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    Lapis Armor is a really good set of early game armor in Skyblock as it could double your experience drops while provide you Health advantages! This is a guide I wrote on how to get them.

    First of all, you will want to level up your mining skill. You will need Mining V in order to access the Deep Caverns, where you will find the Lapis Zombies.

    Then, you also want to make sure that you know where to get to the Deep Caverns. It is located at the end of the Gold Mines. (-7 68 -393)

    After that, you need to travel to the Deep Caverns. You have to keep going left until you see a place like this.
    This is where you will access the first layer, the Lapis Quarry. It is located at around (-26 154 6)

    Next, you have to find a Lapis Zombie. It will have 200 health and look like this. You have to start killing them in order to get Lapis Armor! An undead sword (bought from the Weaponsmith) is recommended to kill them but higher tier items such as the Revenant Falchion and the Reaper Falchion also work!

    Died? Don't worry! You can get back to the Lapis Quarry at the Lift Operator. You just have to walk right to get there. He is located at (44 150 15).
    You just have to click the "Lapis Quarry" icon in order to get teleported back into the Lapis Quarry and continue your grinding!

    After a long grind, you should eventually receive your first Lapis piece!
    It should look like this

    After that, you should keep on farming the entire set!

    I'm tired of grinding it, can I get it faster? Yes, of course you can! In order to get a maximize your chance at getting an armor piece, you should consider adding the Luck enchant on your sword. It increases your chance at finding armor by up to 25% if you get it from the enchantment table. It will definitely help you by a lot at getting your Lapis Armor.
    If you are lucky enough to attend a winter festival, you may get some presents. There is a small chance at getting a Luck VI (6) book! It increases your chance at finding armor even higher, up to a whopping 30%!

    You should also consider getting a Magic Find potion from the Fear Monger. He is located at (35 71 -45) during Spooky Events and you can buy a Magic Find potion from him for 10 Green Candy. You should also use an enchanted glowstone block or enchanted redstone lamp in order to maximize the effect of it!

    You can also buy a Slayer Energy Drink from Shifty at (114 73 172) and brew them into Critical Potions in order to get an extra 10% chance to get Lapis Armor!

    Finally, you should consider getting Superior Dragon Armor as it increases all of your stats by 5%. It will give you an extra 85%x5%=4.25% chance at getting the Armor!

    You can improve the set by Enchanting and Reforging it, but this is another topic to be said in another guide.

    I hope this guide helped you in acquiring your first Lapis Set! Hope this helped and feel free to drop a positive rating down below! :D

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  2. Yes thank you very much i needed this so much.
    does perfect tier x work for farming the lapis zombies?
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    Congratulations on earning your first accessory!.... .....Wait what do you mean it's armor.
  4. anime12345_xdpvpyt

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    Yes! Since Lapis Zombies deal a significant amount of damage, having a tank-based set will definitely help!
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  6. xxxPANDAxx

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    can i craft the lapis armor
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  7. anime12345_xdpvpyt

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    Nope! They are a rare drop from Lapis Zombies. For where they spawn, you can read my guide again.
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  8. Thanks, very useful :D
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  9. Great guide but lapis armour sint worth it’s grind u prob Better. Of farmin wheat for coins to get a lapis set
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  10. Your next guide should be for the transition to mid-game by getting superior dragon armor
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  11. xxxPANDAxx

    xxxPANDAxx Member

    use luck 5
  12. anime12345_xdpvpyt

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    Thanks :D I forgot to include that enchantment!
  13. i am
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  14. please tell me you're joking
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  15. anime is a man who would never even think of making a joke
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  16. Very well put together.

    Personally I usually go for mushroom or ender as my first set, but I suppose lapis can be good aswell.
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  17. Thanks for this guide! It won't help me a lot since I already have the Lapis set, but it may can help other players. :)
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  18. Hey! I realized something! @anime12345_xdpvpyt you didn’t include magic find 4 with critical potions with the +10 magic find. I believe that’s is crucial to getting lapis armour as fast as possible
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  19. anime12345_xdpvpyt

    anime12345_xdpvpyt Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, will change!
  20. Using superior armor buffs that chance to 89% so that’s even more helpful
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