1. Guide: How to get better at UHC Duels

    UHC Duels can sometimes be a tough game to play. Over my year of playing it both in the Prototype Lobby and also as a game, I have racked up many tactics, strategies and tips for you to improve your PvP.

    You might have heard of some of these tips and tricks elsewhere but this thread is completely composed by me and everything I've found useful :)

    Note: These skills can be used in gamemodes out of UHC Duels as well! ^^

    Let's begin.

    1. Pre-Gappling is not 'bad'
    I've seen many people say that eating a golden apple before fighting is bad. On one hand, people might not know how to use it as an advantage but on the other, if used properly, it might help you win the game.

    The theory behind this is suppose you and your opponent trade hits until you're forced to use a head. You'll have 2 hearts to your advantage before you need to head and therefore, save time on using heads. As long as your opponent doesn't run, you might actually out-head them and win the match with a few hearts to spare. Though this is unlikely, I've found that pre-gappling hasn't really negatively affected my games on the whole.

    2. Be aggressive - but not too much

    I've fought several players and have played over 5,000 matches but one thing I've learnt is you need to be aggressive. Take this common scenario:

    You have 2 heads. Your opponent has 3. You have 3 hearts and your opponent has 2 - they are very low and running away. What do you do? The best call for action in this situation is to chase them down and force them to eat a head. If pulled off correctly, both of you will have 2 heads. After that, you can use a water bucket and run, quickly, to gapple. You're now even on heads.

    3. Using your buckets
    Whether it'd be lava or water, using your buckets properly is game-changing. Placing your lava buckets is less important than getting hits on your opponent. If you misplace a lava bucket and your opponent is close, forget it - just attack your enemy.

    Using water buckets is also important as it allows you to make a slick getaway to heal or bow. When you place a water bucket, the best way to get it back is to place it, leave it for a split second and take it back. By doing this, you force your opponent into water from a source that doesn't exist anymore and get your water back.

    4. Knockback and jump-hitting
    Usually, your opponent would take 0.5 - block(s) of knockback with a regular hit. If your opponent is jumping, they take somewhere closer to 2 blocks but did you know that you can force someone to take as much as 3 blocks of knockback when they are not jumping?

    All you need to do is in the first half of your jump (when moving upwards), hit your opponent. This is not a crit. They'll take a lot of knockback and can make an easy getaway so try avoiding this unless you're doing Sumo.

    Another way this knockback can be used is when healing, jump as your opponent comes at you. You'll take a lot more knockback and will restrict yourself from being combo'd instantly.

    5. All about rods
    Rodding is often overlooked as something difficult to execute and hard to aim using. Though this might be true in some cases, it generally is easy and practice helps a lot.

    While rodding, I've found that the best amount of rods to get on a person before a combo is 2. It's that sweet spot that allows me to get clean combos - 2.

    When you rod, quickly switch to your sword and back to prevent your rod from losing durability. This has helped a lot in practically all PvP gamemodes with a rod and also improves my ability to hotkey to my rod and back.

    Try rodding from a distance of 4-6 blocks. 3 blocks is the point you can start hitting your opponent but your first hit is usually never 3 blocks. When you rod, it registers and your opponent takes slight knockback. This allows you to get better first hits on your opponent. Rodding from more than 6 blocks is almost always useless when trying to combo.

    When running away, rod back at your opponent a few times and quickly make an escape. This will slow them down and give you time to recollect your thoughts and heal.

    When mid-combo, try to fit in a few rods. By doing this, you get extra hits on your opponent that you wouldn't have without the rod and it makes your combo look *clean* x)

    6. Your Strafes and Movement
    Strafing and movement is important to getting good combos and hits on your opponent. What I've found most effective is W-Tapping and circle strafing.

    W-Tapping is when you momentarily hold W and let go of it while holding another movement key, A or D. This allows your knockback to reset and lets your opponent take more knockback.
    This also keeps that 2.0-3.0 block distance between you and your opponent which makes it incredibly hard for them to hit you back and counter your combo.

    Circle strafing is all about holding your W and either A or D. This gives cleaner combos that look (in my opinion) better than your W-tap combos and also, if used in combination with a jitter-click, is overpowered.

    S-Tapping is another method of strafing that I use from time to time but I personally have not had good results with it for the sole reason that I find it too defensive. You back off after every 1-2 hits and it feels very defensive and slow to me. This is completely personal preference.

    In the thread, I haven't included tips about clicking and CPS because I don't think it is relevant to UHC Duels in particular. Click speed is controversial in nature.

    I have also left the topic high-ground because it is not that much of an advantage when it comes to Duels. I'll include low-ground in a more detailed video I make. For now, here's the link to an old thread I made about that ^^ https://hypixel.net/threads/hypixel-hit-registration-is-it-good.1502976/

    If there's anything I missed or left out or a tip that you'd like to share, please reply with it below ^^

    Hope this helped!

