1. G'day Ye awesome Hypixel players!

    I'm operationremix and the same on the server.

    I am a proud VIP and I love the games Bedwars, Build Battle, Skywars and The Pit.

    Although my stats aren't the best I still like Hypixel and try my best.

    40/100% in Building
    70/100% in PvP

    Goal: Prestige in The Pit and reach
    Seasoned in Build Battle.

    Thank you for letting me introduce myself!
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  2. Good Luck with your goals!! :)
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  3. Good luck and it’s nice meeting you :)
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  4. Nice to meet you and hope you have a great time on the forums. ^-^

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  5. Welcome to the forums! If you ever have questions or if you just want someone to talk to, you are always free to message me! Hope to see you on the server and good luck with your goal(s)!
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  6. Hello OperationRemix! Welcome to the Forums! It’s great to see that you are becoming more involved within the forums. Skywars and Bedwars are two of my favorite games on the network too!! It has been a pleasure to meet you, Hope to see you around!
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  7. Thank y'all :)
  8. SeanVertigo

    SeanVertigo Active Member

    Welcome Op, good to see you. Welcome to the Forums. Hope to see you ingame!
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  9. Elecctricc

    Elecctricc Active Member

    Welcome friend! Great to see another new member who is proud to join build battle! Hope to see you out there! Enjoy yourself Mr Remix!
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  10. Nice to meet u !!!
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  11. TheDevil

    TheDevil Well-Known Member

    OG Nation OG
    Great to meet you, i look forward to seeing you round the forums. (i'm probably newer than you xD)
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  12. Welcome! It's nice to meet you! Good luck on your goals! I just got seasoned and am level 103 in pit!
    Cya around!
  13. Hi welcome to the forums!
  14. SnowyTree

    SnowyTree Well-Known Member

    Welcome and Good Luck with your goals. Both of those I’ve done and they’re awesome :)
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