1. big agree for even my name
  2. @MrEevee7 someone with the name PostFarmer doesn't think your post farming is right, that should tell you something
  3. I'm not saying his post farming is not right. I stopped caring a long time ago about posts. It's still nice to hit another 1k for me, tho.

    I think it should be disabled as it doesn't really bring anything. The section is full of "Count to X number" or "Count until X happens". Promotes spamming? Nah, only a small group of people will do it.

    I'm just one person. Why does my single opinion count more?
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  4. Since when does the dictionary definition determine forum slang?
  5. regardless of the countless counting games posts, I still don't think they should disable forum games as counting for posts

    there are forum games in which posts made are meaningful, in some cases far more meaningful than a simple "congratulations" post.
    Would it really be fair for Hypixel to say taking the time and effort to make a post in that situation doesn't equal a normal post? I dont believe it would.

    either way counting games should still count because it isn't like it's a way to dodge the 30 second cooldown, it doesn't dodge that
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Yeah actually, there are.
    Mafia, other non-counting games, etc.
  8. You probably know what will be the rest of the replies on this thread you reply to. You aren't really going anywhere right now the direction this thread is going.
  9. I know, hence why i said
    But then i got tagged so i felt the need to reply again
  10. they don't have a forum rule, so the next best thing should be dictionary definition
  11. https://hypixel.net/rules/#rule-1-section-2

    Spamming - pasting same or similar messages over and over
  12. Bakura1

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    ArtOfWar ART0W
    Not all forum games are for postfarming. Some forum games like HPM are social games where a group of people get together just to have fun. I think a pie chart like Joshua said would be a good compromise.
  13. Bakura1

    Bakura1 Well-Known Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    I don't really think counting games should be as endorsed as they are, especially since they don't contribute to anything or anyone.

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