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    Allowed Modifications
    What mods can be used on the server?

    Minecraft modifications are a large part of the Minecraft experience for many players, with modifications ranging from small performance and visual improvements right through to gameplay altering ones. As Minecraft modifications provide such a wide range of functionality however, not all modifications are permitted to be used on our server. This guide outlines what types modifications we do allow on the server.


    Important Note
    Before using any modifications please be aware that all use of modifications on our server is at your own risk, including the ones we list as examples in this guide. We cannot review every version of every modification, and as such we cannot provide any guarantees of modifications being within our server rules.

    Any modifications you do install should always be obtained from the official source for that given modification, be that the creators website, GitHub or other profile (e.g. YouTube channel). Unofficial downloads from other sources may not behave as expected, which could include bugs or unadvertised features (which could result in punishments on our server), or even malicious code (e.g. viruses, spyware, etc.).


    General Guidelines
    What is and isn't allowed?

    Categories of Allowed Modifications
    Provided below is a list of the categories of modifications we permit on the server, along with an explanation of what each of these categories does and does not include and permit. If a modification does not fit into one of these categories, it should be assumed that it is disallowed by default.

    • Client Performance Improvement Modifications
      Modifications which simply seek to improve the performance of the Minecraft client without making changes to the game itself, such as those which improve the FPS of the Minecraft client.

    • Aesthetic Modifications
      Modifications which change only the look and feel of the game without modifying gameplay, such as standard shader modifications or even resource packs. These must not however change the properties of blocks (e.g. make non-transparent blocks transparent) or change the players perspective (e.g. allowing them to see around or over objects they normally wouldn't be able to).

    • Cosmetic HUD (Head-Up Display) Modifications
      Modifications which alter the look and feel of the in-game head-up display (HUD), without adding extra information which would normally be unavailable to the player. For example, HUDs adding armor and status effects, which are available to the player in their inventory screen, are permitted, while mini-maps, other player health / armor indicators, player distance / range, etc. are not.

    • Brightness & Gamma Adjustment Modifications
      Modifications which alter the brightness and gamma settings of the Minecraft client, allowing you to see in darker areas which would normally be too dark to see in.

    Disallowed Modifications
    Though we do not provide a thorough list of disallowed modifications, a general rule of thumb is that any modification which provides any significant advantage to the players using them will be against our rules.

    Additionally, we do also note that anything which automates any player gameplay action is strictly disallowed, be those Minecraft modifications, external software or hardware. This includes things such as (but not limited to) auto / burst clicking buttons or macros, auto-sprint, and aim assists.

    Finally, modifications which alter the way in which your Minecraft client interacts with and communicates with our server are also strictly disallowed, even if they otherwise fall into an allowed category. Please ensure that any modifications which are used are strictly client side only, with them not changing or altering the behaviour of the game.

    If a modification does not fit clearly into any of the allowed modification categories, it should be assumed to be disallowed.


    << Allowed Modifications >>
    Mods you can use on the server.

    These are modifications which you can use on the network. For the most part, these are cosmetic modifications, or modifications which show limited amounts of additional information which should not give you an in game advantage.

    As stated previously, any modifications listed here are still to be used at your own risk. If the features of any modification have changed since we added it to this list or if bugs have accidentally been introduced, those modifications may no longer be permitted. If you believe that to be the case with any of these, please let us know and we'll investigate that.

    Armor & Effect Status
    Armor Status, Effect Status, HudPixel, 5Zig*, etc.
    Client modifications which add armor and/or potion effects to the Minecraft GUI (Graphical User Interface), outside of the inventory.
    Although this may be considered an advantage in the sense that players using these it doesn’t give them any physical advantages in a fight, they’re killed the same way and do the same amount of damage.

    Example of Armor Status

    Example of Effect Status

    * 5Zig contains optional features which are not permitted for use on the network, such as macros. Please make sure that you are only using the features of the modification which are permitted on the network.

    Animations Mods (Cosmetic Only)
    Orange's 1.7 Animations
    Client modifications which change in-game animations, such as those associated sword / weapon swings, provided these do not change the underlying functionality of the act associated with the animation(s) or add new functionality to the game (e.g. being able to "crawl" in 1 block high spaces).
    These are modifications which change the animations within Minecraft, such as reverting version 1.8+ animations associated with weapons to their 1.7 (and older) equivalents.

    These must not change the underlying functionality associated with these actions for the version of Minecraft you are using however, with the client behaving (in terms of gameplay) as it would without the modification installed.

    Orange's 1.7 Animations Mod Introduction & Rundown

    Client Optimisation Mods
    Client modifications which have the main goal of improving client FPS (Frames Per Second).
    Modifications which have the primary objective of improving the player to have an improved experience when playing Minecraft in terms of the games playability (e.g. FPS improvements). Optifine is a popular example of one of these modifications, which optimises the way Minecraft operates to improve frame rates, as well as offering more customisable "Video Settings".

    Minecraft Video Settings with Additional Optifine Settings

    Gameplay Recorders
    Replay Mod
    Client modifications which allowed for the recording and playback of gameplay, while also allowing for the changing of perspective during playback (but not in live gameplay).
    Regarding Reporting
    Unfortunately we are not able to accept evidence for reports submitted to us which were recorded using these modifications. This is due to the potential for these reports to be edited or falsified, leading to false reports.

    Replay Mod Trailer

    Shaders Mod, Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, etc.
    Client modifications which change the visual appearance of the game to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
    The shader’s mod attempts to make the game look more aesthetically pleasing by adding more details to things, primarily shadows, such as from clouds or people. Side effects may include animated, transparent water or flowing tree leaves. This mod is purely aesthetic and only affects the client side.

    These modifications are permitted provided they do not make changes to the game which effect the players perspective of the game, such as allowing them to see around or over blocks which they normally would not be able to see.

    Example of Shaders in Minecraft

    Clients / Mod Packs (Including Only Allowed Modifications)
    Badlion Client, etc.
    Minecraft client mods (sometimes made available as self contained clients) which contain a variety of modifications grouped together into a single package are permitted, provided the included modifications are permitted on our server by themselves.

    Please note that this does not include cheat / "hack" clients or similar, any use of which is against our rules.
    Modifications which are not single mods in themselves but rather a collection of several useful modifications.

    In these cases, please check that each individual feature of these clients is permitted under our rules and make sure that any disallowed modifications can be fully disabled. In some cases, and where possible, we may forcefully disable disallowed modifications to prevent their use, but please do not rely on this and do ensure you are only using allowed modifications (you, as the player, are responsible for this).

    Badlion Client Running on the Hypixel Network Server

    We may forcefully disable disallowed modifications where possible, but please don't rely on this and do check!

    F3+B (Minecraft Debug Tool)
    Built-in to Minecraft. Not a modification.
    Debug tool in the vanilla Minecraft client which shows entity (player, mob, etc) hitboxes. Activated using the key combination F3 + B.
    While not technically a modification (this is available in vanilla Minecraft), F3+B get's a mention as it shows you entity hitboxes, the entities eye level (red line), and the direction they are looking in (blue line). As this is available to everyone in the unmodified vanilla Minecraft client, this is allowed (and can be useful for catching certain types of hacks).

    Example of the F3+B Debug Hitboxes in Minecraft.



    The Hypixel Network does not endorse any of the mods named above, which are provided solely as examples of commonly used modifications on our server. We (Hypixel, Inc.) are not the developers of any of the named modifications, unless explicitly noted, and we do not have control over those modifications.

    We are not responsible for the behaviour or actions of any modification, which may be updated or changed (even automatically) at any time by their individual developers.
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