1. NOTICE: I need to update the images in this guide because they were taken a long time ago. In the meantime, you can always pm me if something isn't clear. Replying to this thread doesn't always guarantee I'll see it. PMs are safer.

    This is a guide I made explaining the step-by-step most effective procedure for getting rid of griefers in your housing. As seen on TV!

    This guide is different than other housing protection guides, as it tells you what to do if you are caught in a situation where there is a live griefer in your housing, not just how to avoid it.

    1. Always be on watch. That's a general rule. Watch the sky, too, in case someone is planning a giant water grief. Extremely hard to deal with. Also, if you're the owner of a housing, let's say a free build, you wouldn't want to go AFK without giving your trusted Co-Owners permission to ban/kick. Always watch for griefers, and your housing will become thoroughly more enjoyable for everyone, except the griefer, of course.

    2. Turn off water placing in your house. Also a general rule. Make it so that only Co-Owners/you can place water, then give the people you do not fully trust Resident. Then they can't place water. Water griefs are seriously bad news, especially if the water gets outside your plot.


    If water does get outside your plot, refer to this post.

    3. Use the roles as intended! Give people that you don't fully trust but allow to build Resident. Co-Owner role is good for moderation, aka let them kick/mute. I wouldn't recommend letting them ban, but it's all up to you. You can customize each role's permissions inside of your menu.

    4. In the situation of finding a griefer, your first step is always to turn off Build Mode, which can be done from within the Menu. (It's the stone pickaxe!) Now nobody can build in your house until you turn it back on, even you. Make sure to turn Build Mode back on when you're finished dealing with the griefer.


    5. Banning that griefer. You suspect this might prove slightly difficult, as griefers tend to try flying away when the housing owner comes dashing at them violently holding a nether star. You needn't worry! Here are two fool-proof methods of banning/kicking griefers.

    You could use commands, which I think are a little faster. To ban,

    /h ban [name]

    To kick,

    /h kick [name]

    Of course, whether you decide to ban or to kick griefers is totally up to you, but I would recommend banning them, as they can just keep coming back after a kick.

    Another method you could use if you don't know the exact details of the griefer's name but know the general idea: Go into your player listing within the nether star menu,


    From there, you can see a list of all players in your housing. You can also click on their heads and edit their permissions, kick them, mute them, and ban them. Hurray!


    The paper is switching their rank. It cycles from guest to resident to co-owner and back to guest again. The wood door is kicking them. The iron door is banning them. The iron bars are muting them so they can't chat in your house. They can still communicate through signs, though.

    You'll still get this window popup if you just right click on them with a nether star (If you're the owner.) or ghast tear (If you're a housing co-owner. Note: It'll only show what the owner has given you permission to alter as a co-owner).


    That's all for now on Housing Griefer Safety Procedures. Minimize the damage done to your housing, and get the griefer banned/kicked without any hassle! Cheers!
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  2. rafk

    rafk Active Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    Great one, Kheers! If only people followed some simple "rules" like the ones you said, the number of griefed plots would reduce significantly! ^^
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Zinetsu

    Zinetsu New Member

    If your housing is a "free build" you're probably gonna experience griefers. But arent griefers apart of "free build" I feel like griefers are always suppose to be there even if it's major or minor.
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  5. Yeah, I guess you could get technical can say that griefing is 'allowed' in a free build, as it's building. However, I don't think it actually is, because you're messing around with someone else's build, and they didn't give you permission to do that, and even in a 'free build', that rule should be followed.

    Ultimately, it's up to the owner if they allow griefers, but I can safely tell you that most owners would like to ban all griefers ASAP
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  6. adebss

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    Or you could not give people perms to build.
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  7. Well there are free builds, or maybe you need help building something massive. Having extra help is great, and this system takes away a lot of the risk that comes with it. In fact, it's so easy this way that you might as well give everyone building permissions, like in a free build.
  8. Very well put together. When I build my houses, I usually give build perms to co-owners (the staffs of my house) and to residents at the start to help build the main frame of the house, then I eventually turn the build perms for the residents off so no griefs can happen. I don't know if others do this, but this seems to work for me quite well.
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  9. EmojiMovie

    EmojiMovie Active Member

    Don't give them perms. Simple enough
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  10. 75mph

    75mph Well-Known Member

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    In a free build, you always give a person build permissions.
    If someone /nick-ed is griefing, do you know how to ban them? Since, you can't teleport to them or do /h ban?
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  11. idk
  12. I haven't been griefed on my new house yet, but thanks for giving me a better chance of being prepared!
  13. aidn5

    aidn5 Active Member

    The Skys SKY
    I'm making mod for this (anti-griefers), but I just need some time to finish it :>
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  14. Huh i like it!
    Would u put ur mod in like ur server? You cant make a mod for hypixel they wont let u put it in
  15. One way you could is... ( IT WOULD TAKE A LONG TIME) in chat wen u put the first letter of a name you can press tab and like it brings up there name, if you match that to when you press tab in not-chat to see whos in your house you can match up all the names and then kick/ban the 1 person that isnt matched up :D just an idea.
  16. aidn5

    aidn5 Active Member

    The Skys SKY
    It works on forge :)
  17. wow.. I didn't even know about the build mode off button would be faster lol
  18. What if the griefer has a nickname? you cant go /h ban (Players nickname)
  19. AS U said before to StrengthMachine (This woulod take a while) Just do /h ban Then press tab
    keep doing that until you find a name that is not in your housing list and click enter and it should ban the griefer
  20. Ivax

    Ivax Well-Known Member

    Hypixel made /wdr and /chatreport usable with nicknames, but not with housing commands because it never gets updated. The best you can do is Social Mode -> /tp {nickname} -> right click asap -> ban.

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