1. A discussion essay written by AquaHeart

    It's very hard to say.

    The world, technology, and just everything, is developing faster, faster, and faster. New information, new media, are bursting out at an exponential rate.

    We've already seen many games challenge the popularity of Minecraft. League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, GTA, Overwatch, Call Of Duty, Undertale, Roblox... the list goes on and on.

    You see, some of us are getting tricked into the mindset of what I like to call the "common talk" mindset. Allow me to explain.

    Two years ago, barely anyone talked about how much America sucks, how America is losing to all the other countries, and how it's no longer the world's greatest country. Last year, The Donald told us about all that. Not only are all the Americans talking about it and thinking that way, but people from other parts of the world, especially China and Europe, are starting to think the same way: They're gaining power and America is nowhere as powerful as it used to be.

    Same with Minecraft. In 2014/15, "Minecraft is a dying game" was not at all a major topic of discussion. In fact, thousands of people would bash you for saying that. Then in 2016, Roblox became this huge new thing, even though it's just a single year younger than Minecraft, and so many players believed that Roblox was a new game. People were starting to quit Minecraft and pour into all the other popular games. It kind of disappointed me, but what disappointed me even more, is that there's now a whole new topic of discussion: "Minecraft is a dying game". More and more people quit because of that. Due to this new talk, people thought they were being left out and started to quit. Then, having quit Minecraft, they support the talk and make more people quit Minecraft. Thus the cycle continues.

    Minecraft first of all is NOT dying. If you want to show me Google Trends data as evidence that it is indeed dying, well my friend, I am one step ahead of you. Google Trends is only a tool to measure how much Minecraft is searched up on Google. Back in 2012/2013, people were pouring into Minecraft and they were all noobs. They needed guides, they needed inspiration, they needed everything. And Google was their perfect answer.

    I joined Minecraft in November 2013, and it was a very different place back then. People were CRAZY about Minecraft back then. That was back in the day when Survival Games was even more popular than today's Skywars and Bedwars (or Money Wars). When Mitch was the boss. Sky was the boss. Jerome was the boss. Dan was doing OK, but certainly nowhere close to where he is now. Pat, SSundee, Unspeakable, Log, Grian, and a lot more that are now very popular today, were all relatively unknown. I was in fifth grade back then. My classmates would play it so often after school, that it seems like it took over everyone's lives. I have NEVER seen this phenomenon happen before. Nor did a lot of the parents. I don't know about you guys.

    For many, life suddenly changed from: Get up - Get ready - Go to school - Play tag at recess - Classes - Lunch - Classes - Go home - Do homework - Play soccer - Dinner - Bed

    To: Get up - Get ready - Build a nice new house on the school bus - Talk about Factions at recess - Classes - Talk about Minecraft songs and YouTubers at lunch - Classes - Play more Minecraft on the school bus home - Play even more Minecraft at home, sometimes with some real life friends - Dinner - Do homework - Bed, but not before watching just a few more Minecraft videos.

    Now those people, including me, have grown up. We're teenagers now, and many of us are getting tired of Minecraft due to its lack of straight action. And because we have gotten bored of it, we start to think it's a boring game. And so we tell our younger siblings, the would-be next generation of Minecraft players, that it's a boring game, because many of us are jerks. Thus, the new young audience is slowing down its incoming rate and those already in are getting dragged out.

    Sure, Minecraft is no longer as much of a thing as it was before, but it's still nowhere near dead. And all this decreasing in fame has not many reasons to blame except some of the old generation players. Those selfish people have decided that just because their fun is done, that the fun of all their close ones are also done, too. Thus this "Minecraft is dying" talk.

    Seriously, 10 million players still play Hypixel, every day. "Dying"? Not even close.

    In a few years time, if this phenomenon continues, the rest of the relatively new players will slowly leave Minecraft. Some of the old players might find themselves so attached that they find themselves just unable to quit. And since the new updates are starting to get kind-of-good again after that disastrous 1.9 update, there will always be that portion of players staying.

    But as stated in one of AntVenom's videos, Microsoft is taking a new approach to Minecraft, to make it a Lego-like game. I personally do not appreciate this, and it is in my opinion a big step in the wrong direction. If players start getting robbed of their temptation to create as they please, people will start to quit Minecraft faster than ever before. Then the same "Minecraft is dying" phenomenon will happen all over again. And that might be the real death of Minecraft, which I'm sure none of us here want to witness.

    I really don't like the things Microsoft has done to Minecraft, especially the Combat Update. The new combat cooldown has made players and entire servers like Hypixel mad. Version switching was never much of an issue before. Now people need to switch versions so often because they want the PvP and creation experience equally much.

