1. Yes, I know there is already such a thing like that in skyblock by @TristanREMA, I am working with him :)
    So for more players to come (Maxed guest and different timezones), we decided to open one at my island too!
    You are welcomed to come and check that out!
    -There Are No Flower Minions :p -
    - Donations are welcomed! -
    -All minions in the shop are tier I-

    Mining: Redstone, Diamond, Lapis, Coal, Emerald, Gold, Iron, Cobblestone, Obsidian, Gravel, Clay, Ice, Sand, Quartz, Glowstone
    Mobs: Cave Spider, Spider, Skeleton, Magma Cube, Blaze, Enderman, Slime, Zombie
    Animals: Pig, Sheep, Cow, Rabbit, Fishing
    Farming: Nether Wart, Cocoa Beans, Mushroom, Wheat, Cactus, Sugarcane, Melon, Pumpkin, Carrot, Potato
    Woods: Oak, Birch, Spruce, Dark Oak, Acacia, Jungle.

    Chicken Minion

    -Waiting to see you! ;) -

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    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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  2. Step on that to enter the shop :)

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  3. Okay cool.
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  4. Just went to your shop, very well done! Wasn't even a scam! This is a great thing! I don't know what else to say besides thank you!
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  5. Got an ice minion for free. Was nice and fast.
    I recommend it :)
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  6. Urabe

    Urabe Member

    I want a flower minion but I can't login right now :(
  7. I don't sell flower minions :/
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  8. CloudySky

    CloudySky Member

    O heck yis i got the ghast minion, its actually pretty well done =w=
    EDIT: I forgot to thank you xD i wish there was more people that does this kinda thing ngl =3
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  9. I got inspired by the same person aswell and i was helping him ^^ I am gonna open a free enchanted book shop soon :p
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  10. Could I buy a creeper minion and blaze minion please.
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  11. FiXZD

    FiXZD Member

    Thank you! Helped me out a ton!
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  12. Riczardo

    Riczardo Active Member

    Cool! Good job, great help for beginners. I gave up a few myself and I intend to give away more in the future
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  13. Pandarky

    Pandarky Member

    Negry are you on?
  14. Splooooosh

    Splooooosh New Member

    So, when can I buy a minion? I came to your Island and waited for a while, and was wondering if there is a certain time when I should be there to get a minion.

  15. that depends on whether the owner of the island is online.

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