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    I decided to make this for people who need help or just looking for information.

    What is The Classic Games and How do I join it?
    The Classic games is a place where it has Old games. You can earn Classic tokens while playing Classic games!

    To join the Classic games Click the compass in your hotbar (Aka Game menu) and Click the Jukebox (Aka Classic games) to join the classic games lobby!

    The Classic lobby

    This is the lobby for Classic games. It has 6 games in total, VampireZ, Quakcraft, Paintball Warfare, Arena brawl, The Walls and Turbo Kart Racers.

    While playing Classic games you can earn Classic tokens every 2-3 Minutes! By using Classic tokens, Go to the middle near all the Game NPC's You see someone called "The Rewardsman"
    You need 10 Tokens to use The Rewardsman! You can get rewards for The classic games or Experience. Next to the Rewardsman You will see the "Shopkeeper" Click him and you can buy Perks and other stuff for Classic games!

    You can also buy stuff on your hotbar!
    The emerald (Aka Shop) is a place where you can buy perks and stuff just like The Shopkeeper But faster! Once clicking the Shop a menu will open!
    The shop is here! You might be confused if your new to the server or classic games So I'll help you!
    Wither Skeleton head: VampireZ Store.
    Firework: Quakecraft Store.
    Snowball: Paintball Warfare Store.
    Blaze Powder: Arena Brawl Store.
    Sand: The Walls Store.
    Minecart: Turbo Kart Racers Store.

    If you want to learn more about the store, Go and learn about the games!

    Ready to learn about the classic games? Lets go!

    The basic guide to VampireZ:
    VampireZ has two teams, Vampires and Survivors.

    Vampires job is to Kill all Survivors and win.

    Survivors job is to survive for 12 minutes and 50 seconds. If a survivor gets killed by a zombie or vampire (or fall damage) They will become a Vampire!

    The start of each game out 2 people are chosen to be a vampire! 2 Vampires and 22 (depends on the map) survivors!

    The Shop:
    2017-09-06_16.27.54.png Once clicking the Wither Skeleton head (aka VampireZ store) it will sent you to the VampireZ store.
    The Ghast tear is the Vampire shop and The wooden sword is the Survivor shop. Once clicking the Ghast tear (aka Vampire store) it will sent you to the Vampire store.
    All of the stuff You see in the middle are perks. Very helpful to kill Survivors!

    When you click the wooden sword (aka Survivors shop) it will sent you to the Survivors shop!
    All of the stuff you see in the middle are Survivor perks, Very helpful to survive!

    Once you join a game, There will be a board on the middle right of your screen.
    It tells you about what round you are in, The amount of gold you have, Vampire kills and Zombie kills and other stuff too.

    You can use gold to buy weapons, Armor, Food and other stuff to help you survive! Very helpful.

    Clicking the Gold nugget in your hotbar will sent you to the survivor store.
    The gold nuggest, Gold bars, Gold block and Diamond block is where you can use your VampireZ coins and transfer them to Gold so you can buy stuff. The emerald shows how much coins you have left!

    Other information coming soon

    The basic guide to Quakecraft:
    Quakecraft is a FFA (aka fight for all) mini game with guns.

    There is 2 modes, Solo mode Whoever reaches 25 kills first, Wins! And team mode Whoever team reaches 100 kills total Wins!

    The Shop:
    Once clicking the Firework (aka Quakecraft store) it will sent you to the Quakecraft store.
    It might look confusing so I will help you what each item is.
    Diamond hoe: Gun Menu.
    Chainmail Chestplate: Armor.
    Carrot on a stick: Dash Upgrades.
    Note block: Kill Sounds.
    Comparator: Settings.

    Some of them are cosmetics, Non-cosmetics or settings or Menus! I will explain what they do.

    Diamond hoe is a gun menu, I will explain more about it later.

    Armor is a cosmetic, You can choose how you look in game! but it won't effect your chance of dying or anything.

    Dash upgrades is a power up/perk, Left clicking with your gun in game will make you dash forward a few blocks! You can upgrade it to make you dash forward longer and have a shorter cooldown.

    Kill sounds is a cosmetic, You can choose how people sound when you kill them, Dragon roar, Blaze death etc.

    Once Clicking the Diamond hoe (aka Gun Menu) it will sent you to the Gun Menu.
    Again, You might be confused what you see here So I'll help you!
    Fire charge: Barrels.
    Iron hoe: Cases.
    Red dye: Lasers.
    Wood planks: Muzzles.
    Stone button: Triggers.
    Diamond hoe: Current Railgun.

