1. So i was wordrning if u can make new rank;
    so the rank will be called [GLITCHER] so the guy with that rank will do this stuff;
    -Try to find glitches and reprot it on forums,
    -The server could make new aplllication that will be called glitch so people will post the glitches they found,
    -he will even join in people party if they acctualy find glitch,
    -he will help people like Helper

    The premissions he will had;
    -al that Yt rank have and even more u would add what u think what will be ok for that rank

    If u want to paly u need to have same thing that is for helper (Vip,more than 15 yrs old...)

    So if u agree with my idea pls tell me.Tell me if i could have it i mean i found over 20 glitches on hypixel.
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  2. Just so you know, anyone can find bugs and glitches and then report them HERE.
  3. i know but it will be easier for mods so they dont need to worry about glitches and bugs
  4. But can all users still report bugs and glitches? Because there are around 20K-60K players each day and it would be swifter if you let anyone be able to report them than only a hand few having that ability.
  5. AllyMcC

    AllyMcC Well-Known Member

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    So you want a staff rank specifically to do something that all players can already do themselves, also for some reason has YT rank perks and more? I hope you're joking, but if not... very bad idea.
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  6. LMFAO someone wants a free YT rank.
  7. people could normaly report bugs and that stuff but there willl be guy who will read glitches and that stuff so mods wont have to deal with it.
  8. no i just want to make private games so i can find more bugs cause evreytime people kill me and i cant try it
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  9. Yes, mods already don't deal with them I thought. I thought it were the developers that did that. Anyways, I'm stupid so I'm probably wrong >.>
  10. no i just want to help MOD so they dont have so much work.they aleredy need to read so many stuff
  11. AllyMcC

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    Get MVP++.
    Developers are the ones who fix glitches since only they can change the code. So this idea is still rather pointless.
  12. Yeah Glitchers can use /nick and private party access and Helpers don't :p
  13. Plochem

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    Without this rank, the chance of finding a bug is more than just a select few finding bugs. Anyone can help mods/devs by opening a bug report.

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