1. Hey guys,

    It's June 1st, the 'official' start of Summer (though the weather has yet to catch up in many places :p), and the start of one of our busiest times of the year. If any of you are doing exams we wish you a big GOOD LUCK from the Hypixel Team, and we look forward to providing you guys with some much needed Minecraft relaxation once you're all finished :D

    As part of our renewed efforts to talk to you guys more about what we are doing here on the server, I wanted to give you a quick update on the projects we are working on and how we are feeling about them. We think it's important to involve the community as much as possible - that's why we made the Prototype Lobby in the first place. See below for some quick insights to our major current projects.

    Please note: Just because a game or update isn't on this list, doesn't mean we aren't actively working on it. We have a large team that work on different things at once :)

    ▶ Bed Wars
    The team is working hard to move Bed Wars forward to 1.0, a full release. Our main focus is on the new lobby (see below for a sneak peek), stats tracking (e.g wins / losses and more), and tons of new in-game cosmetics.


    In terms of progression, as we've said before we will not be adding any form of Kits, Perks or other items that give an in-game advantage. But we think you're going to love all our new in-game cosmetics, of which we've invented several new types never before seen on the server. The unlocking process is very cool too, and we can't wait to show you more.

    In the future for Bed Wars expect new maps, new gameplay features, and even more good stuff that rewards your playtime and keeps gameplay fresh and fun without unbalancing the core experience.

    ▶ Murder Mystery
    We are currently working on a new patch for MM that adds 2 new maps, a full rework of Transport (thanks to community feedback) and many improvements, bug fixes and gameplay features.

    The biggest new feature is the debut of our brand new in-game maps. This is an entirely new framework I've been poking around with OrangeMarshall on, and it switches from the current compass to a 'minimap' style system like you may see in other video games. The new map will allow you to easily see where the bow has been dropped, and whether it's above or below you - it's very cool and if your feedback is positive, we'll consider porting it to other games (where it makes sense). See below for a short video of our test:

    ▶ Social Menu
    Announced a while ago, progress on the social menu has picked back up and we expect the first version to go into testing very soon. In our initial launch / test, we expect to be improving the UI for Friends, Guilds and Parties to make it easier for you to add and manage these systems without using commands. Following that we will be adding even more features in the future.

    We know this update has been a long time coming and we apologize. This is a really important update from our perspective, and so we are working hard to make it a stark improvement to the server for all players. All the old commands will still exist though, if you prefer to use them.

    ▶ New mystery PTL Game
    We are currently working on a new previously unannounced PTL game. Early internal tests are going very well, and we expect this to enter the PTL very soon - we'll be sharing more details as things come together. Without spoiling anything, this new game represents a new style of gameplay not found on Hypixel and we're excited to get you playing and hear your feedback.

    Here's a spoiler-free sneak peek at our initial map. Can you guess what sort of game it is?


    ▶ SkyWars Update
    We've listened to your feedback and agree that SkyWars needs some love! We are putting together the beginnings of an update which we'll begin work on soon.

    What would you like to see in a SkyWars update? Let us know in the comments!

    We hope that gives you a good overview of current projects - as we said before, we are always working on lots of other stuff that we might not be able to talk about yet. We're looking forward to the start of a great Summer with you guys - with your support we want to continue making 2017 an AWESOME year for Minecraft :D

    Thanks for reading!


    ▶ Questions

    Q. Why update SkyWars and not [my favourite game]?

    SkyWars is our #2 most popular game and accounts for around 1/3 of total players. Because of SkyWars, Bed Wars, Murder Mystery and other popular games, we can afford to pay our developers to work on updates. Without games like SkyWars, we couldn't afford to do even minor bug fixes for smaller games. SkyWars has not been updated in 6+ months, which is why we are looking into doing an update. If we were only working off of revenue and playercount, SkyWars would receive 1/3 of all development time - at the moment it is receiving zero development time.

    This doesn't mean we aren't thinking about other games, but we operate a server that has 30+ games. We have to balance updating and fixing older games with smaller playerbases against supporting the games that pay our bills, so we can afford to continue to update all games and improve the server. I hope you understand.

    Q. Why do Bed Wars and Murder Mystery get so many updates?

    Bed Wars and Murder Mystery are Prototype Lobby (PTL) games. This means that instead of spending tons of time making full finished versions of these games, we released early semi-finished versions publicly so you can play them. Then we've been updating them until they're ready to be full release.

    In our previous model, Bed Wars and Murder Mystery would have received the same amount of development time, it would have just been private (not public) and behind the scenes, on our development server. So Bed Wars and Murder Mystery are not receiving "more updates", it just seems like they are because we are developing them publicly in the Prototype Lobby instead of privately behind-the-scenes. Instead of spending 3 months developing Version 1.0 of Bed Wars, we spent 1 month developing v0.1 and then released it into the PTL, and have continued development since.
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  2. brandon048

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    Thanks for update Tactful! <3
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  3. Nootella

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  4. Omgosh

    I can't wait to see the shop for bedwars, as it may be the first non-upgrade shop on hypixel. Goodluck on that :D

    As for murder mystery, that minimap idea sounds great, and I really hope it can be implemented. I'm sure it could also help the murderer a bunch if he/she could see innocents for the last 30 seconds.

    For skywars, I do not play it often, but I would like to see a nokits/upgrades mode. I would certainly try that gamemode out.

    Thanks for the update!:D
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  5. Fabian

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  6. Novia

    Novia Well-Known Member

    The Bedwars lobby is looking amazing so far! And I actually wonder, why do we never get updates on updates for The Hypixel Network?

    • Guild update
    • Social update
    • BSG update
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  7. NerqoY

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  8. Mary

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    Another SW update but nothing for blitz ;-;
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  9. Hiiva

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  10. 4RD
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  11. kaskada99

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  12. First page
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  13. CalOtter

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  14. Yess hypedd! Cant wait to see the new updates!!:p
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  15. Blupe

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  16. NICE
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  17. I think I can speak on behalf of most people here when I say that I really appreciate the extra communication about planned updates and new games on the server. Looking forward to what's to come!
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  18. Joko

    Joko Well-Known Member

    Virtual Savage GUILDMASTER

    Smash has been without an update for 10 months, the game is crippled with bugs and unbalance in heroes and maps. Projectiles are still not fixed, cluck was never fixed, NONE OF THE ATTACKS WORK ON SLABS. The game was left in ruin after the August update, which was 3 months late and of horrendous quality.

    Another cute thing I should list is that thorlon had asked for a list of all the bugs, but nothing was done. Over a hundred bugs, lots game breaking, were just left alone with no attempt to patch or even a reply.

    There is no reason as to why there is no Smash update added, I know you understand the dire need we have for just a promise of an update. Games are too repetitive, the #1 LB player is almost done FULLY MAXING THE SHOP; Smash has one of the hardest to upgrade shops on the server. The community is active and ready to assist developers in expanding the game, for crying out loud we are making our own high quality textures for the game just for enjoyment.
    Pls just a promise. I don't want to sound like Mega Walls, when they ranted about not having an update for no reason, we need changes in Smash Heroes. Dire changes.

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  19. Exceedings

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    i agree
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  20. So much for the guild update / arena update.
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