    All of these are cosmetics except for Triggers which I will be explaining all right now.

    Barrels is a Cosmetic, You can change how you want someone to die, Like once killing someone a creeper firework will light up (This might be incorrect information!)

    Cases is a Cosmetic, You can change how you want your gun to look, Diamond hoe, Wooden hoe etc.

    Lasers is a Cosmetic, You can shoot different firework color particles, Red, Green etc

    Muzzles is a Cosmetic, You can choose particles effect to appear around your body (This might be incorrect information!)

    Triggers is a Non-cosmetic, You can buy Triggers to make your gun firing faster.

    Current Railgun is a cosmetic, You can build your own guns but you need a certain Barrels, Cases, Lasers, Muzzles, Triggers to make your own railgun, Once you have them, you can make a railgun, each one has its own special cool name!

    Once joining a game and it started, You will have your cosmetic armor and hat on if you Have any enabled.

    When you kill someone (and shoot) some of your cosmetics will be noticeable
    Since I'm using the Star barrel, Once killing people you can see a star firework where they died.

    Each game lasts 9 minutes and 50 seconds. Each map (Not sure if all) has 8 players total. Whoever hits 25 kills first Wins!

    More information for Quakecraft and team mode coming soon.

    The basic guide to Paintball Warfare:
    Paintball Warfare is a 2 team mini game, Each team has 100+ lives. Who ever team dies 100 times total Loses!

    You use perks to try to kill many players as you can!

    The Shop:
    Clicking the Snowball (Aka Paintball Warfare store) it will sent you to the Paintball Warfare store.
    It might look confusing so I will help you what each item is.
    Leather helmet: Hats
    Diamond Chestplate: Perks
    Gold nugget: Killstreaks

    None of those are cosmetics!

    Hats are Non-cosmetics, There is hats that gives different perks like Speed 1, Speed 2 etc

    Perks are Non-cosmetics, Perks are useful when upgrade them! like More snowballs on kill etc

    Killstreaks are Non-cosmetics, Killstreaks are little power ups you can buy during in game, You need Killstreak coins for order to buy Upgrades!

    When the game still hasn't started yet, you can choose what color team you want to be in!
    This is what you look like in game and if you have a hat enable.
    Killing gets you Killstreak coins! Using Killstreak is very useful for killing and surviving!

    More possible information coming soon!

    The basic guide to Arena Brawl:
    Arena brawl is Ability fast pvp game.

    There is 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 modes! Try to kill your enemy team to win! Use your abilities that you have bought to win!

    The Shop:
    Clicking the Blaze Powder (Aka Arena Brawl store) it will sent you to the Arena Brawl store.
    It might look confusing so I will help you what each item is.
    Iron sword: Offensive Skills.
    Glowstone dust: Utility Skills.
    Lime dye: Support Skills.
    Orange dye: Ultimate Skills.
    Enchanted Diamond sword: Swords.
    Lapis: Runes.
    Damaged Iron chestplate: Combat Upgrades.
    Leather helmet: Arena Hats.

    Most of these are Non-cosmetics, Some are cosmetics.

    Offensive Skills are Non-cosmetics, Some (or all) skills let you throw Snowballs or other things by right clicking to damage your enemies!

    Utility Skills are Non-cosmetics, Some can help you escape and run away from enemies while others help you kill enemies!

    Support Skills are Non-cosmetics, They can heal you, Each one heals differently then others, Once you use it, it has a cooldown and Enemies can destroy your healing Tower by hitting it!

    Ultimate Skills are Non-cosmetics, They are strong and you can only use them for 1 time per game! Like 75% Damage reduced etc

    Swords are Cosmetics, They are complete cosmetic! you can earn them by doing ranked in 2v2 and you can also earn them by earning keys in-game!

    Runes are Non-cosmetics, You can buy and equip a skill when you are hitting your enemy for a chance to get a buff like Slowness on your enemy etc

    Combat Upgrades are Non-cosmetics, You can upgrade the amount of health you have each game, damage you do etc

    Arena Hats are Cosmetics, Arena Hats are complete cosmetic, You can earn them by opening mystic boxes with keys!

    (Might not show enough gameplay due forgetting to screenshot and games rarely start)
    Your enemy will be across the map. All you have to do is use your skills to win!

