1. Lol, I have a couple.

    In some games, people were being killed really fast, and it didn't take much time at all for it to be the last 3 players...

    There was at least TWO times where I FELL into the void and loss the game when it was a 1v1. One time, a guy was at his base and like "come on over". There was a 1 block howl between his base and where I was, and he was standing away from it so I crossed, and he SNOWBALLED ME INTO THE VOID.

    And there was a close-eyed derp skin on the map where spawn islands are in pairs (the red one) so I began to rush him, but he tried to rush me too. He built up, I built up. Eventually, he jumped onto my island and began placing lots of TNT. I was still in the air, so I didn't die from the TNT, but he did!
  2. well yesterday I died to a fly cheater and while I had pearls he would just scaffold to me and when I jumped with Jump Boost to juke him, he locked and knocked me into the void. Then eventually he ran into another cheater and they were both duking it out, and one won. It was really satisfying to watch ngl

    My last game (grandmaster) was a highlight. I player rushed somebody on Aegis and got a kill. I then cleaned a cheater who had just finished hopping on a target was at 1 heart. Someone lootswept me when I killed the cheater and tried to escape to the top with Jump boost and jumped all the way on top of the bell of Aegis on the peak of the map, but he died too. A cleaner tried to come in, but he had only diamond boots and my sword was enough to kill him. At this point, I had 4 kills and 2 foes were left. I was bowing somebody and he just walked off the map by mistake. The final guy was camping at his spawn island and it was not even a challenge with the pearls I got from the refill. Games like this are what I wished I recorded lol
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  3. In one game I spleefed three people then got spleefed myself
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  4. So.

    I was recording, and commentating.
    I was on Aegis.
    I stayed on the bottom half of my island, and dug out a part of the stairs.
    I jumped over the gap not visible from the top, and stood at the top, with no armor, jumping around. The other player pearled, and while the Pearl was in the air, I ran downstairs.

    He ran down, walked over the gap, and hit me once.
    Still on fire, I hit him once with my Spele pickaxe, he went backwards about 1 block, fell in the hole, fell in the void.

    Also, this all happened in Grandmaster.
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  5. iTinn

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    Well one game there was a blatant bhopper. He killed everyone and i was the last one. I made a box just incase. Then he builds up and tries to toggle fly but he just jumps into the void. GG
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  6. I went fisherman (I abuse that kit so bad) I just kinda camped at an island close to spawn until there was only one guy left. He rushed me and we knocked each other off, but i had one pearl and i pearled back up. I only hit the side of the island, but it still gave me enough time
  7. One game i got knocked off and was about to die when the last person disconnected and i won
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  8. Infit

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    I want to see the video
  9. lol it’s fantastic I’ll try to find the clip
  10. 15h


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    When people block themselves up with obby but you have a diamond pick, lol.
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  11. The 10,000 times I fell into the void.

    When I killed frog kit players and stuck the heads all over the map. It came down to me and this last guy. He said, "Sir, how much blood have you shed?" I responded with, "Not enough. I need yours."

    When I was on stratus (Or whatever it's called) And I was under middle, this guy dug down, then fell into the void cause he dug straight down.
  12. I was in a game with BloodEffect (i think #2 on tourney lb)

    I snuck up on him and got some good hits on him, he takes a bunch of knockback and ends up in the middle of a 1v1v1.
    He had 2 hearts

    I was so salty and he ended up killing me at the end :(
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  14. oof that happened to me a couple times (It wasn't BloodEffect but the same thing happened)
  15. @Infit here’s the video! Tell your friends to subscribe (this totally isn’t advertising you asked me)
  16. Sej


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    oh probably that part were I won a game coz im that bad
  17. There you go! Proof!

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