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    literally no one:

    sulit: :funny_rating:

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  2. lol
  3. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

    Night actions are locked. Day will start 7:00 PM EST (one hour from now).
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  4. Ryast

    Ryast Well-Known Member

    Yeah but what if we reaaally want to change them
  5. Echks

    Echks Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    skrim modkills you
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  6. league of lols
  7. moth

    moth Well-Known Member

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  8. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member


    The villagers were unable to rest easily that night, knowing that they had killed one of their own. This unease was made worse when the first sight they were greeted with that morning was @mothlion's house completely blown apart. All that remained of him was a single red feather, for his body could not be found.

    > @mothlion was blown up. He was...
    Parrot, the Town Neighborhood Modposter.

    The town's spirits were low, and they sank even lower when they noticed that there was only 17 of them present. @jmwjmw27 was missing. They entered his home, and found his inventory - raw beef and a bucket of milk - lying on his bed, along with an arrow sticking out from where his body would have been.

    > @jmwjmw27 was shot by an arrow. He was...
    Cow, the Town 4-shot Protector.

    Day 2 has begun! It will last for 48 hours (until Thursday, 7:00 PM EST) or until a player is hammered (with 17 alive, it takes 9 to hammer).

    Voting is done using the tags [VOTE](player)[/VOTE] or [UNVOTE](player)[/UNVOTE]. Reminder that you must make 20 game related posts; failure to do so twice will result in a replacement or modkill.

    : I will not be here for the end of day; however, votes will still be locked in at 7:00 PM EST and game discussion past 7:20 PM EST will still be prohibited.


    Activity warnings to @Dom, @azmine_king, and @Zichy. Failure to meet the post requirement by the end of Day 2 will result in a modkill if no replacements are available.
  9. Glasskitten

    Glasskitten Well-Known Member


    I have good news

    and weird news
    I don't know what in the hell just happened, and to be honest, I skimmed most of it, but I do know two things: Echks was a scum lead diversion lynch and half of the Town players seem to have a non-negative and non-positive number of brain cells.

    This is absolute garbage play. From here on I'm hard SR any and all votes on Echks at the end of D1.
    Here's what we're gonna do about it.
    Nz, Moth, and Jmw were the leading lynch targets of yesterday, and since the lynch of Echks is most obviously a redirect by the Mafia, one of these three has to be Mafia, if not more. I firmly believe moth is Town based on his response and apathy to the situation (really Town players are the players that care least about the game in general). Hard TR on moth for that. Next, is Nz. Nz was getting some votes too, as a potential counter wagon, but started dropping in votes in favor of other lynches. This makes my read of him null, but if Jmw is not scum then Nz is 100%. It's possible that if Nz got lynched then attention would shift to Mark and Ryast, a big defender and a big attacker. These two just so happen to be the first to start a train on Echks with, from what I read, NO REASONING. AT ALL. The closest is that Ryast says he wants to swing the lynch because he now sees Nz as Town over a modifier? Bs. Even more BS is Mark, who had been actively attacking jmw's posts and voting him, is suddenly not in favor of his lynch. Straight BS. Mark is my hardest scum read right now. These are two skilled and experienced players who know about Hypixel's tendency to wait last second and frantically vote anyone, and who could easily take advantage of it. Like I believe they just did. So... Jmw needs to be lynched today unless someone who did not vote Echks can provide some mechanical evidence of why he's confirmed innocent. Why? Because he was the one leading the lynch when it got switched. He was the one Mafia would've saved. Furthermore, he was frantically jumping votes to literally ANYONE who he thought he could get lynched to save himself. This is pure scum. Further furthermore, based on everyone switching votes and all of D1 being centered upon Jmw (and Nz, a well, but I see more interactions with Jmw) for the simple sake of information it only makes sense to lynch Jmw today.
    If by some miracle Jmw flips Town, Nz is guaranteed scum because, like I said, Mafia was trying to save one of their own.

    Now, I want everyone, yes EVERYONE, who was on the Echks train at the end of D1 to roleclaim and explain why you voted them. All I see are naked votes. EVERY SINGLE VOTE IS NAKED, I DON'T CARE WHAT ALIGNMENT YOU ARE YOU SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING THIS GAME IF THIS IS HOW YOU DO SO. So role claim and explain before I become a mod for a game, modkill you at game start out of spite, and permanently leave the community because of how idiotic everyone is. And I'm 100% serious, this shit pisses me off.

    Now to some interesting things:

    Eevee says this, is never adequately (if at all) responded to from what I read, but ends up switching to the Nz train not once, but twice, in some weird back and forth. They also tried unvoting Echks a second too late. Is this indecisiveness a Town habit, or Mafia not wanting to be outed after lynching scum? I see it as the second, and now hard SR Eevee.

