1. Want to know more about guilds? You came in the right place! Here I will explain everything about guilds, what they do etc.​
    What are guilds?

    How do I join/own a guild?

    What is guild experience and how do you earn it?

    Soft cap

    Guild quests

    What are guild levels?

    Guild menu

    Extra information/features

    Guild ranks

    Guild MOTD (Message of the day)

    What are all the guild commands?

    Guild rewards

    What are guilds?
    Guilds are special groups of players, which can be created by players with a rank of VIP+, or above, or joined by anyone. Guilds can focus on certain or multiple games and can be used as a way of competing with the other guilds, meeting new people, both in small or big groups - the choice is yours.

    Good Guilds will also provide their players with some bonuses, starting on coin boosts and EXP boosts and finishing on cosmetic items, both on the server and even on the forums.

    To join a guild, you must receive an invitation from a person who is allowed to give you one, guilds often search for players in both lobbies, and on the forum page https://hypixel.net/forums/guilds.59/ or click HERE

    How do I join/own a guild?
    There is many ways you can join, You can look for some HERE or you can find people advertising their guilds in chat. Once you found the right one you can either be invited by the owner/officer or /guild join <name> and wait for them to accept once they're online.

    To make a guild, you need to do /guild create name (Only use able for vip+ and up!) and put a name then that's where you made a guild, You can make it whatever you want, you can make it a competitive guild, Private with close friends or social. It's up to you and make it different apart from others.

    What is guild xp and how do you earn it?
    Guild experience is something you earn when your game has finished, When the game finishes you'll get a a summary containing coins and experience but the main part is Guild experience (You only get it if your in a guild)
    There is no limit to how many you can get per day (Unsure), you can get as much as you want, The more guild experience you get, the higher level your guild can get.

    You can check your xp amount when you type in the command called /g info
    Above the "Guild Level" It shows the XP you have (total)

    Soft cap
    After your guild gains 200k experience in a day, the guild experience gain will reduce to 10%
    After your guild gains 250k experience in a day though, the guild experience gain will further reduce to 10%

    Guild quests
    Guild quests is where you can complete them by doing normal challenges If you do /guild quest This will pop up.
    You will get 50,000 Guild experience by time you do the tier, Guild quests reset every Friday so you can complete them once a week.

    What are guild levels?
    Guild levels are a way of measuring the guild's activity on the Hypixel Server. The more its players play and win games, the higher the guild level will be. Guilds created before the Guild Update could have received a certain amount of EXP, but if you create one now, it will begin at level 0.

    The higher your guild level is, the better profits it will receive. After each level up to Guild Level 100, the guild will receive a permanent bonus for all of its members. You can raise your Guild Level by playing games, winning them, and completing the Guild Quests.​

    Guild menu
    When you do /guild menu there will be a menu with guild features, Some are only workable for officers or higher (depends what kind of perms they have) This is the menu when you do the command.
    I will showcase each item one by one.
    Invite Player
    This only works if you have perms to invite people, once you click on it you can enter their name and it will invite them.

    Guild Information
    It shows what name your guild is, how many xp the guild has, your guild rank and amount of members

    Guild Settings
    Only use able if you have perms to change settings, You can change your guild tag name etc

    Weekly Guild Quest
    You can do challenges with your team mates together! Guild quests reset every week.

    Guild Leveling
    It shows what level your guild is and how much more guild experience you need until to level your guild up! Once you click on it, you can look at your guild rewards you have unlocked!

    Guild Achievements
    You can complete guild achievements by grinding a certain amount of guild experience in a day, winning games in a guild etc

    Guild Discord
    You can put a guild discord and people can use it! (Only works if you have the perms)

    Find Guild
    It helps you find a guild that you want to join!

    Extra information/features
    When your guild is certain level and and get the double experience reward, at the start of a game there is a chance of double experience happening.
    It's rare but make sure to use the double experience well.

