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  1. Forum Guide
    This page is created to teach people how to sign up, navigate, and become successful on forums that use XenForo; although it is directed towards and may contain many references to the hypixel forums. Throughout this guide there are many linked words that open a new page designated to the definition or explanation of that word (somewhat like Wikipedia).

    Table of contents:
    Signing Up
    Forum Basics
    1. Thread/Post Creation
    2. Navigation
    3. Profile & Users
    Becoming Successful
    1. Category Designated Advice
    2. Guides
    3. Attitude
    Signing Up
    Forums are wonderful places that can be used to express all sorts of ideas. Forums are often founded by major companies, games, and servers to allow people to have a say in what is going on and get a better understanding of how to do things. When signed up, a user may interact with threads, post ideas, and help build a friendly community.

    There is a button for logging into or signing up for a forum at the top left hand side of a forum's page. The button should contain the text "Log in or Sign up".[​IMG] Upon clicking this the user will be greeted with several editable details such as email and password. Users that have an account should enter the information requested for their account and click the "Log in" button. There is also a toggleable checkbox beside the button that keeps the user from automatically being logged out when leaving the specific forum.


    For users who do not yet have an account, they must enter their email and password they would like to be used for their account, select the "No, create an account now" option, and press the Sign up button (once the Log in button). Upon completing this transaction the user will be greeted with a page containing many detailsthey must enter before creating an account such as name and age. Once all the information is accurately and correctly entered the user can click the "Sign up" button to create their account. Most information such as password and timezone will not be tracked by forum staff or can be made private through account settings. Some things to note before signing up is that the "Name" refers to what that person's username is and who they are referred to as, and before signing up the person must agree to the terms and conditions. Few users actually read all the terms and conditions, however it is wise to do so and can benefit the user.

    A person creating a forum account
    Forum Basics
    Once a user has created an account for the desired forum, he can begin posting threads, making posts, and reading other people's works of art. The section below will briefly explain how to post and create threads.

    To make a comment, also known as reply or post, the user must simply navigate the forums to the desired thread and scroll to the bottom of the page. There the user will be greeted with a blank text box with their avatar beside. To create a post, input all desired information into the box and hit the "Post Reply" button. Above the text box is a list of available options that the user may use to apply special changes to what they have written or to add more detail (see further down for more information). The "More Options" button will bring the user to a more thread creation like editor with a few more options. The "Upload File" button may be used to upload files from their computer up to the amount that specific forum allows (1MB for the hypixel forums). A user may also hit the "reply" button on any other person's post to quote it.

    A before & after shot of a member's reply

    Another form of expressing feelings or starting a topic through forums is called creating a thread. A thread can be made by going to the section of the forums that best suites the topic of the thread to be made and hitting the "Post New Thread" button.
    This will then take the user to his own page in which he can insert any information wanted in the thread into the text box. The text box and options are remarkably similar to those found when trying to comment on a thread. Some of the differences include the ability to preview the thread to proofread and for technical purposes, the ability to give a title to the thread, and the ability to create a poll. Something that may be confusing when making a poll is that there is a "Display votes publicly" option. When activated this will allow people to see which users voted for what section(s).

    A thread in the works​

    It is important to browse or search the section the user wishes to make the post in beforehand to look for any threads already started that share a similar or parallel topic. It is also important to check the threads at the top of each section as there may be formats that must be followed. When the thread is complete, the user should hit the "Create Thread" Button below the text box to create the thread. Once this is done, the thread will be displayed by title in its designated section along with a brief description and other basic information. The titles of threads may contain tags. Tags are words put in brackets ([]) that are used to describe the thread and assist internet searches.