    I think Microsoft is just going to make one silly mistake after another and slowly ruin the game.

    I have no idea how to save this situation. But what I do know is that we can all do our best by not adding more bad energy. Stop telling everyone that Minecraft is dying, and instead, leave them up to their opinion. Make the community better by being a good member: Don't act like a 6 year old, don't create unnecessary drama, and don't hack or grief.

    Thanks for reading. :)
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  2. Well written thread my friend :)
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  3. Every game here trumps minecraft in popularity expect cod and roblox

    Couldn't be bothered to read the reset but im sure it was nice :p
  4. Pokkets

    Pokkets Well-Known Member

    But hacking is like one of the only fun things left on minecraft, it's just gotten boring and stale for most people and that's why alot of old players are pouring out leaving.
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  5. Hacking is not. Bedwars and Skywars are just as fun without hacks. Hacks take away the entire PvP experience, the need for strategic planning, and basically everything that makes the game fun. It also unfairly takes the fun from other people who play legit.

    There is a reason, a very good one, why Hypixel bans players for hacking.
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  6. Pokkets

    Pokkets Well-Known Member

    Bedwars and Skywars get REALLY stale after a long while, hacking is fun for alot of people, like me. But i don't hack on Hypixel since my main has rank and stats and everything on here.

    Games tend to get stale after long amounts of time. Like Skywars, it just doesn't appeal after a strong (almost) 2 years of time.
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  7. But Hypixel is constantly making new content, new games, for us to enjoy. So is Minecraft. A new update brings new game elements into the game, and even though it doesn't change the server much, it still gives mapmakers amazing new opportunities.
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  8. First of all,
    So it's simply Mojangs fault and not Microsoft's considering how Notch left Mojang. That may be the cause for Minecraft getting less great updates and because of that making it less popular.

    Second, I do not think Minecraft is dying. Roblox is seriously such a bad game. I simply don't understand how some people play it. Most people probably play it because YouTubers play it. And most YouTubers play it to get more viewers since it's considered a 'new' game. Sure it may be popular now, but its popularity could also decrease after some years. Making Minecraft number 1, again?

    Minecraft is still very popular. Servers keep growing (Especially Hypixel). It's just that most players prefer to play it on their phones or simply on their consoles. Updates will keep comming. Everything has it ups and downs and currently that's the case with Minecraft.
    All we can do is hope that Mojang releases a nice update to bring back Minecraft's popularity.
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  9. shahed

    shahed Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    Minecraft will be around forever.
  10. Well written.
    I joined minecraft aswell in winter 2013 and I can remember the time. Most of my friends including me were just playing singleplayer, building houses etc. Servers weren't as popular as they are now.
    In my opinion the game is not getting worse, unliked or something. it just...changes.
    As you can see at the possibilitys of development in a minigame, the game on servers is getting more and more detailed and plentiful.
    Minecraft indeed isn't dying, perhaps some players don't like the changes but I'm sure even more players are joining just because these modifications, just look at the growing of hypixel ;)
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  11. So, long story short; Minecraft is dying but it isn't dying but it actually is dying but then again it isn't dying yadayadayada.
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  12. This post was better written than most of my 9th grade college prep essays. gg
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  13. I see autocorrect isn't doing it's best right now.
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  14. Great post M8. :D
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  15. Maybe the 1.9 update isn't as bad as people think. Maybe changing around a few things might make the game better than it already is or at least keep it from becoming stale and sure 1.9 didn't come across well but who knows, maybe we will get big updates like that that make game better. Just my crazy opinion
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  16. Great post btw
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  17. MicrowavedFood

    MicrowavedFood Well-Known Member

    The thing about 1.9 is that it slows pvp down to a crawl. Fighting is pretty much whoever has better gear, there is no skill involved anymore.
  18. That's definitely not how I see it.
    1.9 relies mostly on dodging attacks and aim(and some other factors). Pretty much making you able to deafeat players with way better armor than you, if skilled enough.
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  19. I meant more that they are trying new things to improve the game, even if there are some bad updates along the way.
  20. UGame45

    UGame45 Well-Known Member

    L9 L9

    Jokes aside
    Minecraft is probs gonna last about 2-4 years tbh
    Also the undertale hype is dead
    The game isnt really popular anymore and mostly ignored thanks to the Cancer community
    Roblox is literal cringe and mainly little kids play it
    TF2 was basically screwed when overwatch came
    Gta5 is Old
    And LoL is..just idk
    Point is Minecraft is doing fine for itself
    People say its dieing due to all the old players leaving due to getting bored or not liking the new features
    If you think about it theres lots of new players coming in

    Thats why theres so much skywars nons
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