1. 1) I put smelting touch on my Stonk pickaxe, only to realise that after I did that: the Stonk can't mine ores. xD

    2) When I used to use it, I put KB on my ember rod cuz I was like: So if I bounce it back, I can survive a bit more!
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  2. bought 5 sharpness I bc I thought ill get sharpness 5
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  3. Rip
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  4. Trying to bow ender man in the end
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. 2Emmi

    2Emmi Member

    i bought a kb2 aotd once
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  7. Stammy

    Stammy Active Member

    Using my skyblock menu nether crystal to hit mutant tarantulas and lose money.
    Combine eff 1 books, spent 200 levels on eff 5 pickaxe.
    Added growth v from enchanting table.
    Spent hours trying to enchant books on ench table then combine them to max out swords. (60 levels)
    Spent 50 mil on slayers getting nothing.
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  8. C4ez

    C4ez Active Member

    Guild Master
    Bumpity bump
  9. playing skyblock
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  10. bought spooky armor and spent 2mil+ on reforges to later know that they dont carry over to bat person
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  11. Alerj

    Alerj Active Member

    Gotten scammed 5/6 times.
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  12. he said name something that you've done that's dumb. Not something that's dumb
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  13. enchanting my diamond sword and first raider axe with smite, throwing my second raider axe in the void, and using an enchantment table to enchant my third raider axe, and it gave me knockback II

    (before you go say "bruh why aren't you using sba", try playing on a crappy mac with 207 ping regularly)
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  14. i do that too sometimes.
    the drag party w/o eyes i mean
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  15. Tried seeing what would happen if i placed the lava from my enchanted lava bucket
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  16. got scammed off aote
    got scammed of 1 mil
    accidentally dropped my aotd. the guy who picked it up thinks im a scammer
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  17. Not me but another person I've met today
    He nearly maxed out a NORMAL fishing rod and use it to grind for a Challenging, not knowing that the enchs won't be carried over
    When i explain why he should use a Winter/Farmer instead, he still said No
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  18. ePiCn0Ob21

    ePiCn0Ob21 Active Member

    dropping my maxed aote and seeing it be auctioned for several mil
    one of my low points
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  19. ii3bood173

    ii3bood173 New Member

    i saw people with tarantulas easily destroying dragons so i thought why not try to grind for tarantula and i said like Quaglet i sHouLd bUY thE sET tO gRiND EAsiER and litteraly after spider 5 i realized i already got the set

    so now im grinding for spider 7
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  20. Smelting iron ore in forges to grind golem sword with lvl 4 iron minions,and without knowing the existence of auto smelter
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