    Posting Tools

    There are several useful tools, or options, that can be used to make posts and threads look and flow better. These options can be viewed above the textbox where a post is being created. Several of these tools are quite useful but may be neglected due to unnoticeablity or because they may be difficult to understand. In this section some of these tools will be briefly explained.
    • [​IMG] The Image and Media tools will paste a video whose URL has been specified into the location being written in. To get an image or media URL, right click the picture or video wished to be pasted into the thread, and click "copy image (or video) URL". This may then be pasted into the post being created via these tools to fully project the image or video.
    • [​IMG] The linking tools allow the user to add a link to any area within the thread or post. When someone clicks on a link they will be taken to a new page that the link directs them towards. To use this tool, highlight the items or text that should have the link, press the link tool, and paste the link to the site or URL desired. When linked, an item will turn blue and show the link when hovered over. The unlink option removes any links within the highlighted text.
    • Another interesting thing that can be done within posts is the act of creating spoilers. Spoilers are a small orange textbox with an "open" option that appear when a post is created or previewed. When opening a spoiler it will reveal its contents. To create a spoiler, one must type the text [.spoiler="<spoiler name>"]<spoiler content>[/spoiler] and substitute anything in <carrots> with the desired text. This is useful for conserving space or having... well, a spoiler.
    • When posting a thread a user may want to draw attention to or call other users, this may be done by tagging the appropriate user. To insert a tag into one's post that user must type the @ symbol preceding the user to be tagged forum name. Tagging a user will provide a direct link to their profile by clicking that tag, as well as notify the user that they have been tagged. An example of a tag in a thread would be AidanL17. Tags are limited depending on the forum, and it is not appropriate to tag certain users as stated in the Don't Tag Mods thread.
    • [​IMG]The Remove formatting tool may be used to remove any formatting, links, and special position of the highlighted text. This is useful to restore or grant original text, or organize a messy predicament.
    There are many bugs with XenForo regarding color, font, and size format. In these situations the Remove formatting tool comes in handy as it allows a second chance. Another common bug is the action of pressing the enter key to create a new line will not work and may mess up the official post or thread. To fix this it is usually best to undo the previous attempt, and try creating a new line between two characters.
    Forum Navigation
    Usually to get to the initial forums a member must click a tab within the site the forum is on. From thence the user can select from a wide range of organized sections to view threads from. Below each section will be listed the number of discussions and messages within the section, along with the most recent message or discussion to the right hand side of the section. Clicking on a section will transfer the user to a page dedicated to it. In this page the user is able to see the most recent threads created for that section along with a brief summary and information of each. Clicking on any of these threads will take the user directly to that thread where they can read and discuss its topic.

    What a section may look like

    Within each forum section the threads are naturally listed by date unless pinned or otherwise display options are changed by the user. [​IMG]Pinned threads will always appear on the top of the section list as they are important and should be read.[​IMG]Locked threads are threads that can no longer be interacted with for either demonstration purposes, completion, or spam/inappropriate reasons. Threads with the user's icon next to the poster's avatar are threads that user has viewed.[​IMG]A bubble icon indicate unwatched threads.

    There are many other complicated and unnoticed ways to navigate throughout the forums and various threads. There are far too many to count as they appear as shortcuts in various forum pages, experimenting with these may help the user to be slightly more efficient; however the above seems to be the best and most widely used. When the user is in any section of the forums they may notice a toolbar at the top of the page. This includes their avatar (see further below), and several other tabs such as Alerts and Inbox with a number indicating how many alerts or conversations that particular user has. Alerts can be viewed by hovering over the alerts tab. The number of alerts shown will only go up to 20, more can be viewed by clicking "Show all". Clicking any alert shown will take the user to its designated thread. Generally it is best to view alerts from oldest to newest in order to be proper and will be viewed last to most recent, for new users this is not as crucial. The inbox shows all unread conversations, and any conversation may be clicked on to go directly to it. Conversations are private exchange of messages that can be started by clicking any user's avatar and then "Start a Conversation".

    A user checking conversations, he also has an alert​

    Profile & Users
    There are many various account details that can be managed by the user. In this section some of the more important details will be discussed as well as how to interact with other users. When a user comes across a very helpful or enjoyed post it may be a good idea to like the post by clicking the "like" button in the bottom right hand corner of the message. Maybe the user is interested in the way the other user has been posting threads and wants to know more about him. By clicking any user's avatar a small box will pop up containing brief information about this person. If even further interest peruses the user may click the other user's name within the box to see his profile page.

    The profile page of a user contains most desired information of the user such as number of posts or follower count. This page also allows the user to post a comment on that person's profile or see where they have been or have posted. If the a user really enjoys what someone has posted and wants to show appreciation or view more of their work, they can follow the user by clicking the "follow" button within the options located in the box when clicking the desired person's avatar. If a user follows someone then that user will be displayed as followed by them. The followed person will also be shown as online to the follower on the main forum page whenever online; furthermore anything the followed person posts will go into the follower's news feed. Something else a user may notice is how they have trophy points and a member rank. Trophies are rewarded for specific member feats and grant a given number of trophy points. The amount of trophy points determines a member's rank. Further detail is given in this page.

