Does VZ deserve a lobby?

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  2. No it’s dead (not true)

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  1. Heh y’all like how I keep posting greetings as my titles? Anyway onto the things. The reason I made this thread is to make VampireZ a relevant game again. For about a year or 2 we have been cast into the shadows, unable to break through as a relevant game. The problem? The fact that VZ doesn’t have a lobby anymore. So I say as a VampireZ veteran (Played for 4 years) it is time we make VZ a relevant game again! It is time we push the administrators to give us what we deserve!

    Why VZ deserves a lobby
    #1 We almost always at least double any concurrent player count on any other classic game.
    #2 Our game is very unique in the fact that it isn’t another shoot em up zombie rip off game.
    #3 We have the largest community out of any classic game by far!

    But what about quake?
    Quake is interesting and I personally think it deserves its own lobby to. How ever, it is just a standard shoot em up game which people play as a hobby.

    Did it deserve a tournament?
    Absolutely not. There are other games that are so much more popular and enjoyable, not quake. I’m not trying to poke a stick at the quake community. I personally enjoy that game and play it from time to time. I just want to know why the hypixel admins decided to bring a tournament to a dead game that rarely gets 20+ players.And it didn't even bring in more players!But this isn’t about quake it’s about VZ.

    In conclusion: Crazy walls should take the place of VZ. How the hell does that game still have a lobby? Barely gets 10 players. I will leave a poll to see what people think.
  2. Tbh I don't think VZ will getting more players even has its own lobby,
    Smash Heros and Crazy Walls are some examples.
    Also, you can get classic tokens from VZ as soon as its still in the classic lobby so you will get free coins and XP from it, so I don't want to change anything xd

    Also, about the quake tournament. I will say everything needs a try, and as you said "it didn't even bring in more players" so I guess there will be no dead game tournament after this (Including VampireZ), or at least for a while.
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  3. :/
  4. Vampirez before the compass update had 200-300 players on weekdays and 400-500 on weekends, its certainly didn't deserve to be confined in the classic lobby. The problem with this is that Crazy Walls is hidden from new players, you have to search in ''all games'' at the compass to be able to play the game, admins would probably do the same with VZ.
  5. it used to have a lobby
  6. Bantium

    Bantium Active Member

    Giving vampirez a lobby takes a lot of work, they will need to design a new classic lobby and possibly a new vampirez lobby, depending on if they would re use the old one
  7. The game had 400 people on vz but then after they went into classic lobby the game died and after the bad updates. still the only new players come from random games i feel if they made a lobby it could increase a little bit but not that much.
  8. Si, that is why I am trying to get it back
  9. True, which is why we need to push against smash heroes or blitz sg to gain their spot.
  10. yea smash heroes averages like 10 players when im on
  11. BTWImSkilled

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    Crazy Walls is the best game.
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