1. Hey i could do another translation! (spanish) Reply me if you are interested! :)
    (Edit): Nice guide tho
  2. even though im late just gonna tell you that this guide is dead
  3. Amazing guide!
  4. I like this guide, it’s really useful, but for me personally I prefer to go Office (Around round 10 for the shotgun) -> Hotel (You need garden later) & apartment (The round varies for me, but getting iron armour and sniper asap is nice since my party doesn’t waste gold on the chest) -> Power Station (Power is needed for the perks I’m pretty sure, but typically my party gets Quick Fire, Fast Revive, and Extra HP) & Rooftop (Finish getting full iron armour and gain access to the Team Perks) -> Gardens (Weapon enchanting, decent camping spot tbh). My party also likes to save 1 zombie after each wave so we have time to get stuff from the team perks machine as well as repair windows just to delay zombies a little bit more. I’m not sure if purchasing Gallery is a good idea, but it could be used to thin the waves a bit. I just prefer to skip it entirely. Any feedback would be appreciated. :)
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  5. exactly; you're spot on that. Open as late as possible to perserve time, but be aware when it gets harrrrd
    Gallery stairs is much better, but garden is useful if gall is opened from both sides
    avoid doing that; waste of time. Usually do it like once per game
    Never, unless you speedrun
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  6. Gallery stairs from Power Station, I assume?
    My party isn't trying to speedrun the game yet, we're just trying to get a solid strategy down until we can start winning consistently. Then we will try speedrunning.
    Good to know. Then I'll save my gold.
  7. This guide is old, If you arent in the Randy league join it, or if you consider yourself a god (wich nah every randie isnt) apply for zombies tryhards
  8. Also SballPhilip is inactive
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  9. Explains why this guide hasn't been updated in ages.
  10. OxER10

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    Very good guide and i like that minigame. I have played it couple of times and this guide gave me good information about the game.
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