    Once killing your enemy, Burst of blood (Red dye) and rotten flesh and bones will happen. and you win!

    More information coming soon!

    The basic guide to The Walls:
    The Walls is a game with kits and perks

    You have 15 minutes to get materials like iron armor, weapons, food, Until the walls go down, PVP starts.

    Each team has 5 players.

    The Shop:
    Clicking the Sand (Aka The walls store) it will sent you to The Walls store.
    It might look confusing so I will help you what each item is.
    Wooden pickaxe: Basic Starters.
    Golden pickaxe: Advanced Starters.
    Diamond chestplate: Perks.
    Redstone dust (or Sugar): Colorblind Mode.
    Crafting table: Layout Editor.
    Stone button: Toggle Starters.

    Most of those are Game-Changing, Some are just basic settings/options.

    Basic Starters are Non-cosmetics, They give you items once you buy them in the store, it will stay there forever.

    Advanced Starters are Non-cosmetics, They are a better version of Basic Starters, It costs more but better. it will stay there forever.

    Perks are Non-cosmetics, Some perks different then others, Some are Kill perks, Killing enemies give you buffs for some time like Speed etc

    Colorblind are Non-cosmetics, (I do not know what this do, Please let me know)

    Layout Editor are Non-cosmetics, You can change items where you want them to be like putting my stone sword to 5th slot hotbar to 1st slot hotbar etc

    Toggle Starters are Non-cosmetics, You can disable Starters like I want to disable cobwebs etc

    When the game hasn't start, You get the option to join Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Sometimes the teams can be full!
    Once you buy some Starters (or a lot) you will receive your items once the game has started. Some are more useful then others.
    Behind me are the walls, You have 15 minutes to get ready and prepare. Once 15 minutes has gone by, The walls drop!

    More information coming soon.

    The basic guide to Turbo Kart Racers:
    Turbo Kart Racers is a mario karts based game.

    Race and try to get items to help you win!

    The Shop:
    Clicking the Minecart (Aka Turbo Kart Racers store) it will sent you to The Walls store.
    It might look confusing so I will help you what each item is.
    Diamond helmet: Helmet Selector.
    Diamond chestplate: Racing Suits.
    Minecart: Kart Customizer.
    Nether star: Particle Quality.
    Furnace: Junkyard.
    Gold ingot: Part Roller.
    Crafting table: Part Crafter.
    Jukebox: Music Selection.
    Noteblock: Horn Selector.
    Diamond: Kart Skin Selector.
    Pink dye: Particle Trail Selector.

    Some of those are Cosmetics, Some are just basic settings/options.

    Helmet Selector is a Cosmetic, You can choose how your helmet want to look In-game! Some cost more than others, Some are Ranks only.

    Racing Suits is a Cosmetic, You can choose how you want your suit to look like! Ranks only.

    Kart Customizer is Non-cosmetic, You can upgrade your kart with better parts! Earn them by doing fine in games or using the Part Roller!

    Particle Quality is a Setting, You can choose if you want to see more Particles or not!

    Junkyard is Non-cosmetic, You can Scrap useless parts that you don't use for coins!

    Part Roller is Non-cosmetic, You can use 2,500 coins to get a random part! Common or rare!

    Part Crafter is Non-cosmetic, You can use coins to create Useful parts for your kart! Making them stronger cost more coins!

    Music Selection is a Setting, You can turn of music/Voices!

    Horn Selector is a Cosmetic, Change how you want your horn to sound! some are Ranks only!

    Kart Skin Selector is a Cosmetic, You can choose how you want your kart to look like! Buy them by using Mystery dust!

    Trail Selector is a Cosmetic, You can choose how you want your Trail particle to look like! Ranks only!

    (Might not show enough gameplay due forgetting to screenshot and games rarely start, Laggy too)
    When the game hasn't started yet you can drive around in a little race track to learn how to drive! This how you look like once you join the game as well!

    While you're racing there will be Mystery items (I don't know what they're called exactly) Just like Mario karts!

    More information coming soon.

    I hope this guide help you! More possible information may come!
    - Grammar fixes and updated Quakecraft Basic guide!

    - Updated Paintball Warfare Basic guide!

    - Updated Arena Brawl Basic guide!

    - Grammar fixes and changes and updated The Walls Basic guide!

    - Updated Turbo Karts Racers Basic guide!
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