    When you have a forums account and your minecraft accounted is linked and you joined a guild, Under your skin and ign, it will show this

    Under your username, It will show your guild name and under your guild name, it will show the Guild tag. Under that, it shows your rank.

    There is now medals for guilds, There is different kinds.

    Legacy Medal: Only available if your Guild was top 100 in the legacy system
    Level Medals: First one unlocked at Guild level 15, then upgrades every 20 Guild levels
    Per Game Medal: If your team is top 25 in any game, you'll have a medal for that game

    For instance, In this screenshot below
    I have the level medal, You will get the level medal once you hit level two.

    Guild ranks
    There are 4 guild ranks - Owner, Co-Owner, Officer, and Member. The owner can create additional, custom ranks for the members of the guild, that can either be lower or higher than a certain rank.Guild ranks give guild members permissions in the guild, the higher the rank - the more permissions the player has.

    Guild MOTD (Message of the day)
    Guild MOTD is something a guild owner can change, They can design it however you want it to be and when you log on to the hypixel server, There will me a message displayed by the guild owner every time you log on, you can also make the text have colors. So here's a list of color commands in minecraft etc
    Example, If you want to make your Welcome! colorful, Simply do one of the color codes For a example if I do &aWelcome! it will be displayed as Welcome!

    It can be confusing to work it out at first so here's the MOTD commands
    /guild motd help - Prints this help message
    /guild motd list - List lines in the MOTD
    /guild motd set - Sets line in the MOTD
    /guild motd add - Add a line in the MOTD
    /guild motd preview - Preview what the MOTD will look like to players
    /guild motd clear - Clears the MOTD

    What are all the guild commands?
    When you do /guild it will open a list of commands. (Screenshot wont be included since it's to large :()

    /guild help - Prints this help message
    /guild create name - Creates a guild with the specified name
    /guild members - Lists players in your guild
    /guild promote - Promotes player to the next rank
    /guild invite <player> - Invites the player to your guild
    /guild accept - Accept a guild invitation
    /guild demote - demotes the player to the previous rank
    /guild transfer - Transfer the ownership of the guild to another player
    /guild disband - Disbands the guild
    /guild rename - Renames the Guild
    /guild notifications - Toggle guild join/leave notifications
    /guild kick <player> <reason> - Kicks the player from your guild
    /guild leave - Leaves your current guild
    /guild info - Prints information about your guild
    /guild settings <settings> <value> - Modify settings for your guild
    /guild join - Request to join the specified guild
    /guild party - Forms a guild party from your online Guild Members
    /guild tag - Sets the guild [TAG]
    /guild member - Displays information about the Guild Member
    /guild chat - Sent a chat message to your guild chat channel
    /guild motd - modifies the MOTD for the Guild
    /guild online - Shows the current online members of your guild
    /guild tagcolor - Sets the guild tag color
    /guild mute <player/everyone> <time> - Mutes a player or the whole guild
    /guild unmute <player/everyone> - Unmute a player or the whole guild
    /guild log - View the audit log
    /guild history - View the last 24 hours of guild events
    /guild permissions - Modify a rank's permissions
    /guild officerchat - Sent a chat message to your guild officer chat channel
    /guild toggle - Toggle guild chat for yourself
    /guild slow - Toggle slow chat, requiring guild members to wait 10 seconds between messages
    /guild onlinemode - Toggle if offline players are displayed in the guild list
    /guild discord - Set or view the guild's discord link
    /guild quest - Shows information regarding the current Guild Quests
    /guild menu - Opens the Guild Menu

    Guild rewards
    You get guild rewards every time you level up.
    Level 1:
    Level 2:
    Level 3:
    Level 4:
    Level 5:

    Level 6:
    Level 7:
    More coming soon!

    I want to thank @mrcraftyketchup for helping me explain certain things better in the thread!

    - Adding soft cap, G MOTD and Guild quest to the contents
    - Added a changelog and People that helped me spoilers

    This guide is currently WIP (Working in progress), I will be updating every day! If something can be improved, let me know! :D

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