    Same point on Eevee. He then literally votes Nz. After a bit, he unvotes. Then he votes Echks. Then he says "oh, I'll feel bad if they're town, I only voted them because this one single post of theirs that I read was scummy. Excuse me? I'm sorry? You come out of nowehere, barely participate, then vote Nz with no explanation (why the hell placeholder vote a player whose train will actually be affected by the vote. If you don't know whats going on or don't have enough information, then just DON'T VOTE OR THIS HAPPENS. I expect more from you and don't think you are possibly this stupid.) and then votes Echks with some BS last second reasoning and talking about feelings of regret for some Town points when Echks inevitably flips Town. Hard SR. I so wish I was desperado, I tell you what.
    First person I see voting Echks. This does not inspire much confidence. Oh, and yes, I said Mark and Ryast started the Echks train because they did. Eevee unvotes Echks a bit after this following in that indecisive pattern. The chainsaw and fence-sitting is so scum in my eyes, it's scary.

    This post in conjunction with this post below
    feel like an artificial way for Sulit to join in on the topic, and possibly support Nz a bit subtly. Though, I could also see it as them being fairly ignorant and thus being a bit more Town. I'm gonna look more at these posts later.
    Why? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??? Mark, this is so bad. Hardest SR.
    What?? "I was looking at the rolelist and was just thinking the same thing" What????
    Not only a naked vote, but then prompting other, major scum read players, to jump onto the wagon. Namely the two most likely to be lynched.
    This makes me suspect the possibility of the two both being scum, since killing some randy would've been the only way to save both of them, which is exactly what happened. I don't know how likely it is, but I wouldn't be surprised. Jmw and Nz is 100% atleast T/W and possibly W/W.
    You're gonna target two players who conjured a lynch out of nowhere to save Scum? Curious it's these two, just saying, makes it seem kinda like, oh I don't know, scum team. And jmw's a good target but you're fine with echks? Then why did you switch off of jmw to vote Echks?? Especially when a couple posts later you say:
    So why'd you randomly switch wagons for someone who you thought was less scummy.
    See, this naked vote is the only one that doesn't need an explanation. You're obvious scum trying to save your own hide.

    What tf? You acknowledge its dumb but still vote? A naked vote at that? Seriously??
    Just noting some vote counts for easier reference later. Note how quickly Nz drops off the charts in replace of moth.
    Pi starts voting Nz out of nowhere
    Eevee jumps votes to Versa, Ryast switches to Nz (only one that makes sense).
    Jmw opportunity votes and Dom comes out of nowhere to sway the vote in Nz's direction. I'm gonna note that Nz was relatively safe until this point, and it was only then that Nz started to feel some heat that the spontaneous Echks lynch appeared and...
    ..Ryast unvotes Nz, suddenly when more pressure is on him. I know he role claimed, but his role in no way clears him of ANY of the suspicion or arguments that you yourself made against them. The modifier thing sounds like some BS excuse to justify a scummy action.
    ...There's no real analysis from me for this one, I just want to say how much I hate all of you for the next one.
    Based on this final votecount, I need Ryast, Mark, Jmw (go ahead and do it again, with night actions), Sulit, Eevee, Nz, Why, and Dom to claim, explain wtf you were thinking, and then beg for mercy. And if anyone actually complains about how ridiculous it is to ask for 7 roles, no. It's not. Not given these circumstances. And most of you were pressing Eevee to claim, too, when they behaved scummily, so you have no reason to resist if those thoughts were actually Town motivated.


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  11. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

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  12. HPM


    HPM Active Member

    whoops wrong account

    this was a premade post by dudebo


    am I gonna get modkilled
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  13. HPM


    HPM Active Member

    @Skrimiche please have mercy I forgot I was on my main
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  14. Glasskitten

    Glasskitten Well-Known Member



    GOOD NEWS. I THREW A SNOWBALL AT VERSE AND THEY DROPPED HANDCUFFS. Do not ask me how or why they did it, it was literally a random Ability that I had no idea what it did.
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  15. Mito-chan

    Mito-chan Well-Known Member

    classic case of WIFOM
    [VOTE] Glasskitten [/VOTE]
  16. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

    @Gikkle was modkilled!
    Gikkle, the AccountThatWasn'tPlayingSoHeDoesn'tGetAnActualRole.
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  17. Glasskitten

    Glasskitten Well-Known Member

    How much of the thread have you read so far?
  18. Ryast

    Ryast Well-Known Member

    ok this can be town for typing that up at night. Or at least they didn't know JMW was dying.

    Basically, the inventor role + the same modifier I have made me think NZ is town. And JMW I had gut town on/didn't want to kill him on his first day back

    echks had been acting scummy all day, and had been pressured, but that never ended up amountingto anything. So I didn't want to lynch any of those targets, checked who was in the game, and echks caught my eye as a good lynch to swing onto.
  19. Mito-chan

    Mito-chan Well-Known Member

    give this man a break
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  20. Glasskitten

    Glasskitten Well-Known Member


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