1. EDIT: I don't think people understand what I mean about the "Character" part of the format. You can choose anything. For example, if you put in "Pig" as the character, and gave me your skin, I would make a pig with your skin, even if it's completely human.

    EDIT 2: Replaced "Small picture or large picture" with "background (y/n)" Because I can give you both anyway.

    EDIT 3: From now on, if anyone requests a human I will include a basic format. The point of the thread is to "humanize" other things with peoples skins. The basic format isn't even bad imo.

    Hello! You can choose any character you want, (a movie character, video game character, etc), choose ANY picture of a person/skin. And I can customize it for you! Just fill out this format:

    How should I contact you?:
    Background? (y/n):

    GuildName.png A Luke Skywalker with my skin!
    A custom sheep!
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  2. Nukl

    Nukl Well-Known Member

  3. Amazing! I would love one.

    Name: NightRains :)
    Character: Could you do me and my friend if it's okay?

    Skin/person: First skin(Mine): https://namemc.com/skin/6e48c4f3cc5e707a
    Other skin(My friend): https://namemc.com/skin/e90cc5fe49c91d38

    How should I contact you?: Just make a conversation and send it there! :D
  4. On it, I have something to do today but I'll probably be able to finish this.
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  6. Here! nukl-pixilart.png [​IMG] Capture.PNG
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  7. Should I make your skin as a wolf, or as a person that looks like a wolf?
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  9. Name: DangItsSam
    Character: Ninja
    Skin/person: DangItsSam - me
    How should I contact you?: Tag me in this post
    Small picture, or large picture? Large please

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Cuzr

    Cuzr Member

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  12. Done! another-request-pixilart.png another-request-pixilart.png
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  13. Night

    Night Well-Known Member

    Name: Saika
    Character: Human
    Skin/person: ba52d0f945f6dc5f.png
    How should I contact you?: Oh just upload the image here,or start a convo
  14. Maybe one of my better arts :p all-i-get-is-requests!--pixilart.png all-i-get-is-requests!--pixilart.png
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  15. Night

    Night Well-Known Member

  16. I use a certain amount of outlines and edit them. Should I use this outline to make your art?
  17. Night

    Night Well-Known Member

    Actually do whichever you feel like would look best xd
  18. I'm trying something new, hope you enjoy! trying-something-new--pixilart.png trying-something-new--pixilart.png
    EDIT: Fixed the picture. trying-something-new--pixilart (1).png
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  19. Canary

    Canary Well-Known Member

  20. Done. i-hate-minecraft-but-it's-a-request...-pixilart.png i-hate-minecraft-but-it's-a-request...-pixilart.png
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