for strings. The more votes something gets the more likely it'll be approved quicker.
    • Machine Translation: Computer translation has come a long way, but it won't give you a quality translation and for many languages, it will give you complete rubbish.
    • Spaces: Do not add a space before punctuation even if that is correct in your language.
    • Variables: Are easily identified by the follow format: %%text%% You should never translate a variable and Crowdin does a great job highlighting them green but is not perfect. Strings should include all variables included in original string and make sure you don’t add spaces where they do not belong!
    • Multi-Line Translations: Some translations can span over several lines make sure you don't remove these lines when translating.
    • Words & Titles to not translate: (see mini game specific for examples)
      • Game Names: Hypixel, Skywars, Arcade Lobby, Football.
      • Currencies: Coins, Souls etc.
      • Level Display : Experience, EXP.
      • Stats: Leaderboard, Kills, Deaths, Wins.
      • Kit or Perks Names
    • Mini Game Specific: These are word and title examples of what to not translate in each minigame, We may have missed some items but this list should give you a good idea of things you may come across if you don't actively play these modes yourself.
    • SkyWars
    • Souls
    • Soul Well
    • Kit
    • Any Kit or Perk Names
    • Double Fortune
    • Angel of Death
    • Normal Mode
    • Insane Mode
    • Team Mode
    • Mega Mode
    • Ranked Mode

    Next Section: [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
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    Frequently Asked Questions?

    I can't find my Language!

    We currently are actively translating some of the most common client languages used on Hypixel. We do plan to support more languages based on demand at a later date. Please do not make requests for your language.

    Will you support right to left languages such as Hebrew.
    At the moment our translation system is only able to support additional left to right languages, so for now, it's not possible to support any RTL languages. Once we have a good few LTR languages up and running - then we can start to look more into RTL.

    My favorite mini game is not supported!
    We will be trying to support as many games as possible depending on demand. This does take time so please be patient.

    Why are some things still in English on a supported game or lobby.
    Not all system have been adapted to have multilingual support, We hope over time to update these as demand sees fit.

    How do I report mistakes or errors for active translations?

    You can report by using the discussion section on the project or searching for the string and reporting it directly.

    A bad translation is stuck with lots of votes
    It can happen. You can also get different translations of the same word winning different votes. These situations can only be solved by a
    proofreader. We currently have active proofreaders from the admin and staff teams, in the future we may include active contributors to this list at a later date.

    I have not been accepted into the translation team and it has been ages?

    Due to the number of applications we have received, we are working to accept as many people as we can. We appreciate your patience!
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