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    I tried to solve this problem in many different ways but with no success.
    My game basically freezes every 30 seconds , and it looks like a connection problem since i can move but i see the world freezed.
    I allocated 4 gbs of RAM , I have installed optifine and got 60/120 FPS constantly.
    My ping is not that bad and my connection neither (300Mbit/s) .
    When I play single player it's all smooth but asa I join a server it starts to happen.
    Moreover I did not get this problem 4 months ago and I have not changed pc, nor router.
    What could it be?
  2. try F3+T
  3. RAM or random access memory is key to less freezing. If you do not have enough RAM from my experience, your frames in f3 look good but your game performance is poor. I learned this because I allocated 10GB of ram to my own Minecraft server and that left me with only 6GB of ram for me to use. I saw my frames were higher than I was actually getting. Allocate more ram or get more and you should see a performance boost.
  4. do your other games have cases like this?
    u should have a test

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