Should gestures go?

  1. Yes! I'm sick of people using them to get to places you normally can't reach!

  2. No! Gestures are fun to use!

  1. Guys.
    Let's be honest.
    Gestures NEED to go.
    I'm getting real sick of gestures now. They are useless in my opinion! I have seen too many people use them to get to places you normally cannot reach and it gets VERY annoying (especially if you're murderer)
    I mean, what is the point of them besides using them for fun, or exploiting into an unreachable place?
    Now ya may be thinking, "wElL 303, lAsT wOrdS, kNiFe SkInS, aRrOw tRaIlS, hAtS, aNd kIlLnOteS aRe uSeD fOr fUn aNd kInDa uSeLeSs tOo!!1!!1!111!"
    Yes yes, that is true.
    But there ain't a way you can use them to exploit and get to unreachable places.
    My point is made.
    Oh, and if a staff member ever does take a look at this, please take this into consideration. ._.
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  2. Gestures would be a little fun to use if they weren't so clunky and you could choose the ones you wanted to use...
    I say keep em, BUT patch the bugs they cause. I don't have an issue with gestures, but I do have an issue of the bugs they cause (this should be a poll option).
  3. They don't really cause any bugs at all. Plus, I can't imagine them being patched. I just bet that the staff are going to place so many barrier blocks where the iron doors/glass panes are in the maps that are most likely going to be used to get to unreachable spots unless you have gestures, but that still won't fix the problem since people with try to get in between the doors and barrier blocks
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  4. maybe i'm just bad, but...
    I've never been able to glitch out with gestures..

    How do you do it?
    I'm... asking for a friend...
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  5. You are right. Murderers always lise for no reason because of it.
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  6. From what I've seen, you need to walk up to a glass pane / iron door and then do /ges . It takes peeps multiple tries to do, but that's from what I've seen. I advise not to do it though
  7. Pretty much you need to be "in" the block in such a way that when you walk into it, you move forwards into the block then get teleported back outside it repeatedly. Then just spam forwards and strafe.
  8. it doesn't work, or I'm just doing it wrong
  9. If they can't fix the bugs and exploiting, they probably should remove them.
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  10. Just remove them until it's fixed.
    Aka forever
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  11. Qnly_

    Qnly_ Well-Known Member

    Never liked the gestures, just get rid of 'em.

    Oh wait nvm I forgot. Staff don't listen to ANYONE on the forums and don't fix any glitches until months have past. It's actually pathetic that the staff don't do their jobs correctly. They also don't even think we exist since all they do is update Skywars and Bedwars all the time. There are people that play this game you know? It really just makes me angry that staff forget about this game until months later. Yeah, I don't play the game that much anymore, but I still feel for the players that have to wait for months just to get one little bug fix. Sorry for going off topic but I just needed to get that out :/
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  12. It takes a couple tries. Also you have to be in 1.8 or 1.12 depending on the type of block. It's easier to practice as infected in infection, as the speed makes it more likely to perform.
  13. IKR?!
    Murder Mystery needs love too.
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  14. Gestures should be replaced with Kill Effects / Death Animations (if they're to be removed).

    I somewhat agree with this post; 90% of the time I see someone use a gesture in a game, it's usually to glitch out of the map. I really like gestures and haven't spent anything on them (having pulled a Zombie Dance from a loot chest first time), but if they keep being used to glitch out of spots, they might need to go.
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  15. ComGreed

    ComGreed New Member

    Please post this as a suggestion. This is a awesome idea.

    I know it is hard to catch all places where the bug is possible and place a barrier block behind them, but they could at least try to fix as many as possible. As a temporary fix disabling the gesture command should be acceptable.

    Murder Mystery Infection is one of just a few games I like to play where the player isn't doomed to watch to match until the end if he get's killed and can still participate in the running game. Seeing so many people ruining this great game is very sad.
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  16. I agree! It would be nice to make a thread providing further detail on you're idea! :D
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  17. I didn't see anyone use gestures in the first place. Kali blessed me I guess.
  18. What are gestures?
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  19. Gestures are something you can do in lobbies and in the MM gamemodes. If you want one, you'll have to go to the MM shop. To active them, you just do /gesture or simply do /ges
    this is what the they look like in-game (they instead have leather armor in lobbies)

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  20. TheWildTester

    TheWildTester Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure its an attempt to take a concept from games like Overwatch with their emotes to create something like this
    I mean yeah its kinda situational, I kinda like them. They should definitely try fixing the issues with people exploiting them
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