1. Check out my most recent thread- the weirdest things you have seen on sky block to tell people about it
  2. i actually buy another one via auction when i realzie that i can't get another one xd so i have a bat phone
  3. Tried "patching" afking combat xp by making vampire mask useless, forgot that it's not the only afk item.
  4. same lol
  5. spent 12m coins on an old chestplate reforged superior and dyed yellow because some creepy dude lied about it in the chat and as i saw that it was only going for 500k and going for 6m i panicked and clicked.
  6. Well I mean I get like 75% of my special zealots. And ya, I do have neg net worth I think
  7. Put an enchant on on by one on my aote, it was very expensive and took a lot of time.
  8. Using one minion to get personal bank upgrades, the greater backpack recipe, the feather artifact, the potion affinity artifact, the sea creature artifact, the giant accessory bag, and the hot potato book recipe

    edit: Buying Scavenger 4, Looting 4, and Luck 6 for my AOTD, making me unable to afford Hot Potato Books
  9. Bought vampire mask two hours before it was fixed for 11 mill and sold it for 1
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  10. also endermite
  11. I traded strong dragon armor + 1mil for unstable dragon armor when people thought unstable was better
  12. Do /ah 210577. There's an Ice Rod sitting there for $21 million (rip 1m auction fee)
  13. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Kick and salvage old island member near the void.
  14. Bought prot 1 books from the librarian and combined them to get prot 4 lapis armo

    Grinded for a golem sword

    Grinded for a pigman sword

    Bought protector dragon armor

    Used 268 levels to add a book to my aote. The book wasn't maxed.

    I'll add to this if any more dumb stuff comes to mind
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  15. L3ryx

    L3ryx Active Member

    Spent 100+ hours just to get slightly better gear
  16. Enchanting an AotE on the enchantment table. I think I got both Knockback 2 and Fire Aspect 2 on it.

    That was back in July, I made my sword enchanting guide in September.
  17. Bought Vamp mask for 11.5mil yesterday and now they removed it's only use so it is only worth about 100k coins today...
  18. Have knockback II on my Raider axe and adding one by one book to it
  19. First attempt at auction flipping I bid 5m on an aote xd
  20. bought a maxed rev falch for 500k and sold it for 100k 10 minutes later

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