1. Looking to start a new coop for map art purposes only, not gonna be looking for sweat grinding or active players just some chill dudes to come hang and make pokemon sprites outta wool and stuff

    -be a furry (obv.)
    -no scamming/cheating (plz don't steal my wool then dupe it tia)
    -no nsfw art that will get us beaned
    -no commies
    -no whiners (we got one already and that's me sorry)
    -no stink

    applications can be sent here via dm, or you could try locating the closest windowless white van with free candy spray painted on the side and ask for RATMOGS, but I would greatly prefer a dm so send one of those please :3
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  2. W0B0T

    W0B0T Active Member

    OurGround PP
    What the fuckity fucking fuck type of cuck shit is that.
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  3. o.o;

    I just wanna make some art and I don't know any other skyblock furries, cept umbra but he removed me randomly GG
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  4. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    uh oh dont say the deviantards kind of "furry" please say its just the innocent furries who like people animals and just wanna have a eevee oc or something [ngl im more of a dragon person but hey dogs and cats are adorable[
  5. We can't expect god to do all the work
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  6. naw this ain't like DA or *cough*e621*cough* it's just dudes who like anthro characters chilling.

    I swear.

  7. W0B0T

    W0B0T Active Member

    OurGround PP
    Why does the requirement have to be “must be a furry”. Are you starting some sort of furry cult? Cause if so man you don’t know what you’re starting.
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  8. Damn it they’re invading hypixel skyblock as well. What community is safe from furries
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  9. MsRager

    MsRager Active Member

    discrimination isn't allowed
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  10. Oh hey that's scurrows photo! he has a series where he's trying to take the creepiest possible fursuit photos haha.
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  11. wolf pets dude, sorry. game was rigged from the start I'm afraid. jarva clearly has a sandworm fursona, yjdk how bad things really are
  12. I am confusion
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  13. Housing is probably better for this.
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  14. probly yeah, but I wanna do this on SB.
  15. no thanks at the first req, also, you're next.
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  16. gl I know counter toxic and hyper meme
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  17. i have so many questions
  18. It's ok there's a no commies rule so yaint getting in there, comrade
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  19. i haet furry

    ths poset maed by reddit gang
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  20. Nothing against furries but... This post makes me uncomfortable.
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