    Someone's basic details when clicking their avatar

    When viewing one's self's profile page it is possible to post a status message. A user's status message is displayed when their avatar is clicked on as shown above. Some users prefer to have no status message. It is possible to attain this if a status is created and then deleted by the user, or deleting all previous status messages displayed on the profile page.

    Another useful tool on the top of each forum page is a small options link tab for each user. Initially it is just the user's name and avatar, but when hovered over it reveals several self-exclamatory links that may be used to easily navigate that user's history and access some important options.

    A user's tab

    Through the user tab one may easily change their settings to however desired. One setting in particular that may need some explanation is the signature settings. A user may create and update their signature in the signature page. Signatures may contain anything a normal post can, however depending on the forums there may be a signature size limit. A user's signature will be displayed below any of their posts set off by a small boundary. All messages a user has made will include their most recent signature, even if the thread the post is in is locked. Signatures can be flashy and generally promote advertisement to their user. Usually these signatures are pleasing to look at the first couple of times, but over time they may become annoying to scroll through. There is an option in the preferences section that allows users to prevent these signatures from being displayed. Some users also have no signature at all as it prevents spam and is generally more pleasing to view, especially to normal forum visitors who have no account.

    A member's post and signature
    Becoming Successful
    * The following section on category designated advice is for the hypixel forums only! Please edit if distributed*

    Each section has its own unique traits and posts that should be created within it. On most forums, it will be wisest to post threads in their appropriate or most fitting section even if it may detract from the amount of accumulated views. This is because it will be as helpful in the long run, and shows more respect towards the forum and its staff. There may also be pinned threads in each section, it is best to read through these threads in case there is vital information such as a format or behavior needed for that section. Below some of the hypixel forums sections will be listed along with some wise advice and instruction as to how to make threads and some of the exceptional posting advice for each.

    Server Bug Reports
    This section of the forums is designated to bug reports. Currently bug reports must follow the bug reports guide and should not be submitted if already reported. Using the advanced search to search for forum threads and topics would be a helpful tool in this situation to assure that the bug has not yet been reported. Blitz Survival Games bugs related to taking damage have countless reports and should not be reported as a solution to the issue is currently being worked on. Server store related issues should be resolved by emailing [email protected] and providing as much information as possible. Login errors are also very numerous and explanation can be found through research of the forums, usually these errors are temporary or due to a pirated minecraft account.

    Abuse Reports
    All server abuse reports should follow the How to Report guide. For advanced help on how to report users see the How to take photos/videos of abuse thread. Research of the abuser's in game name(s) is also a wise move as they may have been reported quite recently. All abuse reports are tended to as soon as possible by staff, and will receive judgment as soon as possible.

    An administrator responding to the blitz damage bugs

    In this particular section users may post suggestions that they would appreciate being implemented on the hypixel server. It is important to make sure the suggestion being made has not already been posted. Many common suggestions such as removing blitz teams have been rejected, and it is not wise to resurrect them. When making a suggestion it is important to note that few are accepted. It is a hassle to suggest anything that one may disagree with or has slight chance of acceptance and thus submitting of valid suggestions should be fairly rare.

    Staff Application
    This section is a wonderful area where users may apply to become a helper. The user may create applications based off the Mod App Format, this application will then be shortly reviewed by staff and administrators. If an application presents the traits the staff need, that user will be notified that they have been elected as staff through private means. The staff application section has the second most threads adding to a massive 3.8 thousand. Administrators are hampered with these threads and do a wonderful job considering who should become staff. For users who are new to this, the Moderator Application guide may come in handy. Applications should be edited if wanted to be changed by the user up to a week after its posting. After this it is wisest to leave this section be, and apply once again if the user is lead to do so and feels as if he/she can handle the task. When writing and commenting on staff applications it is best keep in mind that the staff are looking for that person's personality. If a person is accepted because a professional told him how to create his application and what format to use this will result in friction. Because of this it is also highly recommended that users express their own attitude and personality in their application, no matter how witty or silly it may be.

