1. Still think +1Heal would be useful

    I forget the specifics but is this an addition to the healing action?
  2. Healing actions heal players for 3 HP instead of 2 HP
  3. Why not just write up a google doc real quick. Doesn’t need to be fancy, just serve as a stats page.

    And to decrease that, why not have everyone select 1 individual benefit and the group select one for the team?
  4. Cuz then I can't moderate this game on my phone
    And it will start to get messy
  5. I do see what you mean though.

    It may be short enough I could just use the front page to do it.
  6. Sorry @Waffle @JavaBrine @Astatine and @Resourcefulness you'll need to repick your boosts, I changed how they work.

    You can choose one individual and vote for one group one.

    The list of boosts is on the front page.
  7. Another Action/Turn for me, and I choose Retribution.
  8. I don't see why you'd need to choose retribution when there's nobody dead, but okay...
  9. Ooh, I didn't see you'd have to use it now lel

    Can I change to Turret?
  10. ok
  11. Ye, Action and Turret sounds good.
  12. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    I want attack
  13. Fluidheart

    Fluidheart New Member

    These sound good.
    I will also choose the +1 Turn Black Benefit; and I agree with the others on a Turret for the Green Benefit.
  14. Okay ima install the turret

    If you want to start Wave 2 say "Ay"
  15. Ok then. Can I get more maximum HP please? Or is there a perk where I can also regenerate health more quickly?
  16. For those of you who missed the in between waves marker (ahem @MrKillU), you can see on the front page how many upgrade points you have total (including ones you've already used up) next to your name under the players list.

    You can use upgrades points during the pause period.

    Okay lets start Wave Number 2.

    Zombies Remaining: 8

    Running Zombie appeared!
    Running Zombie ran onto the scene!
    Basic Zombie appeared!

    Astatine: 9/10 HP
    MrKillU: 10/10 HP
    GoodDoggo: 10/10 HP
    PostFarmer: 10/10 HP
    JavaBrine: 10/10 HP
    Fluidheart: 10/10 HP
    Resourcefulness: 12/12 HP
    YoshiDaYoshi: 10/10 HP
    P1xelBit: 10/10 HP
    Waffle: 10/10 HP
    Wizard: 10/10 HP

    Running Zombie: 30/30 HP
    Running Zombie: 30/30 HP
    Basic Zombie: 60/60 HP

  17. Yea you can get more max HP

    Ill add that
  18. I go sonic speed on one of the running zombies and slap them
  19. Wizard

    Wizard Member

    I zap the Running Zombie JavaBrine doesn't target with lightning

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