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    Allowed Modifications
    What mods can be used on the server?

    There are a lot of modifications which have been produced for Minecraft over the last few years. This guide covers a selection of mods which can be used on the network to improve your gameplay experience.


    Please Be Aware

    Any specific modifications on this list were checked when added to make sure that they were allowed under the network rules. If a modification has been updated since it was listed here to include new or changed features, it may no longer be allowed.

    Also note that we do not approve modifications on request. If you are in doubt about whether or not a modification is allowed, check the allowed modification categories below.
    Please be aware that the use of any modification that provides an unfair advantage is not allowed. This includes any modification(s) made to your Minecraft client, computer, or mouse through the use of auto-click/burst clicking macros or buttons. Modifications which alter the way that your client sends data to the server are also strictly disallowed, even if they fall into an allowed category.


    General Guidelines
    What is and isn't allowed?

    Categories of Allowed Modifications
    • Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. FPS improvement mods).
    • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders modifications).
    • Armor and Effect Status hud modifications.
    • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications.
    Any other categories of modifications should be treated as disallowed.

    Please be sure to read the information above related to whether or not a modification is allowed.


    << Allowed Modifications >>
    Mods you can use on the server.

    These are modifications which you can use on the network. For the most part, these are cosmetic modifications, or modifications which show limited amounts of additional information which should not give you an in game advantage.

    Armor & Effect Status
    Armor Status, Effect Status, HudPixel, 5Zig*, etc.
    Client modifications which add armor and/or potion effects to the Minecraft GUI (Graphical User Interface), outside of the inventory. Modifications that display the distance to a target, health of a target, or that give any indication of when a player/entity can hit you or when you can hit them are strictly not allowed.
    Although this may be considered an advantage in the sense that players using these it doesn’t give them any physical advantages in a fight, they’re killed the same way and do the same amount of damage.

    Example of Armor Status

    Example of Effect Status

    * 5Zig contains optional features which are not permitted for use on the network, such as macros. Please make sure that you are only using the features of the modification which are permitted on the network.

    Client modification which has the main goal of improving client FPS (Frames Per Second).
    Although Optifine has some flaws, the main objective of this modification is to allow a player to have an improved experience whilst playing Minecraft. The mod adds more customisable settings under “Video Settings”.

    Minecraft Video Settings with Additional Optifine Settings

    Replay Mod
    Client modifications which allowed for the recording and playback of gameplay, while also allowing for the changing of perspective during playback.
    As you can only play back gameplay when not connected to the server, this modification is allowed.

    Replay Mod Trailer

    Shaders Mod, Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders, etc.
    Client modifications which change the visual appearance of the game to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
    The shader’s mod attempts to make the game look more aesthetically pleasing by adding more details to things, primarily shadows, such as from clouds or people. Side effects may include animated, transparent water or flowing tree leaves. This mod is purely aesthetic and only affects the client side.

    Example of Shaders in Minecraft

    Please note that allowed "shaders" (and other aesthetic modifications) do not include those which alter the perspective of the Minecraft world, such as some which warp maps or those which change the size of items. These are not aesthetic only changes, and so are not permitted.

    F3+B (Minecraft Debug Tool)
    Honorary mention - not a modification.
    Debug tool in the vanilla Minecraft client which shows entity (player, mob, etc) hitboxes. Activated using the key combination F3 + B.
    While not technically a modification (this is available in vanilla Minecraft), F3+B get's a mention as it shows you entity hitboxes, the entities eye level (red line), and the direction they are looking in (blue line). As this is available to everyone in the unmodified vanilla Minecraft client, this is allowed (and can be useful for catching certain types of hacks).

    Example of the F3+B Debug Hitboxes in Minecraft.
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