1. upload_2019-8-29_21-46-15.png
    Some Sneak peaks ;p
    I'm looking forward to see a lot of you there, this has been available for a few minutes as a quick preview but now I'm super excited to show it to you all!
    If you receive resident by finishing the parkour, you will be allowed in the Resident Cafe and Hotel (Coming soon)
    I will be AFK for a long time and I'm sure my co-owners will be there occasionally to help out :)

    Thank you again.
    GMT (e.g London, United Kingdom): 10am-7pm (My home :D)
    EST (e.g Orlando, Florida, USA): 5am-2pm (My favorite place: Disneyworld)
    Pacific (e.g Vancouver, BC, Canada): 2am-11am (My old home :>)

    My main co-owners:

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  2. How long do you expect someone to take to finish it?
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  3. I took 18 minutes to finish it, and the slowest time so far is 22 minutes, before the parkour got extended

    I think the average time should be around an hour if they don't take breaks

    So it shouldn't be TOO bad
  4. So it's not giant parkour, it's medium sized parkour. xd
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  5. nah, it's giant but i finished fast because i skipped a lot
  6. It really just looks like a normal box parkour.
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  7. Good Luck!
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  8. Thanks I hit 300 cookies today

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