    Need Help?
    In the need help section users may post threads about questions they may have and cannot find the answers to. Some resources to help a user find answers without having to make a thread are the Q&A guide, Official Server Rules, and List of permitted mods. If a user has further questions or uncertainty, a thread can be made in the Need Help section and should be attended to shortly after being posted.

    Ban Appeal
    Many players who venture onto the hypixel server have stumbled in their ways and become banned. Other users simply log on to find that they have been banned for no particular reason. In this section these unfortunate users may seek forgiveness for what they have done and escape from permanent separation of the hypixel server. Users may appeal and be accepted to become unbanned if they make a thread within the ban appeal section containing the information required from the Unban Request Guide. Generally users who blame their ban on others are not unbanned, however if the user expresses his sorrow and repents it shows change and helps the player's chances of returning to their previous state on the hypixel server.

    A user's ban appeal

    Within forums many users will choose to create guides. A guide is a thread designated to teaching other users and forum viewers how to do a certain task successfully or provide assistance to those in need. Making a guide does not signify a user of being successful nor does being successful mean a user should or can make a helpful or well written guide. Successful and well written guides contain many key components that will be discussed in this section.

    Many steps are used in creating a guide, the first basic steps to making a good guide are listed below.
    1. To create a guide the user must first either feel or be designated to create one. At this point the member will choose a topic for their guide.
    2. Once the topic is chosen, the user should set out to accumulate and do research about the subject they wish to write about. Searching for similar guides or using trustworthy resources is advised to accompany the user through this task.
    3. Once the user has gathered all the desired information, he should look through the forum sections to see which best suites the guide. When the desired section is found, he may start to create a thread for the guide in that section.
    4. The user should create an outline or simply an index with a brief summary of what topics and sections will be featured in the guide. This helps to get an overview of the guide and acts as a reminder in some cases.
    5. Creating a title for the thread should be the next step; although it may be created anywhere along the line. The title of a guide is very important, if the guide is meant to help many general people or a commonly asked question the user must consider what people may search for in google or other search engines and base the title of the guide off of it. This will draw in more attention and make the guide useful to a greater crowd.
    6. Now the user can start writing the guide (see below for more information)
    Emergencies and planning:
    Some guides may take days and countless hours to write find the perfect word choice. It is a good idea to have a plan of action in case the guide takes too long to write or emergencies arise. One of the most commonly encountered fatalities is the loss of the thread. A user may accidentally close the page or create the thread before it has been completed. To prevent situations such as losing the guide itself, one may copy and paste the guide into a different savable program as a backup. It is always a good idea to make backups for major threads that may be lost due to accidents, but it is always wisest to keep in mind that some programs may not be able to handle links, images, and other special forum options. Sometimes a user may accidentally post his guide before completion, to prevent this the user may scroll down to the poll section of the page and enter a poll. Without any responses for the poll the user may not post the thread, and is safe from any accidents. To fix the poll and post the thread, simply remove any text that has been pasted within the poll.
    Writing the guide:
    Once a guide has reached the state where it has a basic outline, it's time to begin writing it. Writing a guide may seem fairly simple; however for the guide itself to flow smoothly throughout and be pleasing to read it should contain several traits as listed below. Some of the ways successful guides are written may seem tough and difficult, but in the end they pay off and serve as help to many people.

