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    This took me about two-three hours to make; I used this build as a test to see how fast I could build as I was being rejected from larger build teams because I was not fast enough at building. I also only built the front as you don't really see the side/back of the building in the film and I wasn't able to find any strong enough references that I could do so. I would say it's around 30k blocks (worldedit is a pain when it comes to //count, so I had to estimate).

    Here's the build in-game:


    Here's the actual building:

    Here's a render of my build (by _killerack_):

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  2. Wow, that looks really nice. Great job with the build!
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  3. Awesome job!!! Looks awesome!! :D
  4. it looks so similar to the real thing. Looks really good! Nice one.
  5. That jab at that build team lmao.
    Quality like usual.
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    DARKDRAGON532 Well-Known Member

    Why don’t you join the build team
  7. Join the buildteam.
  8. Sonohra

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    It's nice but I think you can do better, especially with the detail. I'm no expert but for example the roof and the edges of the walls could use slightly more depth (use more pink / block choices)

    Other than that great job!
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  9. Yeah.. just build for fun:D / Igen csak építs szórakozás képpen:D
  10. Its awesome, you shouldn't care about their opinion
  11. _Dogester

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    It's a recreation, not an improvement! Minecraft is limited in its block choices, and either way; I would not want to change the Grand Budapest hotel from it's original state. Detailing exactly like the original would mean I would have to change the ratio to 2:1 or more, so it is either keep it as a 1:1 recreation and as the same as the original structure - or make it larger and unnecessarily detail it. I think you chose the latter, and I don't think you properly understood what I was trying to do with this type of build.

    Thank you for your idiosyncratic suggestion, think you missed the real meaning of a 1:1 'recreation'.
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  12. I'd wish to see a 3d perspective of the build. Looks really neat and fits the lowpoly style
  13. Scammed

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    2 -3 hours?
    I couldn't have done this if I had 2-3 months!
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