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    This guide is unofficial. I am not speaking for the staff in any way. I am not speaking for the community. I am speaking from a personal standpoint. Thank you.

    I am writing this guide for multiple reasons. I've seen a lot of problems with the way that questions are answered lately, particularly question threads. Answering a question effectively, politely, and quickly is a great, legitimate way to get noticed on the forums. There's no need to post five threads about removing a class or kit. There's no need to reply with "k". Why make pointless posts when you can make someone's day, get recognized (if that's what you're going for), and feel good about helping someone?

    There are multiple kinds of questions. There are questions involving information that isn't well-known, there are questions involving information that is widely-known, and there are questions that are quick and easy to answer.

    Starting Out:

    This guide is going to start off with tips to become a better forum member in general, at least on question threads. This section will outline refreshing, length, and topic.

    Refreshing: It's best, when replying to any thread, to make sure you aren't being redundant. Before you post a reply to a thread, copy your message (control+A, control+C) and refresh the page. Read through any replies briefly, and check if any of them contain information or answers that yours contains. If it does, remove the information that doubles-up.

    After you've skimmed through possible recent responses, paste your response back into the reply box and submit it, making sure to remove any redundant answers. You are more likely to seem original and helpful if you aren't posting information that someone else has already posted. The original poster is more likely to read through your reply instead of assuming your post is just a copy of another, containing similar information.

    Length: Keeping in mind that you want to be quick with your answer, you don't necessarily want to skimp on your reply. The more useful information your thread or reply contains, the more likely you are to be recognized as a helpful, unique community member rather than just another post-farmer.

    You should be quick and concise with your answers. Don't add any information that you feel isn't necessary to answer the question at hand. If you feel strongly that your answer will cause more questions to arise, answer those questions as well. I have personally used this on multiple threads, and I have been messaged positively on every account.

    Topic: Though similar to length, topic is also extremely important. If you want your answer to be seen as worth reading, you need to stay on topic. If you're constantly veering off to unimportant ideas or topics, you aren't going to get your point across as clearly.

    Be sure to reread your reply before posting it. Making simple mistakes in grammar or sentence syntax (the order of words) is going to make your answer difficult to read. Be sure to remove any off-topic comments or tidbits of information.


    This section will be outlining the quickest way to answer a question, while still making sure to follow the above steps and supplying a helpful, concise answer. This section includes: typing speed, editing, and necessity.

    Typing Speed: Obviously, the quicker and more accurately you can type, the quicker you are able to answer threads and questions. You can improve your typing speed (which isn't only useful for answering threads on forums) by taking typing tests on various websites, and teaching yourself to type correctly. You can get more information on this by searching for "Typing Tips" on Google.

    Editing: This should be obvious: if you want to have an accurate answer to a question, you're going to want to reread your thread/reply before posting it. You don't want to post a thread that's harder to read than it is to Google an answer. If you're worried about posting too late and having someone beat you, it's a good idea to post quickly, and go back through using the "Edit" button to change any problems with your post.

    Necessity: This is a skill you will develop with time. This skill involves knowing what information to leave out, and what information should be included in an answer.

    This is very similar to topic. Don't add information or sentences that have nothing to do with the question just for the sake of lengthening your reply.

    Discussion Vs. Question: The final section in this guide will outline the differences between discussions and questions.

    Discussion: A discussion can contain a poll, and usually asks multiple questions without asking directly for an answer. A discussion will get loads of replies, as it is usually based on a hot topic.

    The replies are almost always pointless, short, and merely a way to get another post under your belt. When you put thought into your reply towards a discussion thread, you are likely to get a lot of likes.

    Question: Questions are usually short and to-the-point. These threads often contain a question mark (duh) or two.

    These threads usually don't have a poll. If you're looking at "What's New?" you're more likely to catch a legitimate question thread before it has been answered. Otherwise, if you are just looking through forums individually, you're going to miss them.

    The replies to question threads can vary, as stated above.

    Thank you for reading my guide, and I hope it helped you become a better community member! Please leave any feedback that you can. Feel free to reply with simple phrases such as "I like it. Nicely written!" or "Good guide."
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  2. I think this thread will be good for those that don't know how to answer questions.
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    I was hoping it would hint at people to stop making posts after questions are answered.
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    This is too long :/
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    I thought the same thing while I was writing it. I'll remove the section on "Question Types" since it's not very important.
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