1. Zumulus

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    The Sloths
    Hey guys! Starting from today, you can now send Cosmetic Mystery Box Gifts to your friends!

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1) Purchase a pack of Cosmetic Mystery Box Gifts on our store at store.hypixel.net
    Note: Mystery Boxes found via playing on the server as normal are not tradeable. Only the Gift packs bought on the store are tradeable. All mystery box contents are cosmetic only.

    Step 2) Once your purchase is complete and you have received your gift pack of cosmetics, visit a Mystery Vault located in any lobby.

    Step 3) Click on the new Mystery Gift Inventory icon on the bottom left of that menu.

    Step 4) Here, you can see the Mystery Box gift pack(s) you purchased previously.

    Step 5) After you’ve clicked on the pack of Mystery Boxes you want to send, a menu with all your friends will appear. Click on the friend you want to send the gift pack to!

    If you’re having trouble finding the friend you want to send the gift to, you can type /gift followed by the name of your friend.​

    Step 6) Confirm and you’re done! Your friend will receive a chat message and the next time he or she visits the Mystery Vault, the gift will be there!


    Please note that you must be Network Level 5 (or higher) in order to be able to send gifts.

    By sending gifts to your friends, you will receive cool and unique rewards! Inside the Gift Inventory menu, you will find the Gift Contributor Rewards.

    The more gifts you send, the better the cosmetic rewards! Not only will you receive free Mystery Boxes for yourself, but you will also receive the following unique cosmetic items only available to those who send a lot of gifts to their friends!
    • The Legendary Gift Giver Hat allows you show everyone how generous you are by showing how many gifts you have given to your friends!
    • The Legendary Surprise Suit allows you to transform into a gift and let other players interact with you by right-clicking!
    • The Legendary Gifterino Companion spawns four cute little gifts that follow you around in lobbies!
    For now we only sell Mystery Box gifts but in the future we plan to have more options. Giving Mystery Boxes to a friend using this system is more secure, and you even get some rewards for doing so! This is only the beginning of Gifting.
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  2. I was wondering when a post for this would come out!
    I noticed this IG and was confused, but then I checked out the store.
    Pretty cool!
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  3. Thanks!
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  4. voidy

    voidy Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
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  5. Yes
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  6. brandon048

    brandon048 Well-Known Member

    Yay! :D
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  7. Traw

    Traw Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUTS
    i'm not so much of a gift giver so i'll prob never get that achieve ;-;
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  8. Hype!
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  9. Hype!
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  10. Dead_Account

    Dead_Account Well-Known Member

    Looks like it is time....

    ....to start gifting!
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  11. Sma


    Sma Well-Known Member

    Reckless REKT
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  12. someone buy me 10 boosters and ill give you a gift :D
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  13. Now all I need is friends
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  14. abzers

    abzers Well-Known Member

    NoWifi NO✖WIFI
    that companion scares me deeply
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  15. This is going to be interesting to observe the community's reaction. ;)
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  16. iSmash

    iSmash Well-Known Member

    Abstract MEEP
    Can I send mystery boxes of poop to my friends? :}
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  17. Void

    Void Well-Known Member

    oops OOPS
    Alright... here I go...

    The idea of gifts: awesome
    Giving perks for gifts sent: simply wrong

    The purpose of giving gifts is to give another person something for free
    The only reward should be the gift of giving
    Giving perks to players who buy gifts ruins the whole purpose

    I first found out about gifts from the store (before this thread), not knowing there was rewards
    I thought "oh that's cool, but I wouldn't necessarily buy one"
    When I found out about them, I wanted to buy them purely because of the rewards, not for their actual purpose, and this is what I fear they'll become

    If if I gave gifts IRL and I magically got cool stuff I couldn't get anywhere else, I'd buy my friends gifts all the time
    This is why it's wrong, the gift of gifts should be giving, rewards are going to make it so a lot players only buy gifts for the rewards, leaving the intended purpose as a side bonus... and I feel this is just wrong

    Never the less, I'm probably going to buy some sooner or later
    The perks are well made and the quality of the update is overall good, and gifting, as I said, is an awesome idea in the first place

    This isn't ment to come of as toxic or rude, this is my honest feedback

    Part of this post was just having unformed opinions about a new update, and whilst I still agree with what I said, gift boxes are a good system to encourage gifts and aren't really doing any harm
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
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  18. HYPEEE
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  19. And hopefully the next update will be the leveling update! :)
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  20. I wanna gift XD
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  21. Festering

    Festering Active Member

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