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  2. Good guide :D
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    Where the admin pins at? Also first page, HYPE!
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  4. I’m assuming you made this thread in hopes that it get pinned just like the OP duels one. This won’t get pinned. The reason Sultanik made the post originally was because he was #1 OP duels, so there’s a reason for him to post a strategy guide. You are not #1 UHC and your KDR in UHC 1v1s is 4 (I rounded up). This doesn’t really give you the credits to post a thread such as this because you couldn’t possibly offer anything to players that they haven’t heard before. This doesn’t even mention half the stuff that you would actually NEED to know to be a good UHC duels player (head useage, blocks, etc.). Nice try but this is not pin worthy lol
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  5. Good thread. I'd like to add what you didn't say about CPS and high ground vs low ground.

    For CPS, generally the faster you click, the less knockback you take. This does not seem to affect how much knockback your opponent takes, but it allows you to be further on your screen than on your opponent's (e.g on your screen they would be close to you, on their screen you would be far from them) this enhances the effect of w tap combos.

    Another tried and tested sumo duels technique is to rapidly tap your sprint key in a hit exchange. This seriously reduces KB depending on your ping. If your opponent keeps w tap combing you, try to do this when you get into the next hit exchange.

    I heard block hitting also does something similar, but it doesn't work well for me, and it is much more ping and situation dependant.

    In terms of high ground vs low ground, the general benefit of high ground is that you can knock your opponent down (hopefully to take fall damage) while you take little knockback due to you having blocks behind you. This does not apply at all in UHC as the slope is too gentle.

    The only application of high ground is if you know how to do a technique I use to place pillars of 1, 2, and 3 blocks in quick succession to jump 4 blocks into the air without slowing down, and the extra momentum allows you to start a combo easily. However, this is most useful in the bridge where neither fall damage (which is beneficial sometimes as it makes you invincible for a moment, but you can't predict in this case how much the fall damage will help) or the rod exists. Getting rodded mid air when doing this move is not super likely unless you are facing a good opponent, but it is far too risky as if your opponent hits the rod, you get comboed hard. Mostly I use this as a show-off move against bad opponents.

    Low ground, however, is very important. As your hit range extends from your head, but your hitbox extends to your feet, it is as if you have a slight range boost when you have a low ground. When I'm low and running, I often turn and do a mixed rod and sword combo right after I step down a block and my opponent is on the edge of that one block high ledge. If the distance is correct, and you continuously sword hit them / rod when you are out of range, you will hit them far more than they hit you, and you might get a flawless combo.

    Sometimes I place blocks between me and my opponent to force them to jump up and achieve the same effect. However these combos are shorter as my opponent can move off to the side and get off. Lesson: if your opponent is good, don't fight them when they have a low ground.
  6. Not trying to make it pin-worthy. Also working on a video to show head usage and blocks because explaining it would be tough without an actual graphic to demostrate.

    You've based your entire reply assuming I want a pin but I really don't want one :p
  7. Yes, I agree with all these points. I linked a thread about low-ground and how important it is - I'll be including it in the video. The reason all of these points aren't in the thread is because they're hard to explain to people who don't have a good understanding but you put these points out in a great way.

    Very well said! :)
  8. Say whatever you want man you obviously want to be pinned LOL everything about you screams forum try hard look at you signature and explain to me why you need the report, appeal, and bug report in there
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  9. If you want feel free to edit that into your thread so that it is more visible.
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  10. Adding on to my previous points, being #1 at UHC and having a great KDR isn't necessary to make a guide. What I feel is ~4KD and a good amount of wins is enough. According to you, only the #1 has 'reason to post a strategy guide'.
  11. Not going to pick a side on this, but consider the fact that maybe he actually wants to be helpful. Even if he does want a pin, well, it's not a bad guide, not wholly comprehensive but will help out beginners a lot. It is pin worthy IMO.
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  12. Anything wrong with liking the forums? The forums isn't all about getting pinned and also, it doesn't matter what my signature is. Irrelevant to the thread.
  13. I'd rather include it in a video which I'll include when I edit the thread xd

    Should be out in a couple days if all goes well.
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  14. Thank you ^^
  15. Thanks!! I'm trash at uhc and this should help a lot! :D
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  16. x) I bet you're not trashhh
  17. I have like 2 wins (I don't play uhc duels that often but still)
  18. This is not gonna make anyone better.
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    I didn’t know the trick about hitting your opponent in the first half of your jump giving more kb
  20. No, my point is you have no reason to post a guide because you’re not an above average player. You can’t offer anything that most people already know.

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