1. Hello everyone!

    I decided to make an interesting forum game. Don't worry, it's quite simple. All you have to do is answer the person above you's this or that, and then make your own for the next person. Be sure to make it appropriate. A "this or that" is basically asking a question "what do you like more?"
    Person #1: Grapes or apples?
    Person #2: Apples
    Books or movies?
    Person #3: Movies.
    And so on...
    Don't worry! You comment as many times as you want. All can play! Try to get creative with your questions. Here, I'll start...

    iPhone or Android?​
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  2. Android.

    Cats or Dogs?
  3. Dogs.

    Tacos or burgers?
  4. Burgers.

    Social life or Minecraft?
  5. Social life is 100% better and I wish I came to this realization years ago.... rip

    Icecream or Cake
  6. Ice cream 100%
    Penguins or ducks? (I'm debating about this with my friend.;))
  7. Penguins all the way, also icecream is freaking amazing.

    Music or TV
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  8. Joey_Claire

    Joey_Claire Well-Known Member

    The right choice or the left choice.
  9. Why do you make this so difficult?.... uhh, the right choice.

    A or Z?
  10. Z

    Fox McCloud or Nick Wilde?
  11. Nick Wilde

    Tacos or burritos
  12. Burritos, easier to eat for me :p

    Daytime or Nighttime?
  13. Nootella

    Nootella Well-Known Member

    Night time

    Turtles or Trians
  14. YES AHA!
    Turtles defo.;)
    Anime or mineman
  15. azmine_king

    azmine_king Well-Known Member

    niether, i guess mineman though

    light side or dark side


    light side
  16. Lmao, dark side

    Long hair or short hair
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  17. azmine_king

    azmine_king Well-Known Member

    long hair

    dath vader or kylo ren
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  18. azmine_king

    azmine_king Well-Known Member

    join the dark side
  19. Kylo Ren

    daylight or moonlight?
  20. Moonlight

    Boy or girl?

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