1. And what if they come back after they are banned? If they do /housing join <player> they can bypass the ban which sucks.
    at that point i change my housing rules and make my plot private.
  2. UltimaFlix

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  3. Is there an updated version? Since now you can give guest perms to build and there are world edit tools and pvp
  4. I guess I should update it now anyways. Will do!
  5. SAME It Keeps happing and is really ANNOYING
  6. What keeps happening?
  7. This isn't my original idea, but I've seen someone say it's a good idea to give guest perms to build (NOT PLACE WATER OR MUTE/KICK) And give RES NO privileges.

    So let's say your house hits 30+ players and you can't ban griefers? Demote them to RES. Therefore they can't build due to giving them no perms to build.

    Problem solved.
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  8. This is a great guide!
  9. This thread is probably dead by now, but I got grass grief recently and it's annoying. They basically use doubletall grass to build out of your housing plot to build stuff like swear words and certain... symbols... Anyways, you gotta get a mod to get rid of it.
  10. As a helper told me, you have to trust who you give resident and co-owner to. If you have tp enabled '/tp (username) you could stop the griefer in time.
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  11. Lmbo a mod just came, asked for co, I gave it because y'know, their mods, and boom they destroyed the Double Grass grief.
  12. -Sow-

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    Raid RAID
    Just give people you trust co owner. They can have all the perms minus pro tools. If you really need resident to build then keep an eye on them at all times but otherwise make no one else other than the co owners be able to build.
  13. I don't recommend you give CO fluid perms. Even if it's accidental, fluids can get outside the plot and you can't get rid of them.
  14. Bluemoon0508

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    dont give ppl perms ?
  15. That might not always be easy! Using this method, it's actually very safe to let people build in your plot.
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    Just so you know, I can't see these images:
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  17. will fix, ty.
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    i dislike building in groups because most of the time people build diff designs, themes oh and not everyone is the same ammount of good in building like one could be a noob the other could be a experienced builder
    [also im not sure if me posting on this thread counts as upping up old threads to the top page despite it being a pinned thread]
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    match up their skin to a skin you find in player listing then ban em
  20. uwulord420

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    i know why griefers grief now
    A. sometimes it can be relaxing or just nice to grief stuff for the griefer [not the people]
    B. its their build or the owner says its "grief time"
    C.they just want reactions
    D, it could be their relative altho most times its a fake exuse
    E. social experiment [like never really tho]
    F. revenge cause someone might of done somethin bad to em

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