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  1. Help with 'Compromised Account' or 'Account Security Alert' Bans

    Please read the full guide before asking questions! You'll find information about why you were banned, how to re-secure your Minecraft account, and how to appeal the ban below.

    This thread only applies to bans including "compromised account" or "account security alert" in their reasons. If your ban does not include these, please see the regular ban appeal guide here.


    Why have I been banned?

    We issue these bans for a few reasons; these include but are not limited to:
    • Irregular login activity on your account
      • Multiple countries in quick succession
    • Irregular chat activity on your account
      • Spambot-like behavior
    • Account Sharing
      • If your account was used for cheating, most likely you will get a cheating ban. Regardless of who was cheating. We can't know who's sitting at the computer. (This applies when we see regular login behavior)
      • You are responsible for your account; if you're just putting your details out there, we cannot help you.
      • If the person you share with cheats, and we connect you to said person, we might ban you to keep your account safe.
    • VPN Usage
      • VPN usage could lead to a ban because other people might be using the same one and cheating.
    • Exposure to phishing
      • In some cases, depending on the nature of the attempt, we may preemptively ban your account just in case.

    Some more information
    In most cases that we see, Minecraft accounts become compromised after the owner of the account willingly enters their account details into a website, often due to the promise of a Minecon or Optifine cape. These websites are often designed to look like official websites, but they are not and instead of giving you something they log your account details for someone else to later use for their purposes (or worse, steal the account from you entirely).

    Keep in mind when visiting websites asking for any login details, if something sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

    As a reminder, the only websites you should ever enter your Minecraft or Mojang account details into are Mojang owned websites and systems, such as,, and the Minecraft client. You should never enter your account details anywhere else. The Hypixel Network does not need your Minecraft / Mojang account details and will never ask for them.

    You should also never hand over your account details to any other users, either because they ask or because you want them to use your account.

    You can find Mojang’s advice on passwords here, and our account security guide here.


    How can I fix this?

    In most cases, the issue is as simple as changing your password to fix. If you have a Mojang account, you can do this at the Mojang website on the accounts page here:



    If you have an older account and have not migrated it over to a Mojang account, you should do this first as these accounts are more secure in general than older accounts, and have other benefits as well. The way you can tell if you have done this is the username you use to login to Minecraft. If you use an email address, you have already migrated your account. If you still use your Minecraft username (the one displayed in-game) to log in, you haven’t. Click the spoiler below for instructions on how to migrate a Minecraft account.

    To migrate your account over to a Mojang account, you first need to register a new Mojang account. You can do this over at Mojang’s website here:

    After you have done this, and verified the email address you used, login to the new Mojang account and click the link under “Import old Minecraft Account.” The site will then prompt you for your old username and password. Enter these here and then follow the instructions given to you.


    If you cannot reset the password on your account, either because you have lost access to the account or for any other reason, you should contact Mojang support. See the support pages here for more details:


    What about getting unbanned?

    After you have received a ban for Compromised Account or Account Security Alert, you will be able to create and submit an appeal via

    Please note that all ban appeals must be posted here, and ban appeals sent anywhere else (e.g., private message, Twitter, etc.) will not be accepted.

    Once your appeal has been accepted, you will enter a recovery phase and will be able to access the server again after 30 days. Use this time to change passwords, emails and security questions. You will NOT be allowed to appeal this temporary ban.

    While we understand that mistakes happen, if your account is repeatedly broken into we will not be able to unban it continually.
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