1. Nickname: FluffyFlare
    Hypixel Network level: 10
    Main Gamemode(s): Bedwars and Skywars
    Additional Information: Level low cus I forgot my password to my main account and had to create a new account :/ I'm very active and i play everyday and i left my last guild because they were inactive
  2. xDakotax

    xDakotax New Member

    Nickname: Libby
    Hypixel Network level: 62
    Main Gamemode(s): Skyblock bedwars Skywars
    Additional Information: I'm an e-girl XD
  3. I don't know, maybe in 1 hour or 2.
    Accepted, but you have to duel me since the stats are low.

  4. Nickname: mehtea
    Hypixel Network level: 54
    Main Gamemode(s): Bedwars & Skywars

    Additional Information: [i might change my ign to anxietea]
  5. Denied sorry.
    Denied sorry.
  6. ChronicCP

    ChronicCP New Member

    Nickname: Primducknole
    Hypixel Level: 14
    Main gamemode(s): Bedwars, Skywars tnt run and duels
    Additional information: I may look not so professional based on my level but im pretty good with breezily bridging i have practised a lot recently. I also have video proof:

    This vid is about 4 days ago im much more better and consisent now, I can also prove in a live bedwars game or in duels.

    Finally im decent with pvp but im not the best still grinding tho :D
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  7. Great job dude! I'm inviting you later.
  8. ChronicCP

    ChronicCP New Member

    Very appreciated, Thanks :)
  9. No problem!
  10. What was the reason to deny my application?
  11. Nickname: Kwi (IGN - Kwikashi (New Main) ADBC (Old Main))
    Hypixel Network level: Main (Inactive) 40, Alt (New Main) 37 - In total 77.
    Main Gamemode(s): Skywars, Bedwars, And Skyblock.
    Additional Information: Usually Active for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 5. Skywars Level 8 (star) Bedwars: 17. Greatest Item achieved in Skyblock (co-op) Hurricane Bow. I am also active on Discord.
  12. Low stats. Sorry mate.
    Denied, sorry...
    Btw you should check out my MC Client Discord if you're active on it. :D
    It's on the signature.
  13. Nickname: kubz
    Hypixel Network level: 32
    Main Gamemode(s): bedwars, skywars and im getting into skyblock a little bit
    Additional Information:how r u
  14. niftae

    niftae New Member

    Nickname: niftae
    Hypixel Network level: just hit 10
    Main Gamemode(s): bedwars ;)
    Additional Information: my fkdr is 6.23 ;)
  15. Denied, and additional information is not "how r u", lmao.
    Denied sorry...
  16. Nickname: NW_Ballrz
    Hypixel Network level: 53
    Main Gamemode(s): Bedwars
    Additional Information: 10 Star Skywars, Iron Division earlier seasons, just had near perfect Bedwars game, 7 beds destroyed, 6 final kills
  17. Accepted.
  18. NotBeeee

    NotBeeee New Member

    Nickname: Bee
    Hypixel Network level: 29
    Main Gamemode(s): SktWars
    Additional Information: NA
  19. Accepted!
  20. 27w


    27w Member


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