1. So I'm trying to make a bot that can help you know what's happening in your auction house from a VK (nvm, that's a russian social) group chat. But I couldn't find a way to get displayname of a bidder, I can only get profile id.
    Object that skyblock/auction returns doesn't have displaynames and skyblock/profile doesn't too. Then is there a method which returns displayname by SkyBlock profile ID (for example 1c6825bf2ae44169aa0fde74d1cf007f to True_han)?
  2. Hi, you can get the UUID of the player with the "auctioneer" tag in the auctions method. Then you only have to convert this UUID to the player name with the Hypixel or Mojang API ;)
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  3. Just to add to this, it's way more efficient to use the Mojang API for that, since the Hypixel Player API returns way more data than needed.

    The API limit for Mojang is 600 per 10 minutes iirc.
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  4. Oh thank you! I was thinking the bidder field has profile ID of bidder, not UUID
  5. Oups yes the bidder field and not auctioneer :oops: And there is also the profile_id for the bidder if you need it ;)
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