    The following are some traits good guides should and do exhibit:
    • Writing in third person, simply put this means no reference to the writer or readers (I, you, we, etc. are no-no's). This is one of the most lacked traits in writing guides, but using it guarantees that the reader will have a better time reading and learning from the text.
      • *Any first person text throughout this guide is a quote, in which case may be exceptional.
    • Using detail, that is to say the writer of the guide should take Dr. Seuss', "The cat sat on the mat," and transform it into Shakespeare's, "The oblivious feline reclined upon the forbidden carpet!"
    • Being formal, this means the guide is not meant to be funny but draw attraction and offer advice. Guides should be written as if writing to the U.S. President who will broadcast it on live television.
    • Using good format. Every writer has their own way of writing things and making their writing seem appealing. Some guides contain fonts and colors, others express their views with well written phrases and links to helpful sources.
    • Pictures may also be a helpful tool to assist users in creating guides as they offer something desirable to look at and help the user visualize certain situations. Over use of photographs may however detract from the audience.
    • Using correct grammar and spelling also offer a pleasant feel to the guide. A person reading a guide whose words are all capitalized may not have the most pleasant of times. Nor that lone writing professor with OCD who notices the missuse of a comma.
    • Above all else proofreading is one of the most important things one must do before creating a guide. Proofreading is the act of going back over the guide and reading it for one's self. As this is being done the user may spot areas that could be improved or notice minor spelling errors. It is usually best to have others proofread the document as well as they may notice other imperfections. Some people misuse many commas or basic grammar errors and punctuation. To fix this one may use Microsoft Word to check for these errors.
    A well written introduction to a guide
    Among the forums are many successful users, many of whom are honored and greatly respected. Some of the most active and successful users on these forums are rustayy, wiremc, and link2012. Feel free to seek these people for guidance and counsel as they are commonly online and offer very encouraging and helpful advice, these would also be the users who have most forum experience and thus some of the best users to question about this guide or more particular forum related subjects. Common questions users of this type may get are, "Why are you so famous?" or, "What is the secret to your success?" It can be puzzling to answer these questions; yet the main key to a user's success relies upon their attitude towards others and what they put in their posts. Below is a short list of qualities these users may portray and how to obtain them, or more simply, the keys to becoming a successful user.
    • Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. It is important for a user to be one's self. Generally both on the forums and in the real world what is considered "normal" and "cool" is not good, and people who believe and act otherwise are much more successful in life and are destined have a better time. People do not enjoy seeing the same boring person all stuck up to try to impress, it is best not to act this way and just post in whatever way this person feels to be their way of going about things. For some people this could be using large amounts of emoji :D, or always being obsessed over a single topic such as minecraft or Justin Bieber. As long as the habit is not one that annoys or hurts others it is fine and unique which is what people will enjoy.
    • If it's not nice don't post it. Before a user makes a post they should look back at what they have written and make sure that it will not in any way be offensive or the least bit degrading to anyone. People who put down and negatively criticize will not have an enjoyable time and will not gain much attention nor be fun to hang around. If the post about to be created will not in any way benefit the community or offer enjoyment such as laughter to a clever joke it should not be posted. Positively criticizing others is however a very helpful action. An example of this would be a comment on a suggestion saying, "I really like the idea and the creativity that went into this idea, but it may bring conflict due to <insert reason>," instead of, "This suggestion is lame! It's so dumb because <insert reason>." The first quote is much wiser to make and will give that person a good reputation and grant many followers. At times this may seem difficult as most posts do not contribute or contain slightly offensive content; however in the long run taking this action is worth it and yields the best of users. If some of the most successful members posted their every thought without giving heed to this they would have twice as many posts, and no glory through them.
    A moderator's positive criticism
    • Putting effort into posts. When a user posts his writing it will be viewed by many people. It is important that posts include effort from that user to help others understand the main point of the post and have an enjoyable time reading it. A common action that should be performed before posting something is proofread the text for any spelling or grammatical errors. As the user proofreads he should also pay attention to the format and layout of his post, if the user is not enjoying reading his own work it should be altered in either wording or format. Through doing this a user's post will flow more smoothly and be more enjoyable to read. It is also important to help or explain the subject to the full extent when making a post. Vivid detail or including links are very helpful to the reader, and signify effort which is greatly appreciated. It also shows how the user values other people and is willing to serve to the full extent.
    • Have a good attitude. It's always a good idea to have a positive outlook when on the forums. People who are always friendly and willing to offer a hand are greatly admired. When a post is read that expresses love and gratitude to others the viewers feel cared for and important. It displays the fact that there are kind people out there whose intention is not to gain fame but to bring more enjoyment to the life of others. Be the change you want to see in the world.
    A well-written post


    Unfortunately, forums are too massive to have every single detail written about. There are many features of forums not listed in this guide; however through experiment and observation it is possible to discover these without the use of a guide.
    Feel free to use and distribute this guide, it is meant to help newer or inexperienced users.
    The time and effort taken to read this thread was appreciated. This thread was written by a human and is thus imperfect, suggestions and feedback are much appreciated, and are enjoyable to read.
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