1. Furries are not a meme, it's a fandom
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  2. Not a "fandom" per se, just a genre for hobby/ies.
  3. True
    Wow you know nothing about furries.
    Also I'm 13.
  4. you are very funny for someone with a username like "mien"craftboy1507
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  5. okay troll account. The thing you're doing wrong with the account is that trolls are supposed to be funny
    Im not even a furry xD
  6. miencraftboy1507

    miencraftboy1507 Active Member

    thats what my name was intended for so people like you can result to name calling
  7. the only reason people head for your name immediately is because you act like a 5 year old troll on 4chan
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  8. Lets stay respectful so this thread does not get locked
  9. miencraftboy1507

    miencraftboy1507 Active Member

  10. Dogium

    Dogium Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't mind furries, as I view them as equals.
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  11. Still looking for the reason to spend that much cash on dressing up like my 6-year-old cousin...
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  12. Late but agreed by the way
  13. no u

    heccing post farmer blatantly post farming hecc off you heccing heccer with more heccing illegitimate posts than me
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  14. Ayyyy Telephone skin xD mines just my own character
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  15. PaulaDeen

    PaulaDeen Well-Known Member

    Psychiatric hospitals, also known as mental hospitals, mental health units, mental asylums or simply asylums, are hospitals or wards specializing in the treatment of serious mental disorders
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  16. Although this isn't a mental disorder,
    If you actually read the post EX-MILITARY are also involved in the community so technically you would be calling them people who have a mental disorder. People who have been fighting to keep your lives as they are and making sure you are protected.
  17. The only thing why people don't like Furries is because they combine it with s*x... *cough* my friend *cough*

    - Humans does count as Animals... :D
    - Micky Mouse is a Furry too! XD
    - I like Ice Cream... O_O

    Also I had a Profile Picture which had a Fox Furry on it... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    The Evolution of my Profile Pictures are weird...

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  18. This is the reason everyone is so negative about it, they never see the positive side. Without help from members of the fandom certain charities still wouldn't be running as furry conventions donate A LOT to charity. Just look at Anthrocon.


    They are sponsoring the South Hills Pet rescue charity during their next convention which is pretty soon so for anyone in Pittsburgh keep an eye out. Normally these conventions give lots of the money mainly the entry fee goes to charity. Think about this.. 6000+ attendee's + entry fee = $63 normal $100+ sponsor $200+ super sponsor that is A LOT of money donated to charity.
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  19. wtf
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  20. People always think Negative when they hear bad things. That's in all of us. When someone says (Especially Parents tell us that) that G*y/L*sbian is bad, its disgusting you automaticly belive it.

    I still don't understand why people hate Furries... Is it because they hate Animals or Humans in Customs (Reminds me of Halloween or carnival tbh). I don't get it. Because Furries and s*x are not in the same category to me!

    Nice Info! I didn't knew about that!
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